I and Her.

I’ve been Enslaved by dolphins and lambs who were warlords
having death answer each time i try to call God
born in a land of misery and a world of pain,
with toxic menial thoughts driving me insane
having placed in a position where i lost faith in faith
each decision leading me up the path to hell’s gate
I’ve seen hope slowly die in my arms
and even smiles did me nothing but harm
Sunshines brought the unwanted gloom
each glance at the sky showed signs of impending doom.
fear replaced my shadow ,
my sorrows became deep and my joys shallow.
All these I experienced before I met her,
that shining being, my bright star
each stare at her smile brings more meaning to my life
she’s my crush,lady of my dreams,hopefully someday my wife.


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I Like You.

I like you a lot ,I really do
I like it more wen u say u like me too
I like that you sound cute over the phone
I like the fact that your voice reaches through my skin deep down to my bone
I like the way you make me feel like my world is a dream and nothing is real
Infact I like that I like you
cos I’ve searched my heart and my feelings are true
but………..I hate the distance keeping us apart
I hate that I have not yet conquered ur heart
I hate that the sun doesn’t bow to your beauty
I hate that I can’t make it fulfill this duty
I will fight battles for u and win u wars
cos I am willingly ,happily forever yours.


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ALEX pt 2

It was some mins past seven when i opened my eyes, they met another pair of eyes that were lovely. “Good morning handsome, i love the way your face looks when you sleep, it looks innocent” she said with a smile. “Good morning to you too” i replied….”jeez i can’t believe we slept in the club’s car park” i said….”leave that, i can’t believe we could do all that stuff in the car, where did you learn how to have sex like that in the backseat of a car?” She asked….”well if i tell you i’d had to kill you” i replied with an evil grin…she smiled then placed her lips on mine, i could still smell the pina-colada on her breath. Even without make-up she still looked pretty, and her breasts resting on my chest began turning me on again. I placed my hands on her waist & let it go down till i grabbed her butt, she liked it, next thing i know she starts kissing my neck, nibbling at those sacred places that’ll make a man act a fool, closed my eyes and started reveling in the moment. Suddenly “Tap-Tap” came the sound on my window “wetin una dey do for there?, na una house be dis” said a disgruntled voice, immediately i opened my eyes and Caren got up in a hurry trying to adjust her blouse at the same time pulling her skirt down. I got up from the backseat of my four-runner and looked outside, what i saw was a slim Aboki, apparently he was the night watchman of the club’s car park. I got down from the car to meet him, i still had an erection. He looked at me then said in an irritated tone “na here you go sleep, look everywia, every bodi don commot go hause, na only two of una still dey hia” . He was right, only caren’s car & mine still remained. I apologised. He just looked at my erection & muttered some obscene words in fulani before leaving.
    When i got back in the car caren was already dressed & straightening her hair, “has he gone?” She quipped “yep he has” i replied “imagine oh, can you believe he caught a glimpse of my boobies, thank God they weren’t out of my bra” she said laughing….I acted to laugh along with her but in reality all i wanted was for her to be out of my car as soon as possible. I was still attracted to her but i didn’t want her to get all clingy & everything, moreover i would have a bevy of chics at Cole’s wedding today, i smiled at the thought. “Oh No”!! I yelled “Cole’s wedding, its by nine” i said in panic, Caren looked at me puzzled, “Cole, my guy, it was his bachelor’s eve we were celebrating last nite” i told her “Oh……are u late or something?” she asked “not really, its just that the wedding is by nine and this is seven-thirty, i’ve not even showered & we were supposed to rendevous at eight, Cole’ll be pissed.” Just as i finished talking my phone rang, it was cole. “Oboy where you dey na, ? You’re the best man, you should be here by now na.”he said in a grouchy voice “guy no vex abeg, i’m on my way, i had a flat tire” i lied….”anyways get here soon i’m begging you.” With that he ended the call, i sighed got into the driver seat & was about taking off, “errm……what about us, are you gonna call me” ? She asked…”yea sure i will,” i replied she got down & went to her car. I put the gear in reverse & was about leaving when she horned from her car “Oooo what’s wrong with this one now” ? i said to myself irritated. When she came over to my driver side, i put up a fake smile, “anything dear?” i said, “you forgot to take my number, and i didn’t get yours” she replied, “oh sorry, i thought we exchanged numbers in the club last night” i said “well we did not” she replied. I ended up getting her number, i also gave her mine. Funny girl, if she thought she was gonna get a relationship outta me she was sadly mistaken.
   At the wedding, standing beside Cole, the fool grinning like a clown, i saw the subject of his excitement. Coming down the Aisle escorted by her Dad was the bride-to-be, she was dressed in a white gown that looked I’m expensive, she was also wearing a tiara, she looked amazing. I patted cole on the back & said “nice one men, i’m impressed” he looked at me then back to his bride & continued grinning.
     All through  service, when the minister was busy conducting the service, my mind was elsewhere, i was busy surveying to see where the fine chics were. You see the lovely thing about weddings is that they serve as hunting ground for guys like me. During weddings most girls tend to develop low self esteem, especially those who their friends were getting married before them. On the other hand those not in this category had their minds slightly altered by the whole event. Automatically every guy seems like husband material, cos they start wishing they were in the bride’s shoes. Anyways they made easy prey for me, so i continued my survkoey. I saw a couple of hotties in the bridal train but then i saw one that was like wow !. To say she was fine is an understatement, she had caramel skin, long brown hair, and a body that made Kim-K look …..ordinary.
   I tried making eye-contact but, she, didn’t, notice me. I was getting frustrated. I decided to make my move during the reception.
At the reception, i saw this chic again but this time she was talking with the bride. A few investigations later i found out that she was one of the bride’s friends living in the U.K, but no one knew her name. I just took my time & waited for the right moment. Thankfully it wasn’t long. She was seated all alone by a table. I took two glasses & a bottle of wine and went over to her. “Marriages are a beautiful thing” I said in a low voice while taking a seat beside her,she just kept mute & snickered. “What I mean is the sanctity of marriage coupled with commitment between the couples just make it a thing of joy” i said, she giggled and said “oh please what joy is there married to the same penis for the rest of my life, i prefer to walk into a bar, pick up a guy i like, take him home and have him ride me all night”
It was my turn to be mute, i just stared at her for about two minutes then i said “hi my name’s Alex & where have you been all my life?” Hearing this she started laughing, “i’m Nicole, nice to meet you” we talked for a few hours with me ending up in her hotel room. That was one of the best weddings i had attended.
