Hey watch where you’re going man!!” turning to my right i waved my hand to the driver of a red benz in the form of an apology, he just frowned, honked and went his way. As i made my way to the steps of the Merridean my heart started beating again, this was the third time this week i had resolved to go kill Miss Brown eyes, but each time just i was about to pull the glass door leading to the entrance i would suddenly freeze. Apparently the thought of killing someone sounded way better than actually doing it. As my hand rested on the steel handle about to pull the glass door thoughts started racing through my head. The first one condemned what i was about to do saying i wasn’t a killer while the other taunted me saying i didn’t have the balls to pull this off, i would let some girl steal my kidney and i was too big of a chicken to do anything about it ,a total wuss. Hearing this last thought i frowned deeply, pulled the door and went in.
      The receptionist didn’t see me come in, he was busy counting some money, cedis actually. He was doing it with all seriousness as if his life depended on it. He was so engrossed in this that he was oblivious of the fact that i had been standing in his front for two minutes. He finished counting and was about recounting again when i grunted in irritation. He paused, sighed and was about rolling his eyes when he recognised my face. “Charlie, long time no see” he said with that his usual sheepish grin, i just nodded back. “She in”? i asked “no charlie, she went out, she said she’ll be back soon” he replied,  “oh okay, I’ll just seat here and wait for her” i said with a gesture towards a settee opposite him” he nodded absentmindedly and continued with his money-counting.
   Seated, i took out the dark shades i had from the side of my long-coat and put it on, took out the bowler hat i had in a nylon bag and put that on also, couldn’t risk her recognising me when she came in. Folded my arms and went over my plans. When she came in i would wait a few secs then follow her to her room, getting there i would ask her to open when she’s already inside, i’ll probably act as room service to get her to open. Once inside i would reveal myself to her and threaten her with the gun for my kidneys, and if she refused i would shoot her blank, i gulped at this part and placed my hand on where i hid the revolver to draw strength from there. So far the plan seemed fool-proof, i just hoped nothing went wrong. Thought about praying to God for success but on a further thought the idea of God listening let alone answering such prayers seemed ridiculous. I took a mag from a side stool and tried to keep myself busy, couldn’t afford to get bored and sleep off right now, today was Thursday and it was probably my last chance at getting her. I would have made my move since but fear was a lingering factor.
     Two hours later at exactly 3.00pm a brown cab pulled in front of the hotel, out she came looking more elegant than ever, she had her hair braided in a single pony tail that dropped all the way to her waist. She was wearing a green top on dark blue jeans, ears studded with green pear earrings and then her eyes, those beautiful brown eyes, seeing them made everything else she was wearing seemed plain, but something was off. As she walked all the way to the hotel her eyes kept darting back as if she sensed someone was following her, when she got to the glass door she paused then took one final look before entering inside. Smelling of Chanel as she passed by me and the receptionist she didn’t even stop to look at either of us, i was relieved she didn’t even stop to ask the receptionist any questions, the fool would have no doubt pointed at me and that would have seriously mess up my plans.
    As she climbed the flight of stairs to her room the glass door opened, in came two weird looking men. The first one in was bald, quite tall, presumably 6ft 5,was bulky with muscles and walked with the gait of a boxer. He was putting on a black t-shirt that looked too small for his huge frame over brown baggy shorts and black boots. Turning to me, i could see a scar across his face, he didn’t look hideous but the scar gave him a menacing look, he looked at me with a look that said he recognised me but after some secs he waved it away and continued on his way. The second man looked much younger, maybe in his late teens, was quite skinny, maybe a little too skinny, he looked skinnier in the skinny jeans he was wearing, they looked somewhat feminine by the way. He was wearing a pink shirt that read “Twink” in bold silver letters, twink? Isn’t that a gay word? i thought, but my doubts where put off when on closer inspection i realised he had lip-gloss on. Then he smiled and brought out a switchblade. As he flipped the blade in and out i caught a glimpse of it, it was made of shiny steel and it looked sharp. He flipped it with such dexterity i wonder what a guy his age found interesting in carrying a blade about. He still maintained his smile while looking about taking in his surroundings he looked at me and looked away, then walked up to meet his companion.
    When they were on their way up the flight of stairs i got up from my seat and followed suit, the receptionist was busy counting his money all this while, i bet he had no idea of the two men that just entered. I followed the men at a safe distance, something about them just made me wary, luckily for me they never looked. They kept moving in the direction of Miss Brown eyes.
