PiNK DUST pt 2

“I love you too” hearing this words her gorgeous brown eyes lit up, then she smiled a little, reached across the Cafe table and placed her hands in mine, all of a sudden the scenery changed to that of a garden. We were opposite each other with a picnic laid between us. I could see the dim light of the sun sparkle in her eyes but still feel the cool breeze of the evening. Looking away from her i could see the sunset across the horizon. I took a bottle of the red wine before us, opened it with that “pop” sound, she clapped her hands in excitement when she saw this and took a glass cup anxiously waiting to get her fill of wine. Poured her a little, she smiled when she took her first sip. “I love your smile” i said, she giggled when she heard this. As she leaned over to kiss me i could hear strange voices, male in particular “don’t wake him officer, he needs his rest”… “wait did you hear that”? i said to her “hear what”? She asked as she came closer to my lips, i shrugged off the voices i heard then smiled and closed my eyes in anticipation of the kiss. Openings my eyes the next moment i was met with stares from a man in white coat and a bald scruffy looking man with thick “ojukwu-lookalike” beards. Then the all too familiar unpleasant hospital smell filled my nose. Rising up a bit i could feel a slight pain in my abdomen. Sitting up, looking around, my first words where “Why am I in a hospital”?. “Welcome back Mr Jones, i can see you’re looking hale and hearty, i must have you know that your vitals are stable and you seem to be on your way to a fast recovery” he Said all this while using his pen-torch to check the dilation of my pupils in both eyes. “Doctor you’ve not answered my question”? I quipped, ignoring me he turned to a nurse beside him “Jane decrease his dosage by half” “yes doctor” she replied… “doctor will you answer me” i said in a half-yell “well that’s not important” said the man with the ojukwu looking beards, “what’s important is that you come down to the station and put down your statement” I looked at him puzzled “statement”? “yes, your statement is required” he replied, “wait wait a moment officer” the doctor began, “he’s in no condition to start walking yet, I prescribe he stays at the hospital for two weeks more before he should be released” “sorry doctor I can’t wait two weeks, all I want is for him to come down to the station to write his statement and answer some questions” replied the officer “I know I know you want to do your job but he is in no condition to do what you want, my principle concerning such cases is that the patient is a hundred percent before being discharged” said the doctor “listen to me!!” yelled the officer, he’s in the middle of an ongoing investigation, we have to get the facts while the case is still fresh, moreover we’ve lost two weeks already, I can’t afford to lose two more” “you still don’t understand officer i…….” as he was about to continue I cut the doctor off “can someone please tell me why the hell I’m in a hospital !!!” I said in a soft yell with a frown on my face, the doctor was the first to speak “well Mr. Freddie Jones there’s no way to tell you this, and I know it may come as a shock to you but errm…..errrm,” the officer with impatience on his face blurted out “young man one of your kidneys has been stolen!”. When I heard him I started laughing, my laugh got louder when I saw the puzzled look on their faces “I thought I heard you say my kidney has been stolen” I said laughingly”  “err..Err..” the doctor began, “and you’ve been in a coma for two weeks” said the doctor,  the officer on the other hand had a stern look on his face, my laughed immediately ceased as I felt the air tense up with a feeling at the pit of my gut that maybe this men were serious, “but I feel good, only slightly disoriented with just a tiny pain on my abdomen” i said rubbing my tummy.”Well you would, the i.v drip you’re receiving contains amounts morphine, it helps with the pain” said the doctor. Instinctively I pulled up my patient-wear all the way to my abdomen, i couldn’t recognise it because it was slightly discoloured on one side and a bandage over the other. With my heart beating i could make out a red line in the bandage, touching it I could feel threads sewn into my skin. All of a sudden it dawned on me that truly my kidney had just be stolen, my hand still on my abdomen i let out a scream before passing out.
        It was past midnight later that day when i woke up, with thoughts and tears i tried to recollect how I got here, how did i lose my kidney? Who would have stolen it? Why would it have been stolen? The last thing i remember was kissing Miss Brown Eyes….Oh my God, where is she by the way? is she alright? i hope she is…….then it hit me Miss Brown Eyes wasn’t here, and she was the last person i was with and ……and…..and GOD!!! She Stole My Kidney!. This realisation made me start to choke. Calming down, why would she want my kidneys? I thought she liked me….Oh God I don form mugu!! Ah my Kidney!! If I catch her ehn!! I will… I will kill or force her to give me back my kidney. Then I started crying, I didn’t even get to “do”…..ha! girls are wicked ehn. Sighing I cried myself to sleep.
      The next morning just as I woke up the officer from yesterday came in, “good morning mister Jones, hope your night was good?” he said “how will my night be good when my kidney was stolen, how?” I replied in anger….”well sorry young man but in life shit happens, I’m sorry for your loss”. I got out of bed, still feeling the pain in my abdomen and walked over to the window and bowed my head and started crying again “those eyes, those pretty brown eyes is what made me lose my kidney” I said between tears, walking over to me he patted my shoulder “take heart man you can still live comfortably on one kidney” he said “that’s not the issue” I retorted, “I feel incomplete, I have to get my kidney back!!” I yelled….”well that’s the spirit” the officer said, “now take a seat and tell me what you can remember”. “Well I remember going to church, meeting my landlady Ms Cole”……he cut me short “ah yes…… Ms Cole, she was here when you were still in coma, I should inform her you’re awake” I nodded in approval…. “by the way how do you know my name or about Ms Cole?” I asked “well you had your contact details on your identity card when we went through your wallet, imagine her shock when we told her you were in a coma, she was worried. She even offered to bring you meals when you woke”  “Well that’s Ms Cole for you always trying to “mother-me up” I said with a shallow grin. “Okay back to your story, tell me