   The next mondays came with the unexpected, the office was in a frenzy, it seemed one of our directors from Abuja was coming to oversee a campaign for a telecom company we were handling. When she came in everyone was stunned, she was maybe in her mid-forties but still looked slamming. When she spoke her choice of words were alluring, her poise elegant and those lips looked tempting. When it got to my turn to get introduced to her i found myself shy, first time such has happened. She shook my hands but lingered for a while, looked at me deeply & asked if we’ve met, “n-n-no ma” I replied in a semi-stamer. She smiled firmly & moved on.
    Back at home i still couldn’t get Ms. Nora from my head, that was her name. During her presentation i just kept picturing me and her on my bed going about like jack-rabbits.  
   The next day the same thing, i, was always fidgety around her, staying in the same room with her made me nervous, i found myself wanting her like i’d wanted no woman.
  Then one night, two weeks later, while it was just the two of us putting finishing touches to our project she said “why are you always nervous around me?, you always act shy, am i that intimidating?”  “I don’t know ma” I replied in a sheepish voice. She just smiled and continued working.  I can’t really explain what happened next but Ms. Nora removed her jacket, saying she was hot whereas A.C was on, next thing we know we started gisting about stuff. First she asked me if i had a girlfriend i replied i didn’t. She said she had a husband but he divorced her two yrs ago cos she couldn’t have kids. That’s when she started crying, lamenting that God was punishing her because she gave up a child she had as a teen for adoption. I tried consoling her telling her that she didn’t  anything wrong, at least she didn’t abort the baby like most young girls would. She ignored me & continued crying. I went over to her and hugged her tight, her five foot seven frame leaning on me, next thing you know we started kissing, i felt joy. I pulled her closed and sucked her mouth hungrily, then she pulled away suddenly and punched me on my chest “naughty boy you’re taking advantage of me ain’t you” “Errm….. No ma i replied, its just that i’d wanted to do that since i first saw you” she just laughed and said “happy now” next thing she put on her jacket packed some files and told me we would continue the project tomorrow.
  Tomorrow and the next i noticed something slightly different about her, she seemed to smile extra at me, always gave me more attention, all these made me grow bolder. I began acting more myself round her. Needless to say i and Ms. Nora started an affair before the month was ended. An affair which found me falling in love with Ms. Nora.
  Things started going bad three months later when my dad  called me that my mum was hospitalised with a heart attack. I took a leave from work to go see her in port-hacourt. Seeing her in that state brought tears to my eyes, she looked sick. Doctors didn’t give her much hope, all they said was that we should pray. So daily i prayed & prayed asking God to let her live. It seemed my prayer was answered cos one day i came into her hospital room and saw her laughing with my dad. I was happy when she spoke with a smiley face “Listen son i’m not going anywhere till i carry my grandchild” we all laughed at this.
   We took her home that night, while i took an early flight back to work the next morning. Three days later my mum died, i was beside myself with grief, when i told Nora about it over the phone she sounded genuinely sorry but then she said the unexpected. She told me she was pregnant, and she was keeping it. She thanked me saying she only dated me to try and get pregnant, saying she later found out her husband was the one with the problem. She said she was keeping custody over the child, and I was free to come visit. I was stunned all through the conversation & broke down crying. My mum had just died & here was the woman i loved using me to get pregnant & dumping me. The next week i rushed back to PH for the burial, it was done simple as per mama’s instructions. After the burial, it was just me & my dad. I became a shadow of my former self it was as if Nora took a piece of me. I never forgave or forgot  her.  Two years later my dad dropped a bombshell on me. He told me that seeing his wife in a  coffin brought him to a painful realisation that life was short and he could also be next. He then told me that my mum made him promise to keep a secret about my birth, she made him promise that i never got to find out i was adopted. Hearing this my mind went numb, it seemed someone had detonated a grenade close to my ears. He said he and my mum couldn’t have children so they decided to adopt one. But, he had the foresight to forsee that this day would come so he decided to hire a private detective to find out about who my birth parents were. He said he could only track down my birth mother and the detective wanted us to come meet him & her the  week.
    The next week as i was about to enter the detective’s office, i had this feeling as if something bad was about to happen. I shrugged it off, thinking what was the worst thing that could happen. My dad behind me probably sensing my state of mind put a hand on my shoulder reasuring me, but i paused again because i could hear the cries of a baby from inside. Walking in, i saw the detective sitting on his desk, in front of him was a woman with a child on her lap, the detective then spoke “oh madam here is your son” before she could stand & turn around I kept on muttering silent “no no no” but then the face i saw was familiar, the face i saw was Nora’s.
     ………the end.

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Hello hi, last time i introduced a brand new series called TALES OF THE BIZZARE, it featured the story of a young man who ended selling his soul cos of greed. Today i’m bringing you a slightly different story, a sad one. It’s based on a true life story tho.  -O.D.M

If you’re reading this it means i’m probably dead …dead from committing suicide.  You might wonder why in this day and age would someone take his own life when there is abundance of hope and opportunities to redeem oneself. Well i seek no redemption, and if you read my story you’ll see the notion of hope doesn’t apply to me, if you still wanna argue, well f*ck your opinion, i will have been dead anyways.
     My story begins in Secondary school, that little world that serves as a foundation of adulthood. Some of you might have fond memories, while others had painful stories to tell. I’m glad to say i belong to the former. Secondary school was a blast for me, reason cos i was a fiiine boy.
There is a huge difference between a “fine boy” and a “fiiine boy”. A fine boy will get the usual “wow you’re cute” maybe get a love letter from a secret admire once in a while…but a “fiiine boy” like i was, should be able to have chics dumping their boyfriends for them, a fiiine boy should be able to have affairs with his female teachers (i had with two back in secondary school, they were both married), a fiiine boy should always have missed calls at least eight every day, mostly from women. A fiiine boy should be able to make models stop and stare, have at least Six thousand friends on Facebook, daily bbm request from girls all over the country. If you’ve never experienced any of these then am sorry you’re just a measly fine boy…….or worse, you’re  not.
