ALEX pt 2

It was some mins past seven when i opened my eyes, they met another pair of eyes that were lovely. “Good morning handsome, i love the way your face looks when you sleep, it looks innocent” she said with a smile. “Good morning to you too” i replied….”jeez i can’t believe we slept in the club’s car park” i said….”leave that, i can’t believe we could do all that stuff in the car, where did you learn how to have sex like that in the backseat of a car?” She asked….”well if i tell you i’d had to kill you” i replied with an evil grin…she smiled then placed her lips on mine, i could still smell the pina-colada on her breath. Even without make-up she still looked pretty, and her breasts resting on my chest began turning me on again. I placed my hands on her waist & let it go down till i grabbed her butt, she liked it, next thing i know she starts kissing my neck, nibbling at those sacred places that’ll make a man act a fool, closed my eyes and started reveling in the moment. Suddenly “Tap-Tap” came the sound on my window “wetin una dey do for there?, na una house be dis” said a disgruntled voice, immediately i opened my eyes and Caren got up in a hurry trying to adjust her blouse at the same time pulling her skirt down. I got up from the backseat of my four-runner and looked outside, what i saw was a slim Aboki, apparently he was the night watchman of the club’s car park. I got down from the car to meet him, i still had an erection. He looked at me then said in an irritated tone “na here you go sleep, look everywia, every bodi don commot go hause, na only two of una still dey hia” . He was right, only caren’s car & mine still remained. I apologised. He just looked at my erection & muttered some obscene words in fulani before leaving.
    When i got back in the car caren was already dressed & straightening her hair, “has he gone?” She quipped “yep he has” i replied “imagine oh, can you believe he caught a glimpse of my boobies, thank God they weren’t out of my bra” she said laughing….I acted to laugh along with her but in reality all i wanted was for her to be out of my car as soon as possible. I was still attracted to her but i didn’t want her to get all clingy & everything, moreover i would have a bevy of chics at Cole’s wedding today, i smiled at the thought. “Oh No”!! I yelled “Cole’s wedding, its by nine” i said in panic, Caren looked at me puzzled, “Cole, my guy, it was his bachelor’s eve we were celebrating last nite” i told her “Oh……are u late or something?” she asked “not really, its just that the wedding is by nine and this is seven-thirty, i’ve not even showered & we were supposed to rendevous at eight, Cole’ll be pissed.” Just as i finished talking my phone rang, it was cole. “Oboy where you dey na, ? You’re the best man, you should be here by now na.”he said in a grouchy voice “guy no vex abeg, i’m on my way, i had a flat tire” i lied….”anyways get here soon i’m begging you.” With that he ended the call, i sighed got into the driver seat & was about taking off, “errm……what about us, are you gonna call me” ? She asked…”yea sure i will,” i replied she got down & went to her car. I put the gear in reverse & was about leaving when she horned from her car “Oooo what’s wrong with this one now” ? i said to myself irritated. When she came over to my driver side, i put up a fake smile, “anything dear?” i said, “you forgot to take my number, and i didn’t get yours” she replied, “oh sorry, i thought we exchanged numbers in the club last night” i said “well we did not” she replied. I ended up getting her number, i also gave her mine. Funny girl, if she thought she was gonna get a relationship outta me she was sadly mistaken.
   At the wedding, standing beside Cole, the fool grinning like a clown, i saw the subject of his excitement. Coming down the Aisle escorted by her Dad was the bride-to-be, she was dressed in a white gown that looked I’m expensive, she was also wearing a tiara, she looked amazing. I patted cole on the back & said “nice one men, i’m impressed” he looked at me then back to his bride & continued grinning.
     All through  service, when the minister was busy conducting the service, my mind was elsewhere, i was busy surveying to see where the fine chics were. You see the lovely thing about weddings is that they serve as hunting ground for guys like me. During weddings most girls tend to develop low self esteem, especially those who their friends were getting married before them. On the other hand those not in this category had their minds slightly altered by the whole event. Automatically every guy seems like husband material, cos they start wishing they were in the bride’s shoes. Anyways they made easy prey for me, so i continued my survkoey. I saw a couple of hotties in the bridal train but then i saw one that was like wow !. To say she was fine is an understatement, she had caramel skin, long brown hair, and a body that made Kim-K look …..ordinary.
   I tried making eye-contact but, she, didn’t, notice me. I was getting frustrated. I decided to make my move during the reception.
At the reception, i saw this chic again but this time she was talking with the bride. A few investigations later i found out that she was one of the bride’s friends living in the U.K, but no one knew her name. I just took my time & waited for the right moment. Thankfully it wasn’t long. She was seated all alone by a table. I took two glasses & a bottle of wine and went over to her. “Marriages are a beautiful thing” I said in a low voice while taking a seat beside her,she just kept mute & snickered. “What I mean is the sanctity of marriage coupled with commitment between the couples just make it a thing of joy” i said, she giggled and said “oh please what joy is there married to the same penis for the rest of my life, i prefer to walk into a bar, pick up a guy i like, take him home and have him ride me all night”
It was my turn to be mute, i just stared at her for about two minutes then i said “hi my name’s Alex & where have you been all my life?” Hearing this she started laughing, “i’m Nicole, nice to meet you” we talked for a few hours with me ending up in her hotel room. That was one of the best weddings i had attended.
   The next mondays came with the unexpected, the office was in a frenzy, it seemed one of our directors from Abuja was coming to oversee a campaign for a telecom company we were handling. When she came in everyone was stunned, she was maybe in her mid-forties but still looked slamming. When she spoke her choice of words were alluring, her poise elegant and those lips looked tempting. When it got to my turn to get introduced to her i found myself shy, first time such has happened. She shook my hands but lingered for a while, looked at me deeply & asked if we’ve met, “n-n-no ma” I replied in a semi-stamer. She smiled firmly & moved on.
    Back at home i still couldn’t get Ms. Nora from my head, that was her name. During her presentation i just kept picturing me and her on my bed going about like jack-rabbits.  
   The next day the same thing, i, was always fidgety around her, staying in the same room with her made me nervous, i found myself wanting her like i’d wanted no woman.
  Then one night, two weeks later, while it was just the two of us putting finishing touches to our project she said “why are you always nervous around me?, you always act shy, am i that intimidating?”  “I don’t know ma” I replied in a sheepish voice. She just smiled and continued working.  I can’t really explain what happened next but Ms. Nora removed her jacket, saying she was hot whereas A.C was on, next thing we know we started gisting about stuff. First she asked me if i had a girlfriend i replied i didn’t. She said she had a husband but he divorced her two yrs ago cos she couldn’t have kids. That’s when she started crying, lamenting that God was punishing her because she gave up a child she had as a teen for adoption. I tried consoling her telling her that she didn’t  anything wrong, at least she didn’t abort the baby like most young girls would. She ignored me & continued crying. I went over to her and hugged her tight, her five foot seven frame leaning on me, next thing you know we started kissing, i felt joy. I pulled her closed and sucked her mouth hungrily, then she pulled away suddenly and punched me on my chest “naughty boy you’re taking advantage of me ain’t you” “Errm….. No ma i replied, its just that i’d wanted to do that since i first saw you” she just laughed and said “happy now” next thing she put on her jacket packed some files and told me we would continue the project tomorrow.
  Tomorrow and the next i noticed something slightly different about her, she seemed to smile extra at me, always gave me more attention, all these made me grow bolder. I began acting more myself round her. Needless to say i and Ms. Nora started an affair before the month was ended. An affair which found me falling in love with Ms. Nora.
  Things started going bad three months later when my dad  called me that my mum was hospitalised with a heart attack. I took a leave from work to go see her in port-hacourt. Seeing her in that state brought tears to my eyes, she looked sick. Doctors didn’t give her much hope, all they said was that we should pray. So daily i prayed & prayed asking God to let her live. It seemed my prayer was answered cos one day i came into her hospital room and saw her laughing with my dad. I was happy when she spoke with a smiley face “Listen son i’m not going anywhere till i carry my grandchild” we all laughed at this.
   We took her home that night, while i took an early flight back to work the next morning. Three days later my mum died, i was beside myself with grief, when i told Nora about it over the phone she sounded genuinely sorry but then she said the unexpected. She told me she was pregnant, and she was keeping it. She thanked me saying she only dated me to try and get pregnant, saying she later found out her husband was the one with the problem. She said she was keeping custody over the child, and I was free to come visit. I was stunned all through the conversation & broke down crying. My mum had just died & here was the woman i loved using me to get pregnant & dumping me. The next week i rushed back to PH for the burial, it was done simple as per mama’s instructions. After the burial, it was just me & my dad. I became a shadow of my former self it was as if Nora took a piece of me. I never forgave or forgot  her.  Two years later my dad dropped a bombshell on me. He told me that seeing his wife in a  coffin brought him to a painful realisation that life was short and he could also be next. He then told me that my mum made him promise to keep a secret about my birth, she made him promise that i never got to find out i was adopted. Hearing this my mind went numb, it seemed someone had detonated a grenade close to my ears. He said he and my mum couldn’t have children so they decided to adopt one. But, he had the foresight to forsee that this day would come so he decided to hire a private detective to find out about who my birth parents were. He said he could only track down my birth mother and the detective wanted us to come meet him & her the  week.
    The next week as i was about to enter the detective’s office, i had this feeling as if something bad was about to happen. I shrugged it off, thinking what was the worst thing that could happen. My dad behind me probably sensing my state of mind put a hand on my shoulder reasuring me, but i paused again because i could hear the cries of a baby from inside. Walking in, i saw the detective sitting on his desk, in front of him was a woman with a child on her lap, the detective then spoke “oh madam here is your son” before she could stand & turn around I kept on muttering silent “no no no” but then the face i saw was familiar, the face i saw was Nora’s.
     ………the end.

