PiNK DUST pt 4

I don’t know if it was the jerk of the car as it entered a pothole or the horn from a passing truck that woke me up, either ways i was awake. I immediately became aware of my surroundings; it was dark, pitch dark to be precise. I was in a moving vehicle so i deduced i must be in the trunk of a car, but then there was another disturbing realisation, i was tied up. This brought terror to my mind because it’s one thing to be in the trunk of a car and another to be tied up. At least if i wasn’t tied up i could easily escape once the trunk was opened.
        The car went on for a while before it took a turn and parked by a roadside, immediately fear gripped me, because it seemed that this was where my captors would be letting me off, presumably dead. I tried screaming but my mouth was well secured with duct tape, all that came out from my mouth was muffled sounds, i was helpless. Just then i heard a “sloppy” sound, like the one made when a soft surface came in contact with water, but then again i heard moans, silent at first but then it grew louder, just then it hit me, it seemed someone was having sex, or was i wrong? “That’s it big boy, how do you like the way my mouth makes you feel”? hearing this words and the sound of the voice my eyes opened in shock, it was skinny, the gay guy, he was…….. oh my God, the thought brought instant nausea, he was giving another guy head in the car, and big boy? Oh no!!  the big guy was gay too? “Yea big boy i like it when you’re hard like, that” he spoke again and this time the “sloppy” sound became louder, the big guy increased his moans and grunts, this was all too much for me to bear. Tied up in the booth of a car with duct tape over my mouth while my ears and rest of my senses where abused and assaulted by the sounds and thoughts of two guys performing g oral sex on themselves, the imagery was disturbing. I tried making my mind drift somewhere else but the sounds of saliva over……..ewww, just thinking about it turned my stomach over. Just then my memories were flooded with gay pictures i had seen online. One very disturbing one was when i saw two gays performing a “69” i nearly puked but the tape over my mouth prevented me. I couldn’t take this; i started screaming, this time making as much noise as i could, at the same time moving about furiously trying to make sure i distracted the two men in the front seats. At first they didn’t hear but after a while i heard them pause then skinny spoke up “hey you there, quit with that, big boy over here doesn’t like it when someone disturbs his happy time” i ignored him and intensified my efforts, he seemed to sigh, then i heard the driver’s door open and in a few seconds the trunk of the car was opened, the light blinded at first but then the Big guy came into view, he had a deep growl on his face, i returned his stare with a look of disgust on my face, his frown deepened then with one hand he lifted me by my shirt and punched me straight in the face, i became dizzy at first then tried looking at him again, he was surprised, he thought he could knock me out with one punch like before. This time he took balance, tightened his knuckles and gave me one on my forehead, i immediately became unconscious.
    It must have been an hour when the car parked, as it did i regained consciousness, i was immediately reminded of where i was. The trunk of the car was opened, it was early evening, and then the big guy placed one hand on me and dragged me out, i landed on a cold tar floor. On the ground looking around i seemed to be in a wide compound with tarred road. Raising me to my feet i was led towards a brown building, i could see a gate at one end and trees at another. There were some cars parked at a side, i could spot a hummer and two McLaren ,one red the other white, whoever lived here must be wealthy, the cars were parked some meters away facing the door to the building, but the building itself looked modest; i just wondered what awaited me inside.
   When we got in i was led into a wide hall with no furniture except an out-of-use fireplace on one side and a large wooden mahogany desk at the end of the hall. In the middle of the room was two chains that hung from the roof, they dropped all the way to the ground, i could spot two rusty hand cuffs attached to them. Seated at a desk was a white man with grey hair and grey moustache, he seemed to ignore our presence, he was deeply engrossed in reading a newspaper, standing beside him fidgeting was another man who looked so frail and fragile, he seemed of middle-eastern descent and had on glasses that looked like something from a museum, he was wearing a green suit with purple shoes, but what was more disturbing was the fact that he smelled his hands every five mins.
    I was led to the middle of the room and had both wrists cuffed by the handcuffs on the chains, i just hung there like Jesus on the cross. When they were done skinny and the big guy with punches that hurt like hell went and stood by the door. It was some minutes later when the man stood up, he was dressed in all white and carried a white walking stick with a silver horse as its handle. The man had a sense of dignity about him; he walked with the air of royalty and had this disdainful scowl on his face. Coming close i realise he must have been good looking when younger, and i could still see he had a well-trimmed body probably remnants of what was once a muscular frame.  Standing in front of me he looked at the black eye on my left eye and signs of blood around the duct tape over my mouth, “Oh my God, what savagery, what manner of vile action is this? I requested him be brought to me not beaten to a pulp, who is responsible for this?” he said looking to where skinny and his companion were standing. I could see the look of fear on both faces, as he was talking my mind drifted to what he was talking about, he was right actually, i was indeed beaten up, i could feel a throbbing headache and a sharp pain on my left eye, i could hardly see in it maybe because it seemed to have swollen. “Anyways it’s of no consequence” he said turning towards me “by now you will have guessed my name’s “Edward Albus Black, but you can call me Edward or just plain old eddy” he spoke with a British accent, “I’m a business man and it has come to my knowledge you have some information pertaining to my business, if you help me out i swear on my mother’s grave i’ll let you go on about your business unharmed” his smile seemed fake, i knew for a fact that i wasn’t coming out of this building alive the moment i entered it. It had been a troubling thought for some minutes now. Imagine dying in a place far away from home, killed, maybe my remaining kidney taken by this group of organ thieves. They’d probably dump my body somewhere. I had thoughts of Miss jones, the neighbourhood cock that woke me up hours before i wanted to, my neighbour’s son, little john that i sometimes helped out with maths, my ex, Karen, my friend  tony, even my mechanic Pa Saliu, i wonder if they’ll all miss me when i was gone. Funny thing about life was that it all seemed very precious at the very end, but then again i was still young, i was in my late twenties, i still had more years on my meter, and now i would die in this place surrounded by enemies and dumped in an un-marked grave, what a pity. Maybe i could have avoided all this if i had forgotten Miss Brown eyes, or not have offered her that lift in the first place; maybe i shouldn’t have come seek revenge, just maybe. Where was she by the way? The skinny guy called her Temah, was that her name? i guess i’ll never find out, she played a fast one on me again, and all because of some pretty eyes, they didn’t look so pretty now.