    Secondary school was a blast because every girl wanted my attention. I on the other hand was willing to give, but just not to one girl. Heartbreak after heartbreak they kept on coming, it was amusing because the whole school knew i changed girls at whim but that didn’t stop the girls from coming. Its as if each of them felt i would make her the special one, a stupid thought no doubt. It got so bad that one time during my SSCE mock examinations a girl in SS1 came with her parents to school, her parents laid complaints that their daughter had tried to commit suicide and a particular Senior was the cause.   That day, after writing my Further maths exam got called to the principal’s office, met the girl and her parents but i didn’t recognize her. “listen Alex” my principal began “what do you have with this young lady seated with her parents” i looked at them then looked back at my principal and said “sir i don’t know who she is” “you don’t” my principal inquired, “no sir” i replied “ah ! but you said you loved me, you said iwas the only one for you, you said you will never leave……” before she could continue her dad, a naval officer shouted “will you shut-up”….. “listen young man, i don’t know what you’ve done with my daughter but leave her alone!” i just smiled and said “Sir i don’t know who your daughter is, as for the “i love you part” i say that to almost every girl, common now, don’t think i took you serious, heck I cant even remember your name “ hearing these words the girl burst out in tears, her mum consoled her and made angry faces at me.My principal sighed, “well it seems there is no case here, errm…..Alex stay away from this young girl, go prepare for the rest of your exams” “thank you sir I replied” and took my leave. That was the last I heard from her, rumours had it she tried to commit suicide again, and had to be admitted into yaba left, oh well that was not my biz.
      All through university the same story, girls swarming around me making a fool of emselves. I was involved in at least two sex scandals, love triangles, numerous flings. You might doubt this, but if you ask your uncles or aunts, they’ll tell you stories of a guy(s) who went through women like the days of the week. I’m not saying I was mega popular round the country but if you heard stories like “there’s this guy in so so school, that uses girls and dumps them, he’s a player, cassanova, he’s this, he’s that”  well you know there probably talking bout me. Funny enough i never got any of them pregnant, thank God to the special magnum condoms i was using, a friend from the U.K usually sent it in packs for me every Christmas.
   After Uni with a nice paying Job working at an advertising agency i was living it to the fullest. It seemed that with my being able to afford stuff like a car, apartment, expensive clothes, more women came my way. It was bliss. God knows how many marriages i crashed, how many swears and curses i got from women. There was this time when my friend in the U.K, Cole, decided to come home to get married. I was one of the grooms men. So here we were at one club on the island celebrating his last night as a bachelor when another guy in our group spotted another group of about four girls seated at the far side of the club around a table all laughing, giggling and doing those silly things women did whenever they were together. Cole was like “no no i’m getting married tomorrow, i cant partake oh, i cant this, i cant that.” I just looked at him laughed and said “you’s a bit*h mehn, what happened to your balls” “well if you must know the right woman found em and is holding to them along with my heart, i love her and i’m getting married to her tomorrow, you should do the same thing you know” he replied “yea yea, whatever” I said “listen guys who’s with me lets take this girls down” “yaay!” the rest of them shouted in unision. There were three of them, one married, other two single. “But how do we get them to come here naa?” one quipped “leave that to me” I replied. “Watch me & see the “Lex-effect” at work with that I sipped the rest of my drink and buttoned my jacket amidst some “yes boss!” and some “correct!” the guys were hailing me.
    Walking down to where the girls were i racked my brain to see whether to use a pick-up line or just go all natural, i elected to use a pick up line. Got to their table and said to the most pretty one, she was seated in the middle “Sorry have we met before?” she gave me a look of indifference the rest just started giggling “okay lemme confess, the truth is my guys over there dared me to come chat with you guys, please say yes or at least pretend, i don’t want to loose face with them” i said with puppy eyes, at this they burst out laughing, “you have balls I must say” she said, then sighed “okay because you’re handsome and i love your eyes i’ll allow you to come seat beside me” with that she moved a little and made space for me. I smiled and said “jackpot! as easy as abc” in my head.
     Seated beside them I introduced myself, told them what I did for a living. “oh i’m caren, i’m an O.A.P” she said “oh I should have guessed, you run that show on radio” I said, she nodded her head and said “yup! that’s me”. Turns out the rest of her crew were also O.A.P’s , I wont tell you their real names for obvious reasons.
    I invited my guys over and that’s when the fun began. The funny thing with most women is once you’ve connected with them you had them under your thumb. We all laughed, traded stories, jokes, had a good time. At first I thought it was my imagination but each time i made the group laugh, caren would always land her hand on my lap. Three times later i knew it wasn’t coincidence. The next time she did, I placed my hand over hers and held it there. She looked at me and looked away, she said nothing. I decided to take it a step further. I moved her hand from my lap downwards all the way to my crotch, she just kept giggling and acted as if nothing was wrong. Placed her palm directly over my erection, then she mouthed the words “oh my god”…I knew I had her.I’m not saying she was loose or anything but with a few drinks and a goodlooking man some women can be……..hmmm.
    For like ten minutes she massaged “junior” I could see her sweating, i took it up a notch and slipped my left hand under the table on her own laps, she held her breath. She was wearing a mini, “thank god” I thought, slipped my hand under her mini all the way to her panties, she gasped. The rest of the group, my guys & her girls were oblivious to what was happening, some of the girls sat on my guys lap others just stayed there giving the girls boring gist. Poor chaps, they were getting “none” tonight i thought. I didn’t even realize when cole had left.
    It was eleven thirty when we all left, my guys left in their cars, the girls decided to leave in theirs, seemed none of my guys were lucky as me. So when everyone had left it remained just the two of us, i & caren. Me at my driver side, she opposite leaninig with her back to her car with a bottle of pina-colada in her hands, she was getting tipsy. “You’re in no state to drive” i said, she laughed “look who’s talking, neither are you” she said. I could feel the air tense up, my heart beating, i could see mischief in her eyes. “now what” she asked, moving closer “now I kiss you” i could hear her whisper “finally” when my mouth met hers, i opened the side of my door and pulled her inside.
…………..to be continued.

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GLITTER – http://po.st/D1mLVP
GLITTER pt 2 – http://po.st/W4bkAw

Slowly i opened my eyes but they hurt at first cause it seemed like I had just stepped out from a dark room and was looking at the sun for the first time. After rubbing them for a few minutes I could see properly, but I was confused at what I saw. There in my hotel room was Fred, Eze, Ralph and teddy, they all formed a circle around something, the girls where behind them, Cynthia was crying, she had nothing but a towel on. I noticed something different about myself, it seemed as if I was hovering over the ground like a balloon, my feet were several feet above ground. I was scared at first but my fear was replaced with something more terrible. As I floated over to them, I instinctively looked over to see what they were looking at. What I saw brought terror to my face cause there lying on the bed was my body. I was speechless; looking at my body from outside it brought an eerie feeling to me. “He’s  still alive I can hear his heartbeat, it’s a bit faint though” said Fred as he raised his head from my chest, “of course he is” said Cynthia with tears in her eyes, I didn’t do anything to him”, “then why is he in this state,? And what’s up with all this blood?” said Eze with concern in his voice “he vomited the blood after I kissed him, or is anything wrong with my breath”? Cynthia said as she broke down in more tears. “This is so gonna ruin my B-day” Shontelle said not hiding the irritation in her voice, Fred shot her a dreadful look “sorry” she said then folded her arms and started sulking.