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19 Responses to ALEX pt 2

  1. hahahahahaha!!! :ppp. Serve him right, but could hv happenned 2 anyone sha.
    i wish i had seen more of that girl at the club being a pest…. It probably deserved a part 3…. Like you were tired of him and just wanted to give him his just due and end it

  2. Killian says:

    Nice read…….should be made into a movie

  3. yungbuzz says:

    I predicted the end men.. I swear I did. Are you advicing us not to fuck elderly women? Plus I thought you said he commited suicide in the intro? Seems a chick told you not to make the end too sad cause she was liking alex????

  4. lirufreak says:

    buhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahaha*evil grin* serves the stupid boy right he’d never try such in his life LMAO buh sup wif d club chic now “d perv” u didn’t continue anyfin about her errmm btw*tongue out* this is AMAZING coulda happened 2 anyone tho buh dis serves ALEX right nd dose young boys out dere having sugar mummies u better be sure ur parents didn’t adopt u *hahahahahah* NICE 1 sire KEEP the fire burning!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sheila says:

    Nice piece ODM

  6. holarm says:

    Gen gen …action film

  7. olex says:

    Enjoyed every Bit of it!!!

  8. Tari says:

    I saw this end coming from the moment Ms Nora said she had a child when she was a teen. Poor lad, R.I.P to the playboy 😦 his days are over. Whatever happened to Ms Nora??

  9. pearl says:

    Hilarious , ℓ̊ must SA̶̲̅Ɣ but †♓ε̲ gurl @ †♓ε̲ club not much waz said about her was expecting more lights ØƝ her wants,,

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