   “So my dear friend i want to ask you a question, please be so kind as to answer” said Mr Black. “Where’s Temah”? “i don’t know i answered with a defeated voice” Mr black sighed and then motioned towards the fragile looking man that was standing beside him, “meet my dear friend Luis Ali” he’s quite skilled with the blade, maybe when he’s through with you, you’ll reconsider”. Hearing this name my face was lit with a frown, here was the man that cut me open and removed my kidney, God knows what he was going to do this time. Luis walked up to me; i could see grey hairs on his already receding hairline, signs of baldness. When he got to me he peered into my eyes and exclaimed in surprise “I know you, i’ve met you before, heck i’ve even worked on you, i never forget a face” he said at the same time lifting up my shirt, when he saw the scar where the stitches were “Aha!!” he screamed with excitement, i’ve indeed worked on you” he said with smiles, when he saw the frown on my face he stepped back in fear “But-but how come you’re alive, no one i took kidneys from ever survived it, i made sure of it, unless-unless- you’re” “He must be the one we let live at Lagos, the one Temah asked to let live” skinny helped him finish his sentence. Hearing all this Mr Black smiled while Luis went to a corner and bowed his head in deep thought “it all makes sense now” Mr Black began, “it’s pretty obvious you’re in league with Temah, there’s no way you don’t know where she is, Luis come over here and do what you do best” he said laughingly, “but mind the blood, let him have enough to tell us what we need. Luis walked over to me this time with a frown on his face. As he was about to make a cut with his scalpel on my abdomen, i heard the sound of a car horn from behind,  the door where skinny and the big guy were standing by suddenly collapsed, and then a car came through, it looked like a scene from an action film. The big guy and skinny where immediately crushed by the moving vehicle, they were dead when they hit the floor, i couldn’t see who was driving because i was facing forward. The car came to rest some meters from my back, i could see pieces of block slide past me, i could also feel the heat emanating from the car’s engine.
    Luis dropped his blade and went to stand beside Mr Black, he seemed in fear. Mr Black on the contrary had his hands in his pockets, he was unmoved. But i saw his jaws drop when the driver of the car came down. Wearing a black stiletto, in a white jean trousers and a white armless blouse, the driver passed me i saw it was Temah, she looked at me and smiled that smile of hers and muttered a “hi” as she passed, she was holding my revolver in her hands and had it pointed at Mr Black and Luis. “How dare you!!” Mr back yelled in fury, “How dare you?” he yelled again, Temah just smiled and said “how does it feel to be helpless, how does it feel to have nowhere to run to?” Mr Black just frowned and muttered some obscenities. Ignoring him Temah still pointing the gun at him went over to the fireplace, shifted some bricks and brought out a suitcase, “What!!, you mean it was here the whole time”? by now Mr Black was furious, “So you see i wasn’t lying when i said it wasn’t with me” She returned to his front and pointed the gun at him, then she turned back and said to me “are you ok” i tried to smile, but i was met with pains when i did, she smiled back too, just as she was turning to face Mr Black, in lightning speed Mr Black drew out a concealed sword from his stick, he landed the sword on her abdomen, she dropped my gun, turned to me and went down to her knees before collapsing. She was still alive because i could still see her crawling towards me. Mr Black was having an evil grin now “i always knew having a hidden blade in my walking stick would one day come in handy” he said laughing. “Well i must say you played a smart one by leaving the briefcase here, i guess i wouldn’t find it no matter how much i searched, oh well thanks for returning it, it was my retirement you know, imagine my fear when you stole it from my desk, you have no idea what i have passed through. Opening the suitcase he took out something shiny, held it to up and closed an eye while looking with his opened eye, placed it back and took out another, and another, then he dipped his hand inside and brought out a handful. “well it seems to be all here” he said with smiles, “All sixty diamond stones, the fruit of forty-five years of labour, both legal and illegal he said with a smile, this way even if i get caught the law wouldn’t  get anything cos i invested all my money in this stones.” I was somewhat shocked at the turn-out of things, why didn’t temah just take the case and run-off, why hide it here? Then it hit me, she obviously didn’t want to stand the risk of getting caught with it, so maybe she would come while this house was empty and steal it when the others were searching for it in other places, smart girl. “Well it’s been fun while it lasted but you got to die now” said Mr Black while standing over Temah, he raised his sword and was about driving it in her back when i heard the sound of a gunshot, Mr Black froze then turned and faced Luis, i could see the patch of blood on his white suit as he turned, with a rage of anger he rushed towards Luis with his sword, Luis was scared to pull the trigger again and Mr black ran his sword through him, turning he staggered towards his suitcase before collapsing. Hearing him hit the floor Temah woke up, as she stood i could see a little blood on her blouse where the sword had cut through, apparently, the sword didn’t cut her deeply. Rushing towards Luis, she knelt beside him,  i could hear Luis mutter “i did it because i loved you-because- i-i- loved you-because-……….” He stammered before dying. Temah just muttered a brief prayer for him then went over to the desk, opening a drawer she brought out some keys, walking to me she released me from my handcuffs, she smiled and said “you look like hell, look at your eye all swollen” i was about replying but the duct tape was over my mouth, “oh, so sorry, i should get that off” she said, when she did i said thank you, she smiled “so i guess now i’m free, thank God they’re all dead so no one would be coming after me, i need to get you to the hospital to get you eye looked at, it looks…….” Before she could continue talking, i took her in my arms and shut her up with a deep kiss, she was about resisting but she eased up and wrapped her arms over my head, when we broke apart she said “did anyone ever tell you, you were a bad kisser”? i smiled and said “really?” “Yea”, she answered, “you need a few lessons” she said “well i don’t mind as long as it’s from you” i replied teasingly, she smiled again and reached and kissed me this time.
    Walking towards the gate being supported by her cause i was slightly disoriented “Now what next”? She said “i guess we’ll see,” i replied “we’ll see”. We were past the gate when we remembered the suitcase of diamonds, she walked back to get it, she took more minutes than we took to walk over to the gate,  i was beginning to fear maybe she had run off with it. But just then she came walking towards me carrying the suitcase and walking in that seductive way she did when she offered me the drink the first time, i knew in an instant i had fallen for her, “so is your name actually Temah,”? “No it isn’t” she replied “it’s actually Wendy”…. “hmmm Wendy, nice name, so you got any more of that pink dust”? she replied with a smile
       ……………………..the end