   It was then it hit me, I was experiencing an O.B.E; an out of Body Experience. I had heard about it before and had read about it on the net. I heard it only happened to those people who were about to die, their bodies would be in sort of a comatose state while their spirits lingered close by hoping they get called back into their bodies. A disturbing thought was that of everything I knew about O.B.E nothing said of how one could voluntarily get back into one’s body. O.B.E was sort of like a T-junction, one path leading to the “light” the opposite one leading to waking up. How to find this path or get into my body was my problem. So there i was hoping and praying i woke up and this nightmare would be forgotten.
    All this while my friends were busy calling my name trying to get me to wake up, everyone offering suggestions, Cynthia was not herself, she kept crying lamenting that it was all her fault. Her friends tried consoling her. “James, James   they called my name repeatedly” but as they were calling my name I heard something strange, it sounded like the hooves of horses and something on wheels, sounded like a carriage. I looked around to see where the sounds were coming from but I could find none. I floated over to my room window and looked outside; I was shocked at what I saw. Coming towards my window was indeed a horse it was pulling something that looked like a chariot. The horse and chariot were both black, there was also a black hooded rider in the chariot, he seemed to be leaning on some sort of stick. As they got closer I could see the stick had a curved black blade, and the figure holding it raised his head, looked at me and pointed what looked like a skeleton hand at me. Fear gripped me, I looked down and sideways, no one but me seemed to see the horse-pulled chariot heading towards my room which was on the tenth floor of the hotel.
      Some meters away the chariot stopped in mid-air and the strange hooded figure floated out of his chariot and came straight to the window, I immediately started floating backwards but the figure moved with lightening speed and just as he was about to grab me, I felt a hand yank me from behind, and I was immediately in a familiar room. When I turned around I saw a friendly face, but he wasn’t smiling rather he was in anger, it was Guru Raghav Singh.
         I sighed and said “Guru thank you” but he cut me short “keep your thank you to yourself, why didn’t you follow just one simple rule, don’t eat sugar for a whole day every thirty days, is that so hard?” he yelled  “i-i-i  I’m sorry guru” I stammered. Truly I had broken the rule, the last time I abstained from sugar was 29 days ago, but I had been involved with so much partying I lost track and failed to meet up with the rule. I was supposed to abstain from sugar today, but tasting the candy in Cynthia’s mouth made sure I failed that simple task. “Guru who was the figure on the chariot”? I asked “oh you know who he is” he replied. True I knew who it was but I thought it was only myth. The figure in a black hood, carrying a stick with a sickle on top could be none other than the grim reaper. Fear coursed through my veins at this realisation. “And he wants to take you to the other side” the guru continued “and by other side I mean you’re gonna die” he said with seriousness in his voice.
     I started shaking, “I’m gonna die because i didn’t follow some stupid rule”? I asked, “no you’re gonna die because you didn’t follow one simple rule, you think your new found wealth is normal”? the guru asked, I was about to speak when he continued, “you scam someone over and over again each time the person falls, you think that is normal”? he laughed “listen kid the prayer I prayed for you when you came for my help last year was actually a spell, a spell to give you favour from underground. I was startled when I heard this, “by underground you mean the occult”? I asked, “Occult, witchcraft, dark arts, magic or juju, it’s all the same. When I made that spell for you, a condition I was given by “the powers that be” is that you don’t break this simple rule”. “now that you have I’m sorry you have to pay the price” “Guru please I’m begging you, I’ll do anything I don’t want to die now, I’m too young to die” i pleaded. The guru paused looked at me deeply “you’ll do anything” he said, “yes anything” I replied with tears in my eyes. “Okay come see me in your body as soon as possible” said the guru, immediate he snapped his fingers and I awoke in my body. I opened my eyes, sat on my bed and started panting. Cynthia was the first person to see me, immediately she jumped on me and hugged me at the same time saying she was sorry. Everyone else came close to me with inquires on their faces “oh boy wetin happen na”? Fred asked “you scared the bejesus outta us men” Ralph added. All I could say was “water, please gimme water”. Eze stood at a corner staring at me, his face was calm. “Give him space let him breathe na” he said.
     After I had drank some water I looked outside, it was still day. I jumped out of bed grabbed my clothes and dashed out of my hotel room, dressing in the hallway as I left. The others followed suit. “James where are you going to”? Fred asked “I’m going to Naija mehn” I replied without looking back.” But dude let’s check you into a hospital, you vomited a lot of blood” he said, “don’t worry about me I’m fine” I replied as I tried to put on my footwear. I was about getting into the elevator when Fred pulled me back “guy ok I agree you’re okay but what about the party, we’re headed to Dubai next na”? Shontelle who had be following us along with Cynthia stopped and screamed “Dubai?, you mean I’m supposed to have my party in Dubai? Oh puhlease we went to Dubai for my last birthday, you want to take me there again”?……… Fred turned around and said “look if I slap you ehn?” Shontelle opened her mouth in shock and said “Fred now I know  you don’t love me” then she started crying and ran back to Fred’s room, Cynthia mouthed the words “I’m sorry” to me again and went after her friend.
       In the Elevator, Fred kept inquiring to know why I was leaving all of a sudden, I just kept mute. When we got to the ground floor, I asked him to call the pilot in charge of the jet to tell him to prep it because I was taking the jet back to Nigeria.” Don’t worry I’ll do that but guy what’s going on naa”? he asked again. Outside I walked over to a parked cab and told him to take me to Heathrow.
      Fred still had a look of worry on his face when I left, I saw him reach for his phone and make a call, i waved at him and turned as the cabbie took me towards Heathrow.
       Landing in Nigeria I dashed to where my car was parked, took it out and sped all the way to Ibadan. On the way I kept spitting out blood, my nose started to bleed as well. Driving through the road that led to guru’s house, I saw another convoy of government cars passing by me, I didn’t bother to even look. When I got to the house at the end of the road the guards let me through without stopping me, I guess the guru told them he was expecting me.
   I was pacing up and down in the same room my spirit had just left when the guru came inside, “kneel down we don’t have much time” he said. As I knelt he placed his hand on my head once again and started chanting some words different from the ones he said last time, I recognised some Latin and some other word that sounded ancient.