more” said the officer “After meeting Ms Cole I met up with this Girl after church, gave her a lift to her house, entered her house and was about to….to..” I paused for a while “you were about to what”? the officer quipped “i was about to sleep with her, that’s all I remember”, “And her name is”? the officer asked “Ehn ehnm ehnm” was all I could say, then I closed my eyes and sighed “I didn’t get her name officer”, the officer couldn’t hide the surprise on his face “you didn’t get her name?, and you willingly went to her house to sleep with her? Ah!” “Sir i can’t explain, maybe she used voodoo on me” the officer just shook his head “I can never understand young people of this generation, anyways since that’s all you remember let me work with that” he got up and made for the door, “by the way you were dropped at the gate of the hospital unconscious and bleeding, you were patched up a bit, but your shirt is bloody, it will be used as evidence, also can you remember her address?” “Of course yes i can” i replied “Okay we’re going there tomorrow, f*ck what the doctor said you’ve rested enough” he said  “you dammn right I’ve rested enough, i’m not staying in this hospital another day, i want my kidney back ASAP” the officer smiled and said “I like your spirit” “officer please what could she want with my kidney?”  i asked, “Its Akpan, Inspector Akpan and I think there’s a lot you could do with a kidney, but my best bet would be she probably sold it, kidneys are quite valuable on the black market for organs” he replied.
  It’s been six months since i left the hospital, the address i took inspector Akpan and his boys to was a bust, the whole apartment had been stripped clean, it was empty. Enquires with the landlord was that the young unidentified girl that stole my kidney rented the apartment for a year, but she only stayed there for three months, the landlord was ecstatic she didn’t even ask for a refund, he was letting the place out as soon as possible. Three Sundays after checking out my church there still was no sign of her, she seemed to have vanished forever. It seems.
   Everyone advised me to move on and forget the whole incident, i told them i had but deep down i dedicated a part of my heart and all weekends to tracking her down. Inspector Akpan gave up on the case four months later, he did with sorry and disappointment in his eyes, i couldn’t blame him, he tried his best, so now it’s all up to me to get back what belongs to me.
       I dunno if its luck or fate but one Saturday after Inspector Akpan gave up, i joined one internet forum of men who had similar experiences; apparently i wasn’t the only one who had his kidney stolen. It turns out that kidney sale was actually quite lucrative. Sales on the black market ranged from Thirty thousand dollars to forty thousand dollars, hearts even went for more. Most third world countries served as hunting ground for organ harvesters, reason; poor people see selling of the kidney as an easy way to raise money, also security agents couldn’t stop those who stole organs mainly because they were inefficient or busy collecting bribes. The victim of those that had their organ stolen usually ended up dead, i was lucky to be alive.
    So that day going through stories of guys and ladies who had experienced what i had, one stuck out, the person who posted his comment narrated the story of how his brother died in his arms after having his kidney harvested. His brother kept mentioning the girl with lovely brown eyes, how she picked him in a bar and took him to a hotel room, he woke up four hours later with bloody stitches, and he knew instantly something had been done to him. Going to the hospital the doctors couldn’t operate because he kept bleeding profusely, he seemed to be haemorrhaging from inside, he was about to give up the ghost when he whispered to his brother the words Pink Dust.
     Seeing this my heart started racing, it had to be her, the brown eyes and the word pink dust seemed to be more than coincidence. Contacting the owner of the post i told him my story, he shared my suspicions as well, but only problem was he and his brother lived in Accra, Ghana, so it would seem little Miss Brown Eyes operated internationally. We exchanged emails and i told him i was coming there to track her down. Luckily for me the incident with his brother happened only two days earlier, so chances are that she was still in Accra.
    I managed to get a revolver from a buddy of mine who was sympathetic to my story, i didn’t even care how he got the gun even though his father was the pastor of my church. His only wish was that i returned safe.
   Early the next day i boarded a bus to Accra, in about twelve hour’s time i was successfully in Accra, it was about six in the evening when i alighted. Stretching my body feeling fatigued, i caught a glimpse of a familiar face across the road from where i was, good gracious it was Miss Brown eyes. She flagged a taxi and she went off, with superman speed i crossed the road and boarded my own taxi and shouted “follow that cab” the cab driver looked at me and said “Charly you get cedis”? i frowned my face and yelled “will you move!!” he was shocked, immediately he started the car and was trailing her cab. One hour later we arrived at the Merridean hotel she got off paid her cab and went inside. When i was sure she was out of sight i alighted and went after her. Stopped at the receptionist, a skinny looking dude with smiles i asked him who she was while claiming to be attracted to her  and wanted to know if it was possible he gave me her schedule, all i got was “sir we don’t divulge information of our customers” i looked at him and i knew his price i removed my Cartier wristwatch and said “my man this watch costs two hundred dollars, now will you answer me” looking at the wristwatch with eyes wide opened he smiled and pocketed the watch “charly she na Nigerian babe, she don book till Friday next week, she no dey with man so e go easy get her” he replied with a sheepish grin. I smiled and said to myself, “yes I’m sure gonna get her” i thanked him and took my leave. Told my cab driver to take me to the nearest hotel, he looked at me puzzled “but charly here is hotel na” i smiled and said i know, take me somewhere else, he shrugged and drove off. Lying on my bed in my room a nearby hotel, i laughed at how my luck had changed. I removed the revolver from where i hid it in my bag, cleaned it, then laid it under my pillow. “Till friday next week? Hmmm that’s plenty of time………..plenty of time to kill little Miss Brown Eyes.
                            …………………to be continued