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28 Responses to PiNK DUST pt 4

  1. lool… That is all i have to say… Looool

  2. Lonoara says:

    …and they lived happily ever after

  3. Tari says:

    So he got the girl & the money, I still think there should have been an explosion as they were leaving the house. #np action film – M.I

  4. Achi_va says:

    I enjoyed reading this.

  5. ayobamidele says:

    Nice one…..

  6. akuche chimsom says:

    Wow…dt ws unxpctd.kip it up dear uv gt smtin real biiig!

  7. Very good writing bro kip it up

  8. spiceemman says:

    I got sorta lost bro, didn’t read part 3.. Link pls? Btw you’re a good writer

  9. valerie says:

    And t yaff finished :(…… Nice I enjoyed it..,nao singing diamond is a girl’s bestfriend!!!!

  10. wendie says:

    If Mr.Black was such a powerful and dangerous man how come he didn’t have enough security to stop a girl in a car with a shot gun? Spotted loads of inconsistensies. It was worth the read though. This would make a good hollywood thriller.

  11. Tsokan says:

    Wow.. Ur articles never seize to amaze me. Great piece man.

  12. yungbuzz says:

    I’m still laying emphasis on your reaction to certain conditions. Like men you was gonna die at any slightest provocation.. How to escape should have been all you have on your mind not getting irritated by gay dudes. You should have tried to sweet talk them into letting you go. Stuff like “I’m on your side and can I join you guys?” like dude “it’s YOUR LIFE on the line” Cool story Bruh… I love Part 3.

  13. mykali says:

    So many irregularities with the ending. I was expecting more….but I guess you just wanted to hurry up and finish it. It was a nice read. It’ll make a good movie. I would have preferred a tragic ending tho

  14. mizz_cheddah says:

    Awwww d end!!its so interesting••nice 1 bro¤¤d guy na fool sha lool

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