    Thirty mins later he told me to get up. He removed a ring from the black box he took the pots from earlier and gave it to me. “wear that” he said, I did immediately “what does it do” I asked, “well one; it will restore your health, and two; hide you from the reaper” I sighed and thank him “don’t thank me yet” he went on “you have to feed it seven virgins each year unless it will turn against you” Hearing this I opened my mouth wide “guru what does that mean” I said in with alarm in my voice “you heard me right, seven virgins each year” he replied  “guru I can’t kill seven women na, and how can I feed a person to a ring”? the guru sighed “you don’t have to kill anyone, just take your hand with the ring on it and rub it in between the legs of any female virgin, easy as that, the ring will do its job “hearing this i opened my eyes and mouth dumbfounded, “and how you get the virgins is of your own concern” the guru said, and with that he left the room.
       It was late October, I had just finished sleeping with my fifth virgin, as i sat on the edge of my bed I held my head with both hands and started to cry. I cried like a little boy who had just lost something. Here I was sleeping with young girls, an instrument of evil on my one of my fingers, something I used to cause havoc in the lives of the women I slept with.
        It was after my second virgin I knew what exactly the ring did to the women. I never bothered to ask the effect it would have on them from the Guru. The ring did hide me from the Grim reaper and restored my health, but on the other hand it made every woman I used the ring on to go insane after two weeks. I felt like a monster, I was ruining their lives but I continued living well. The only good thing the ring came with was that I no longer had to abstain from sugar, and my wealth increased exponentially. I guess when you go deeper in evil, the fringe benefits increased, but at what cost? Last week I nearly ran over one of my victims, her name was Sharon. We met at the “fresher’s” party after matriculation two months ago. Back then she had so much life, was fun, was pretty, had so much excitement about finally getting admission into school. And I was the guy that ended her dreams. As she crossed my car pushing a trolley filled with junk and garbage, she looked at me but didn’t recognise me. She was wearing rags over rags, her hair half eaten by lice, she was a sorry sight. I just dropped my head low and moved on.
       Now here lay my fifth victim, sleeping, oblivious of her fate. You might wonder how it is I spot virgins since we lived in a world where the one’s that “form” virgin are not really virgins while the real ones are ashamed of it. Well, two weeks of failing to get a single virgin, I went back to Guru Raghav, after many pleas, cries and begging, he finally made some modifications to the ring. The ring glowed red when a virgin was near.
    After crying I went into the shower, it was there I had sort of an epiphany afterall it is said the best Ideas are formed in the shower. Without wasting time I jumped out, hurriedly wore my clothes, took one final look at the sleeping girl, sighed and walked out the door.
    Driving towards badagry I placed a call to one of my friends. He was a D.P.O who sold guns to anybody as long as you had the money. I met him last year when I, Eze, Fred and Teddy went to bail out ralph who had knocked down someone. He was drunk and would have been charged with drunk-driving if we had not sorted the D.P.O seven hundred thousand and gave an extra three hundred to his boys. Thank God for the Nigerian police force.
      Got to his house, we met talked and agreed on a price for a small revolver. He gave me extra bullets as a sign of good faith. Good faith indeed, he knew many of his customers bought his guns for nefarious deeds, but he really didn’t care. As long as you paid enough money, the use of his guns were your business.
   So once again I found myself on my way to Ibadan with one thought on my mind, to seek redemption. The only way was to end the source, the only way was to kill Guru Raghav.
      I came up with the idea while in the shower, if I could kill him, then maybe, just maybe the spell over me would be broken and perhaps the spell over the women that were insane will be broken too. It was a long shot but I was tired of living this way, feeling like a monster ruining people’s lives just so I could go on living. The guilt was killing me inside.
     Some meters from the gate to guru Raghav’s house I was met with a sad realisation, if I did succeed in killing the Guru there was no way his guards were letting me go alive. I waved that idea aside, being dead was better than being an instrument of evil; I was going to end it all today.
    I passed through the guards quickly, none of them stopped me, they would have if only they knew what I was up to. Inside the house as I was waiting for the guru I decided I wasn’t going to allow him to talk. If I did he might sweet talk me into making another deal, I would shoot him before he could speak, then it will be all over.
      Walking towards me in his usual jolly self he said “hello James what can I do for…..” before he finished speaking I brought out the gun and fired a shot. It hit him in the stomach, but I noticed something was wrong, he wasn’t bleeding, I was, and the pain was more than I could bear, I fell into unconsciousness again.
     Waking up I found myself back in the room I started my story from, tied to a chair while a voice from the darkness was speaking. The voice was familiar, it was the Guru’s. “So you think you can kill me?” he said laughing “listen boy stronger men have tried but they all failed” “you deserve to die” I shouted, but the effort put in more pain because I was still bleeding from my stomach. “Well that’s your opinion, I was only helping out” he said again “you turned me into a monster, you and your ring brought insanity to all those women” I said in a half yell, he laughed again  “on the contrary my dear fried it was you who did all that, it was you who wanted to be as rich as Eze, it was you who couldn’t follow one simple rule, it was you who said you’d do anything” he said, “and now you’re bleeding to death, any minute now the reaper will reap you” he chuckled.
      I swallowed hard at this thought, true I had lost a lot of blood and I was feeling a bit drowsy. “But as always I have a way to help out, I would heal you, your friends and make everything alright, for a little price this time” said Guru Raghav. “And your price is” I said feebly, “oh nothing much just your soul” I gasped at his demand, “my soul, what do you want with that” I said with fear in my voice “nothing of importance really, just for safe-keeping” the guru replied. So there I sat thinking “we don’t have all night James, you could die anytime from now, you’ll be doing yourself a favour if you took this deal, you’d be helping yourself and the women you put in trouble.” My heart sank when I heard this, he was right I did make those women go mad, and the last one was probably in the hotel room wondering where I had gone to.
  After much thought I agreed to trade my soul not just to save my life but to save the women I had put in insanity. “I agree” I said in a whisper “You’ve made a good choice James” Guru Raghav said not hiding the joy in his voice. “What do I have to do” I asked “nothing much, just stay where you are and repeat after me.
     “I, James Bolade do swear allegiance to the prince of darkness and I hereby transfer all rights over my soul to him” Just as I finished saying those words the floor lit up in the shape of a pentagram, with my chair in the middle. I felt warm all of a sudden, and warmer and warmer till I screamed out in pain. As I opened my mouth a white smoke with the shape of my face came out. The smoke gave me a look of sadness and floated over to the waiting hands of the guru. He shrieked with a demonic laughter when he caught it, then the smoke disappeared.
    Instantly the pain in my stomach left and the bleeding stopped, looking down I could see I was healed, but I felt something worse, I felt empty and filled with a deep void.