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20 Responses to PiNK DUST pt 2

  1. mizz_cheddah says:

    Awwwww,so touching nd interesting

  2. *clapping* awesome twist…. You can just end here sef! Kidney Harvesters lool…. Like it is organ farming

  3. pearl says:

    Atleast for †♓ε̲ first time ℓ̊ could not predict how he would Ç☺M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ across her again even Ŵëŋ ℓ̊ imagined something else…. Good job plus I’m enjoying †♓ε̲ fact that ♏Ɣ suspense I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ rising,,

  4. Sheila says:

    nice one. Kip it up

  5. janusaneni says:

    Nice! Very! LOOOL..waiting on d next one!

  6. Lonoara says:

    Dang! Wasn’t expecting that! Nice twist, was thinking witchcraft things x_x

  7. yungbuzz says:

    You did not express your disappointment and joy with much alacrity.. Cc when you found out you lost your kidney and when you got info of Mrs. White eyes wherabouts. You also rushed a lot of scenes that would have carried lots of entertainment eg how you collected the gun. You should also digress from your storyline a little to other things eg your ex wanting to come back to you life or another girl eyeing you again. Nice one.

  8. olex says:

    Love the suspense….Nice1 ODM (Y)

  9. claire says:

    Marvelous is d word..wonderful twist b

  10. Olufunmi says:

    thumbs up… ❤ it

  11. Tari says:

    I’ve always wanted to jump in a cab and yell follow that car. Can’t wait for part 3

  12. mykali says:

    Wow. Wasn’t expecting this twist. Brilliant…

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