   When they got to the third floor they waited, i was still behind them, i excused myself walked past them till i could see Miss Brown eyes in sight, she was walking hurriedly. When she looked back she saw me but she didn’t keep her eyes on me rather her eyes was set on the two men who were behind me by a few meters. Seeing them she dashed to her door and quickly opened it. The two men seeing this gave chase, they both pushed me aside as they were passing till they got to the door. The skinny one was the first there, he shoved the door but he couldn’t get it open “dammn the bitch locked me out” he screamed in a shrill voice. When his partner got there he gestured for him to move aside, then he raised his right leg and in one kick the door flew open, the skinny one was beside himself with smiles, his companion just frowned and went in. I was confused at this drama that unfolded in a matter of seconds. Who were these dudes? And why did they want her? Then again she had that look like she recognised them, but the look was mixed with fear.  I could hear a muffled scream when i got to the door, i paused for a while to hear what was going in. My first impulse was to go in and try and stop them, i also wanted Miss Brown Eyes too, i couldn’t let them touch her till i got what i came for, if she didn’t have it then i guess i’ll leave her at the mercy of these men. At least if they killed her they would have taken her blood from my hands.
    “Where is it ?” i could hear the skinny one speak “I don’t have it” she replied with tears in her eyes “You lie bitch, we know you took it, where is it”? he said, this time caressing her face “Don’t touch me with your filthy hands, God knows which guy’s balls you’ve been fondling all day” hearing this the skinny laughed out. Then i heard her cry out, without thinking i kicked through the door and was met with a sight i wasn’t expecting. Seated in a chair with her arms tied to the arm-rest was Miss Brown eyes, she had blood drip from the side of her mouth, her face was stained with tears, standing in front of her was the big guy with his right hand raised up and clenched in a fist, he stopped halfway when he saw me burst in, the skinny one was shocked, i could tell from the look in his eyes. I immediately brought out the gun and pointed it at the big guy first then at the skinny guy. “Let her go” i yelled   “listen mister this is nonya bizness, just go on your way” said the skinny guy. “i said release her” i bellowed this time” the skinny guy was about talking when i pointed the gun at him, he paused, smiled then walked over to where she was an slit her bounds, immediately free she ran out of her chair and to my side “thank you sir” she said with tears in her eyes “don’t thank me yet” i replied. “Now big guy take the ropes and bind your friend’s hands behind his back” he looked at me then went red with anger, “Do you think i’m joking” i screamed. Without saying a word he took the ropes and started binding his partner who was all the while smiling. When his partner was bound, i told Miss Brown eyes to go tie the big guy up too, she was scared at first, but when i pointed the gun at her she hurriedly went and did as told, the big guy only got angrier. When both of them were tied i took the skinny guy’s knife and dashed out the door with Miss Brown eyes behind me and her purse in her hand. Getting to the receptionist we slowed down as we passed by him, he looked up this time and smiled. As we were about crossing the road the benz guy who nearly ran me over earlier braked again, this time a few inches from us. He came down and started yelling some Ghanaian obscenities at me, when i raised my gun then placed it on his forehead  he halted immediately and started smiling “charlie you na my friend na, don’t worry cross de road” “ lie down” i yelled  “yes charlie” he replied shaking. Lying down me and Miss Brown eyes got into his car and drove off.
     “Where is it”? i began with my hands on the steering wheel “Where’s what?, i told them i didn’t have it” she replied, i slammed my fist on the dashboard “i ain’t talking about what you have with those men, where’s my kidney !!” i yelled. With that she was stunned then started muttering i-i-i- don’t know you sir” “well you’ll know me now” i said at the same time removing my hat and glasses “you recognise me now” i yelled, “Yes” she replied with shock on her face “What are you doing here” she quipped, “i’m here to get what’s mine, where’s my kidney” i asked again this time i brought out the revolver and pointed it at her. “Your kidney’s gone, sorry i mean sold, it should be continents away by now” she said. Hearing this i was angry but not surprised. I had thought about what became of my kidney and something at the bottom of my heart told me it was long gone. Finally hearing her say it was continents away brought a painful realisation that i wasn’t ever going to get it, i sighed a deep sigh. “But you have to understand” she said with fear in her voice “it wasn’t my intention to steal your kidney, heck i wasn’t even the one that cut you up”  “who did?”  i asked  “his name is Luis Ali, he’s a Lebanese doctor who works with those thugs that came to attack me, they all work for someone known as  Edward black.” I looked away from driving when i heard this “Edward who?” i quipped “his name is Edward black, he specialise in the procurement and sale of organs on the black market.” She then went on to tell me how she ran away from home while she was a teenager in PH, she unfortunately met Mr Black at a club, he then introduced her into this business of luring men to secluded places and stealing their organs. Her job was to act as bait, she would pick out a guy from a crowd, with her eyes seduce him till she got his attention. She would then find a means to get him to her place, while skinny, the big guy and the doctor would follow her behind in an SUV. Hearing this my mind raced back to 6months earlier, i remembered being followed by an SUV while driving but my mind was just too engrossed in lusting over her when she was in my car that i failed to take notice. “Okay what of Pink dust? How does it play?” i asked without taking my eyes off the road. “Well the Pink Dust Cigar is laced with hydrochlorothiazide” she replied, i looked at her puzzled, she continued “hydrochlorothiazide is used when performing kidney surgeries, it puts the kidney in optimal position and decreases high blood pressure” i still looked at her puzzled “in simple English it preps your kidney before it is taken out, besides its what that gives it that chocolate flavour, as for its other effects the Pink Dust contains some Spanish fly and some other herbs, i drugged your drink so you were knocked unconscious some minutes into kissing me”. Hearing this i was furious, i immediately swerved from the road and parked at the roadside. Then i placed my hands on her neck chocking her, “why me, why did you pick me”? i yelled “we only pick healthy looking men, besides it’s not my fault, its either me or you. I’ve tried running away but they always find me, today’s an example. I never wanted this life but you’ve got to understand that Mr Black is a powerful and dangerous man, he has friends in the police and immigration across the West African countries, running away from him is futile.” When she finished speaking i eased my hand from her neck and sat back in the driver seat. “I’m sorry” she blurted out in more tears “he has threatened to kill me countless times,” she said amidst more tears, “I was the one who insisted they took you to a hospital, cos i didn’t want any one dying” she continued moaning. I sighed then brought her close and consoled her. I got the car back on the road, “so now what?” I asked “Well if we can get something to use against Mr Black then we might make it out of this alive “We?” i asked “There’s no we here, i only traced you to come get my kidney, but from the situation of things that’s not possible” i said. “Well you’ve got to help me i can’t bring down Mr. Black on my own, i need help” She cried out. “Sorry lady that’s not my problem” i looked on “don’t you want to stop all those deaths,? do you want another guy to end up like you? If i ended up dead they’ll get another girl who would carry on where i left off”. Hearing this, my conscience was pricked, looking at her pretty brown eyes with tears in them weakened my resolve. “Okay i’ll help, what do we do”? She smiled then wiped away her tears and said “first we find somewhere to lay low, by now Mr Black and his spies will be looking for us”.
     It was 6.00pm when we got to a hotel on the outskirts of Accra, we checked in as a couple to avoid questions and suspicions. When in our room as she was taking a shower i surveyed the hotel halls looking for quick exits, i was going to be prepared for whatever. Sitting down on the bed my thoughts raced back and forth, thinking about how i got here and what i was getting myself into. Her story seemed genuine, and she showed true fear when talking about MR Edward Black. I wonder how evil he must be, well i’ll find out soon enough.
    She came outside in a towel, she smelt of a rose scented soap. I was immediately reminded of what i felt when i first saw her come through the glass doors of the Merridean,i was still attracted to her. But i had to keep my head clear if i was going to come out of this alive. Then she sat beside me, placed her head on my shoulder and told her to tell her everything would be alright, “everything will be alright” i said. She placed her hand in mine and said “thank you”. We just sat like that for a few minutes with tension building between us. I didn’t know if to make the first move or not. As if she knew what i was thinking she removed her head from my shoulder and lay on the bed, dragging me along till my head was rested on her breasts. I raised my head up, looked at her and gave her a hungry kiss, she responded with equal hunger and like that my clothes instantly melted off my body as if it was made of air. When we were both naked, i knelt on the bed admiring her body, i don’t know which was finer her face or her voluptuous body with firm breast and spotless caramel skin, she pulled me back and kissed me some more, the night was epic.
         The next morning i was awoken by my phone alarm, checking it, i put it on snooze. It was 6.00am,and it was a bit dark outside i looked around, she wasn’t in bed, i called out to her but all i could hear was someone in the bathroom because the bathroom light was the only thing on, the rest of the room was semi dark. I smiled and said “Hey honey, how was your night” the response i got chilled me to the bones cause out of the bathroom came Skinny, he was flicking a new switch blade with that same weird smile on his face “it was fine dear” he said in a menacing laugh instinctively i reached for my gun by the bed side i left it the night before but my hand was held by a much stronger hand, i winced in pain. Skinny switched on the room light and i could see the big guy was the one holding me, he didn’t look pleased. “Where’s Temah?” the skinny guy asked “i-i- don’t know” i replied, the skinny guy smiled and said in a British accent “wrong answer” !, and with that the big guy landed a heavy punch on my face, i was out-cold instantly.
      …………………………to be continued

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13 Responses to PiNK DUST pt3

  1. towbaynah says:

    OUCH!!! I can feel the heavy guy’s punch on ma face. I love this, reading from chapter 1 again

  2. Shiii! Serious wahala!

  3. Lonoara says:

    Can’t believe he fell for her AGAIN! Bonzo!

  4. pearl says:

    =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaħaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎=)), ouuchhh,, it hurts mehnn,, but D̶̲̥̅̊ȋ̝̊̅§ guy ǰU̶̲̥̅̊§τ̲̅ likes trouble now he’s I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ double. ℓ̊ prefer †♓ε̲ end of D̶̲̥̅̊ȋ̝̊̅§ part, coz †♓ε̲ begining of †♓ε̲ part 3 was kind of boring.. Intriguing all thesame

  5. anonymous says:

    Damn! This is sick. So much depth.

  6. Tari says:

    I knew they weould find em, I had a gut feeling. How beautiful are her eyes that Mr Jones just can’t resist. Sigh™

  7. Odeh boy… Stupid entity… This guy doesn’t have sense at all sha
    awesomely interesting!!!

  8. gift says:

    Hmmmmm this story is just too much.. Can’t wait for the end!!!

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