  Anyways that’s how I lost my soul to the devil, the only good thing is that the girls returned to normal, but I lost all my wealth. Eze and the other guys deserted me. So there I was destined to walk the streets of Lagos, cold hungry but worse of all Soulless, as I await death to finally catch up with me.

…………….The End.
While this is a work of part fiction, I want you all to know that shit does happen, just because you don’t believe in the devil doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe in you.
Thanks for reading, comments and RT God bless  

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(for pt 1 check my blog)

“Where are we going”? I asked Eze, it was 9:15pm and we were headed towards Ibadan “you’ll see” he replied smiling, “Hey Eze I don’t understand this your smiles oh”, he laughed this time and said “James you’re funny…..that’s why I like you, anyways you said you wanna be like me, well  I’ll tell you when we get to our destination.
     Thirty mins later I said “are we there yet” he smiled again i smiled too, “I never really liked that film, although Ice-cube did a good job in it” said Eze, i nodded in approval “Ice-cube does great movies, have you seen XXX part two” I asked him “yea I have, but Vin diesel killed it in part one, I still believe he should have done the sequel instead of Ice-cube”. We chatted like this for a while, passing time as we rode towards Ibadan. The high point of our talk was when he mentioned my ex he did the sextape with, I waved it aside telling him it was all good, no biggy. “Well anyways I apologise if you have any beef, the sextape wasn’t my idea though, it was Fred baba’s idea, he wanted to teach her a lesson so we hid a camera in my room , “although the part about her acting like a dog was all my idea”, he laughed as he said this, I joined him in the laugh, I laughed not just because I was in his car and he was about to do me a favour, I laughed cos thinking about it now it really didn’t matter, my Ex was gone for good, her chapter was closed. I was also impressed with him apologising, he showed true maturity, other guys wouldn’t have even raised the issue.
      It was some mins past ten when we got to a junction some miles from Ibadan, he took a left, went straight down then took another left that lead us to a road that seemed to come out of nowhere. It was constructed in a way that anyone going towards Ibadan wouldn’t have even seen it. It was a one-lane road, I noticed it was smooth and didn’t have no pot-holes. It even had streetlights. I was amazed because here was a road that was next to the Lagos-Ibadan road that beat it in all comparison. Some minutes down the road we saw a convoy headed towards us. Getting close I could see it was an official convoy with all the cars having federal govt plate numbers. I could see some SUVs’, some Peugeot too. They had police and military personnel escorting them. I looked at Eze seeking explanation, he looked back and said “Probably a minister, senator or someone more powerful” i was still looking as the cars passed us; I didn’t even notice we had arrived at our destination. I was surprised at first because the strange road we had entered lead to only one place, a Magnificent building that seemed like it had been built with billions. It was part glass and part stone. I could immediately feel its splendour, the gate itself was massive with electric wires going around its twelve-foot fence. Armed guards stood at watch, each of them carrying a walkie talkie and Ak-47’s.
    It was then Eze spoke, “well my friend we have arrived, I’ll wait in the car, just go towards the gate and say you want to see Guru Raghav Singh” “huh” I said with a puzzle on my face, “just say I want to see the Guru” Eze replied, “okay” I replied. So I walked towards the gate with the big house, thoughts going through my head like who was in the convoy that passed us? , Why was there only one road that leads to this building? Who even owned this building? Must be someone important I concluded.
    When I got to the gate the guards numbering six circled me “Yes, you are?” one of them asked me, “I’m here t-o-to to see the-the- Guru” I stammered out, I was expecting them to ask my reason but they let me through without further questions.
  Inside the compound was lovelier, i could see a pool at one end, a little garden at another, one path lead to a large door. Everywhere was filled with lights, the whole compound shone bright. Before I could knock, a maid dressed in a smart outfit opened she lead me inside and left me at one hallway, “the Guru would be with you shortly she said”, with that she turned and left.
    Looking around I could see leather chairs, with what looked like gold armrests, most of the other furniture looked archaic and expensive. But what really caught my attention were the pictures on the walls. There were pictures of Celebs, Icons, Politicians, some foreign others local. My jaw dropped when I saw one picture in particular. It was the picture of my favourite pop singer, standing next to him was a short fat man with funny beards and a turban. He was Indian, i guessed this was the Guru. Looking close at him he had this jolly face. I instantly liked him. I could tell the picture was old cause my pop singer was still black, and his nose still looked normal.
      “Yea I like that one in particular” a voice said from behind, looking back i what I saw brought smiles to my face. Here in front of me looked like a replica of one of the characters from Aladdin. He had a flowing gown tucked in trousers that were wide but slimed down at the legs. His shoes nearly made me laugh, they were those pointed shoes that curved upward. He looked like genie in Aladdin. “You like my shoes” the guru said in a baby voice with a strong Indian accent, I couldn’t hold it again, I burst out laughing cause his “like” sounded like “Rike”. “Oh you think I’m funny” the guru said again this time his voice sounded hilarious. I had to cover my mouth to stifle my laughs. Then I remembered why I was here and I didn’t want to seem rude, “I’m Sorry for laughing sir” I said. “Don’t worry don’t worry, come with me come with me” he said. As I walked behind him I grinned wide.
  He lead me to another room this one filled with more expensive furniture, the stools were all made of gold, and the desk in the room looked made of expensive wood. The chair behind the desk looked like a throne chair, it was made of part gold and silver with precious stones studded in it. “That was the Chair Louis XIV sat in during his coronation” all I could say was “wow”. “Yes I like it very much, it cost plenty plenty dollars, I had to kill its previous owner to get it” at this I turned and looked at him puzzled, “don’t worry me joking” he said with a laugh, I was relieved.
     “Back to business, I know why you’re here, I know what it is you want, and I will give it to you” my face lit up with a smile I went down on my knees and said “thank you Guru” he held his hands up and said “oh no, me just helping,  please get up”. I got up and was feeling kinda happy. He clapped his hand twice and in came the maid that opened the door for me, she was carrying a black box, she set it on the desk and left. “Before I start are you sure this is what you want” the guru asked “yes oh” I said with smiles. He opened the box took out three small black pots, set it on one of the golden stools. “in this three pots each contain salt, pepper and sugar, you are to pick your favourite” I picked sugar, then he gave me the pot containing sugar, I held it in my hands. He returned the other pots to his box. Then he turned around and said “taste it” I opened the pot took a pinch of sugar and put it in my mouth, the sugar tasted good, I took another pinch. He smiled and told me to kneel down. As I knelt down he said some words in Indian, nothing sounded familiar, he spoke for maybe five minutes after which he told me to get up. When I did he looked me straight in the eye and said “For your life to be sweet, you’ll have to do without sugar, for a whole day, once a month” he continued “what I mean is you can’t eat anything that has sugar in it or is made from sugar” after hearing this my mouth opened “sir what sort of arrangement is that?” I asked “well I just prayed for you, and my prayers won’t work unless you do as commanded” I paused then spoke “what happens if I couldn’t meet up with your command” I asked, the Guru frowned “you will have yourself to blame if you do” he said. Now I was regretting why I hadn’t picked salt or even pepper. Not eating sugar was impossible, almost every food contained some amount of sugar, only way forward was to starve myself once a month.
       I left the guru’s house surprised he didn’t even ask for anything in return. On my  way back with Eze the next morning after passing the night in his car, I tried telling him what the guru said but he cut me short saying  whatever business I had with the Guru had to remain my secret, he sure wasn’t gonna tell me his arrangement with the guru.
     I later found out from Eze that in other for whatever favour the Guru did for me to work, I had to also do some work of my own. Needless to say I joined Eze as a YY boy, my first week was hmmmm………words can’t describe. Let me just say that in a month I had two cars one armada limited edition and a brand new murano Suv, bought a plot of land at Ikoyi, my name spread like wild fire around Lagos. In just one month I had accomplished this and more, moved out of the hostel into an apartment close to school, this new apartment turned out to be sort of a girl hostel, they came in two’s and sometimes in groups, every weekend was a party weekend. There was more than enough money to spend, fellas I used to look up to where now desperately Famzing me. Life was good, Infact I must say 2008 was the best year of my life.
     Everything went smoothly as long as I didn’t eat sugar as Guru commanded, I tried sending him gifts of cars but he refused saying I should enjoy my money myself. But deep down I always had this feeling that everythig was too good to be true, I felt like something bad was about to happen soon, I wasn’t wrong.
   My fall started on Feb. 14 2009, I remember it like it was yesterday, that day Fred invited the crew to come to his girlfriend’s bash happening in Lagos, she was a lag student.  Five of us teddy, Ralph, Eze and I decided to storm Unilag in a convoy of our latest collections. Eze had just acquired a Porsche cayenne, I was riding in a 2009 range rover sport, the rest of the crew decided to roll out in hum Vees, teddy’s was red, Ralph black, and Fred was in a Camouflage  cream coloured beauty. He had it shipped from Canada, I thought of getting one too when I came back. Fred led the way since he was the one inviting, when we got to Akoka all eyes were fixed on us cos the sight was one of the rarest. Imagine five of the most expensive cars that year in a convoy entering the school gates one after the other, even the security thought it was dignitaries coming through, all of them where busy throwing salutes and “hailings”, we just drove past them got to moremi hall, outside waiting were about five of the finest chics unilag had to offer. Fred’s babe was in the middle pouting her lips, this was the first time we were meeting her and I must say we were impressed. Apparently she was angry we were late. If only she knew what that bastard Fred had in store for her she might have met him with a big smile.
    After all the hello’s and hi’s we set out. Fred and his babe in his ride, while the rest of the guys got the remaining four girls. I got Cynthia, she was half-caste, pretty and well endowed, she was also my Delilah. If I had known she would be the cause of my woes I would have kicked her out there and then, but her beauty and hips clogged my brains.
      The original plan was to take the girls to Elegushi, but we took a different route, when Cynthia was complaining we took a wrong route I told her to chill. Anyways the road we took, led us to Murtala international, when Cynthia saw the welcome sign she was like “Em …..Em what’s going on?, this is not Elegushi na”? I smiled told her to get down as we joined the rest of the group. All the girls had puzzles on their faces, we the guys just grinned evil smiles.
    We took them to a private hangar in it was a private jet. Fred had it rented out for a week In we all got in, our first stop was the uk, all the girls were asleep when we landed, when they awoke all the girls but Fred’s babe Shontelle screamed and yelled in excitement. “Not U.k again, I thought we came here last month she told Fred,” relax babe this is just a stop-over, all her friends who had never stepped foot outside Nigeria were fazed by her reaction. To them this was the best day of their lives, hearing that U.K was just a stop-over made one of them faint. The joy was overwhelming.
   The girls didn’t pack any clothes but beachwear so we gave each of them 5k pounds to go shopping while we waited in our hotel rooms.
       I was sleeping when Cynthia came back, she was loaded with clothes, shoes and bags. She couldn’t mask the joy on her face, she woke me up and thanked me for giving her the 5k, I told not to worry our destination was going to be fantasy. Then she smiled sexily at me and asked me if I wanted to see what she got, I nodded in approval. Right there in front of me she undressed down to her panties, going through different tops and skirts. Each time I anticipated when next she would undress so I could get a glimpse of those lovely hips and curves.
     As if she was reading my mind she said “now I’m gonna try out the panties I got, close your eyes” I smiled an did, by now my hormones were raging, I couldn’t think of anything else but pulling her to bed and fucking her all day. “Open your eyes” she said, I opened them and was greeted with a sight that made dreams look like boring imaginations. She was pretty no doubt, but naked in front of me made her look like a goddess. She smiled and said “you like”? I replied “me likey” slowly she walked up to me pushed me on the bed, climbed on top of me and kissed me, her breath smelled lovely, but instantly all alarms in my body went off, could swear I tasted candy, I thought I was wrong until she belched while she was kissing me again and I could feel little substances in my mouth. I pushed her off, and spat on the bed, I could see little pink substances mixed with my spit. I yelled” what did you eat when you went out” “oh nothing much, I just had ice-cream and candy” just as she finished saying those words I vomited blood, once, twice the third time she started screaming. I had stained the white sheets on the bed, I took one look at her and slumped into unconsciousness.
     ……….to be continued

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  Hi wussup, show of hands if you’ve watched Twilight Zone?……..hmmm i see 1 hand, 2…3…..….only 3? Okay okay what of Tales by Moonlight? ….wow all of you have seen that. Ok so I was seating at home bored, going over some of the stories I’ve come across in life, some good, some bad, some utterly bizarre. Stories that are similar to what you’ve come across i.e. gists, popular myths, Urban legends, ghost stories, dirty secrets e.t.c  and I’m like, it’s selfish of me to have all these stories and I can’t share, so I decided to come up with a little mini-series I would like to call TALES OF THE BIZZARE. It’s a compilation of………Emmm let the stories describe abeg. By the way about the name I tried BIZZARE TALES, tried FREAKY TALES, WEIRD TALES, SCARY TALES, of all the titles some sounded cheesy, others Cliché , none had that dramatic effect like TALES OF THE BIZZARE.       –O.D.M
    “So what’s it gonna be James, are you going to deal or not?” said the voice seated in the shadows, cigar end still burning hot, i could see the red light moving in the dark corner of the room as he raised his finger to his mouth and drew another from his cigar before releasing his puff of smoke that formed little rings in the air.. “answer me James we don’t have all night” the voice bellowed again, at this my mind travelled back to the past as I remembered how I got to this point in my life. How it is I ended up tied to a chair, about to make a deal with the devil’s merchant…..a deal for my soul.
  It all started way back in college, it was the year 2008, I was a 200L student of Architecture at a private uni. It all started with a thing most students are familiar with, it all started with oppression. Yes oppression, I don’t mean the American enslavement of blacks centuries ago or what the Egyptians did to Israelites, I mean something much worse. I mean seeing your chic telling you she’s so sick she can’t see you, but then you see her at the back of a convertible, her hands in the air “screaming life is good” while another guy is kissing her and she “over” willingly returns the favour, or the usual Chics that tell you they want no B.F cos they want to be dedicated to their studies but later you see her at the school Cafeteria fighting with two other girls over one dude that’s at the corner just laughing while your “dream girl” act all ratchet and shii, bringing out the hood rat in her. I mean that oppression when you get bounced at private parties cos you’re not on the list, and then you start trying to explain that the celebrant is your Course mate. Life is hard.
   Anyways due to some circumstances beyond my control I eventually became a victim of oppression. I wasn’t broke or anything, my parents tried their best and everything, but seriously in a school where your Class is filled with Minister’s kids, C.E.O’s kids, Drug Baron’s kids etc, whereas your dad is a bank manager and mum a nurse ,?……well you will never really be on par financially with the other kids. In this situation the smart ones will ignore the oppression, study hard, get good grades, slamming G.P………. but silently be hating. The rich Kids will definitely also have “Ok” grades either they work or pay for it.
   I was part of the smart ones for the most of my first year, but towards the end of the second semester my girlfriend at the time broke up with me, her reason…..”I want to Know God More, and I think you’re a distraction” I wasn’t really surprised when she said this, in fact I sort of expected it, she’d been acting weird these past few weeks, ignoring my calls, not calling back, always having holes in her stories. Well I didn’t get mad when she dumped me, what made me mad happened two weeks later when a friend showed me a sex-tape going round school, it was on his phone. Usually I would have ignored it but the way he said it I took a peek and what I saw gave me nightmares during the hols, low and behold my ex-G.f that was supposed to be knowing God was busy “Knowing” another guy’s D*ck, when I saw it I swallowed hard, eased the knot on my tie a little cos I couldn’t breathe. I could see her sucking and licking like she was handling a lollipop. As if it wasn’t enough when she was done the dude asked her to bark like a Dog, stupid girl did oh, next he told her to roll over, she did too, then he brought out a bundle of notes from his bedside held it up and told her to try and catch it with her mouth like a dog, and Presto!! Like magic she jumped oh, every time the guy would move it so she couldn’t get to it, the sight was appalling. Each time he would say “common get it bitch” she would smile and jump again. I was demoralised, I loved this girl, respected her, but here was another dude doing…..*SMH*
     The sextape made the guy in it more popular than before, his name was” Otunba EZ money”…..funny name considering the dude was igbo. Apparently “EZ” stood for Eze, the otunba he added later. He was called money cos he had loads of it, was the first dude to launch a 2008 Honda in school On Jan 3rd  2008, no one had beat that record yet of having a car three days after it was released in school. He was at first called “easy money” cos he spent it so much he made the rich kids look poor, curiously he wasn’t from a rich home, if you asked him how he came about his wealth he would say “Na God oh” rumour had it he was a YY boy, but dammn whatever maga he was hitting must be dumb as a rock, even after the whole global economic Crisis dude was still hitting, other YY boys dried up like dead leaves.
  During hols I decided to come back to school with one mindset, Join the Crowd, this oppression was affecting my health, physically and mentally.
    On the first day of resumption i was going outside my hostel when a black Jaguar passed by me, all tinted up, looking like something from a music video. Stood awhile and wished wishes, looking as the car came to a stop outside my hostel, out came EZE looking fresh….., as in “I’ve Never worked a day in my life” fresh. Envy started washing over me. He looked towards me and said “wussup bruv”?  “Boss I’m good” I replied  “please you know rick in room 305”? he asked. “.yea I know him, he hasn’t resumed” I replied “okay please when he does tell him otunba EZ money checked on him” I nodded in approval. He got into his car and drove off. To cut the story short over the following weeks me and EZ became friends…… after my overwhelming Famzing of course. I was later introduced to other members of his click. There was teddy, Ralph and Fred baba, together they formed the M.O.B crew, when asked what it meant they’ll be like they’re trying to have their own Nigerian Mob as in Russian mob, Italian Mob, but close friends knew M.O.B stood for “Money Over Bitch*s”…… but that didn’t stop chics who knew what it meant from hanging around like little ants over sugar. They were the movers and shakers in school; no party was complete without them.
  I was by this time a regular in the crew, my grades suffered and I was constantly broke from spending my pocket money on clothes and stuff. But i didn’t care, finally i didn’t get bounced from parties, people i didn’t know knew my name, but still it wasn’t enough cos I was still “Car-less”.
   My parents weren’t forthcoming with a car so I decided to test my friendship with eze. I met him one Saturday morning at his apartment, which was also the most expensive building to live in at school; everyone knew it as White House. Living there you should be able to pay at least 150k a month on house rent, Eze had it paid for 3yrs.
So we met, he was just waking up from sleep, coming out of his room I could see inside about two or three chics…..all half-dressed, each of them looking like pages from a beauty mag.
  I thought to myself, if” ménage a trois” meant threesome, what do you now call foursome in french? Anyways I shelved that thought cos I came for more serious issues.
   So I started by telling him how much I respected him, how I appreciated him including me in his click etc, he smiled and asked me what I really wanted. I told him I wanted to be as rich as he was, I wanted to buy new cars, not have to depend on him or any of the guys giving me a ride anytime we went out. He smiled again and asked if I was prepared to do anything, I replied an enthusiastic yes to him. He smiled once again and said “Many men have met their Ends while Trying to make ends meet” I was puzzled by this, I asked him what he meant “Come by later tonight, and you’ll know” he replied. With that he rose up from his seat took a couple of bottles of Nouvo from his bar and went into his room. From outside I could hear the girls in the room laughing and calling Eze in Sexy voices, I picked myself up and went back to my hostel determined to be in his shoes as soon as possible.
…………to be continued

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