Hello hi, last time i introduced a brand new series called TALES OF THE BIZZARE, it featured the story of a young man who ended selling his soul cos of greed. Today i’m bringing you a slightly different story, a sad one. It’s based on a true life story tho.  -O.D.M

If you’re reading this it means i’m probably dead …dead from committing suicide.  You might wonder why in this day and age would someone take his own life when there is abundance of hope and opportunities to redeem oneself. Well i seek no redemption, and if you read my story you’ll see the notion of hope doesn’t apply to me, if you still wanna argue, well f*ck your opinion, i will have been dead anyways.
     My story begins in Secondary school, that little world that serves as a foundation of adulthood. Some of you might have fond memories, while others had painful stories to tell. I’m glad to say i belong to the former. Secondary school was a blast for me, reason cos i was a fiiine boy.
There is a huge difference between a “fine boy” and a “fiiine boy”. A fine boy will get the usual “wow you’re cute” maybe get a love letter from a secret admire once in a while…but a “fiiine boy” like i was, should be able to have chics dumping their boyfriends for them, a fiiine boy should be able to have affairs with his female teachers (i had with two back in secondary school, they were both married), a fiiine boy should always have missed calls at least eight every day, mostly from women. A fiiine boy should be able to make models stop and stare, have at least Six thousand friends on Facebook, daily bbm request from girls all over the country. If you’ve never experienced any of these then am sorry you’re just a measly fine boy…….or worse, you’re  not.
    Secondary school was a blast because every girl wanted my attention. I on the other hand was willing to give, but just not to one girl. Heartbreak after heartbreak they kept on coming, it was amusing because the whole school knew i changed girls at whim but that didn’t stop the girls from coming. Its as if each of them felt i would make her the special one, a stupid thought no doubt. It got so bad that one time during my SSCE mock examinations a girl in SS1 came with her parents to school, her parents laid complaints that their daughter had tried to commit suicide and a particular Senior was the cause.   That day, after writing my Further maths exam got called to the principal’s office, met the girl and her parents but i didn’t recognize her. “listen Alex” my principal began “what do you have with this young lady seated with her parents” i looked at them then looked back at my principal and said “sir i don’t know who she is” “you don’t” my principal inquired, “no sir” i replied “ah ! but you said you loved me, you said iwas the only one for you, you said you will never leave……” before she could continue her dad, a naval officer shouted “will you shut-up”….. “listen young man, i don’t know what you’ve done with my daughter but leave her alone!” i just smiled and said “Sir i don’t know who your daughter is, as for the “i love you part” i say that to almost every girl, common now, don’t think i took you serious, heck I cant even remember your name “ hearing these words the girl burst out in tears, her mum consoled her and made angry faces at me.My principal sighed, “well it seems there is no case here, errm…..Alex stay away from this young girl, go prepare for the rest of your exams” “thank you sir I replied” and took my leave. That was the last I heard from her, rumours had it she tried to commit suicide again, and had to be admitted into yaba left, oh well that was not my biz.
      All through university the same story, girls swarming around me making a fool of emselves. I was involved in at least two sex scandals, love triangles, numerous flings. You might doubt this, but if you ask your uncles or aunts, they’ll tell you stories of a guy(s) who went through women like the days of the week. I’m not saying I was mega popular round the country but if you heard stories like “there’s this guy in so so school, that uses girls and dumps them, he’s a player, cassanova, he’s this, he’s that”  well you know there probably talking bout me. Funny enough i never got any of them pregnant, thank God to the special magnum condoms i was using, a friend from the U.K usually sent it in packs for me every Christmas.
   After Uni with a nice paying Job working at an advertising agency i was living it to the fullest. It seemed that with my being able to afford stuff like a car, apartment, expensive clothes, more women came my way. It was bliss. God knows how many marriages i crashed, how many swears and curses i got from women. There was this time when my friend in the U.K, Cole, decided to come home to get married. I was one of the grooms men. So here we were at one club on the island celebrating his last night as a bachelor when another guy in our group spotted another group of about four girls seated at the far side of the club around a table all laughing, giggling and doing those silly things women did whenever they were together. Cole was like “no no i’m getting married tomorrow, i cant partake oh, i cant this, i cant that.” I just looked at him laughed and said “you’s a bit*h mehn, what happened to your balls” “well if you must know the right woman found em and is holding to them along with my heart, i love her and i’m getting married to her tomorrow, you should do the same thing you know” he replied “yea yea, whatever” I said “listen guys who’s with me lets take this girls down” “yaay!” the rest of them shouted in unision. There were three of them, one married, other two single. “But how do we get them to come here naa?” one quipped “leave that to me” I replied. “Watch me & see the “Lex-effect” at work with that I sipped the rest of my drink and buttoned my jacket amidst some “yes boss!” and some “correct!” the guys were hailing me.
    Walking down to where the girls were i racked my brain to see whether to use a pick-up line or just go all natural, i elected to use a pick up line. Got to their table and said to the most pretty one, she was seated in the middle “Sorry have we met before?” she gave me a look of indifference the rest just started giggling “okay lemme confess, the truth is my guys over there dared me to come chat with you guys, please say yes or at least pretend, i don’t want to loose face with them” i said with puppy eyes, at this they burst out laughing, “you have balls I must say” she said, then sighed “okay because you’re handsome and i love your eyes i’ll allow you to come seat beside me” with that she moved a little and made space for me. I smiled and said “jackpot! as easy as abc” in my head.
     Seated beside them I introduced myself, told them what I did for a living. “oh i’m caren, i’m an O.A.P” she said “oh I should have guessed, you run that show on radio” I said, she nodded her head and said “yup! that’s me”. Turns out the rest of her crew were also O.A.P’s , I wont tell you their real names for obvious reasons.
    I invited my guys over and that’s when the fun began. The funny thing with most women is once you’ve connected with them you had them under your thumb. We all laughed, traded stories, jokes, had a good time. At first I thought it was my imagination but each time i made the group laugh, caren would always land her hand on my lap. Three times later i knew it wasn’t coincidence. The next time she did, I placed my hand over hers and held it there. She looked at me and looked away, she said nothing. I decided to take it a step further. I moved her hand from my lap downwards all the way to my crotch, she just kept giggling and acted as if nothing was wrong. Placed her palm directly over my erection, then she mouthed the words “oh my god”…I knew I had her.I’m not saying she was loose or anything but with a few drinks and a goodlooking man some women can be……..hmmm.
    For like ten minutes she massaged “junior” I could see her sweating, i took it up a notch and slipped my left hand under the table on her own laps, she held her breath. She was wearing a mini, “thank god” I thought, slipped my hand under her mini all the way to her panties, she gasped. The rest of the group, my guys & her girls were oblivious to what was happening, some of the girls sat on my guys lap others just stayed there giving the girls boring gist. Poor chaps, they were getting “none” tonight i thought. I didn’t even realize when cole had left.
    It was eleven thirty when we all left, my guys left in their cars, the girls decided to leave in theirs, seemed none of my guys were lucky as me. So when everyone had left it remained just the two of us, i & caren. Me at my driver side, she opposite leaninig with her back to her car with a bottle of pina-colada in her hands, she was getting tipsy. “You’re in no state to drive” i said, she laughed “look who’s talking, neither are you” she said. I could feel the air tense up, my heart beating, i could see mischief in her eyes. “now what” she asked, moving closer “now I kiss you” i could hear her whisper “finally” when my mouth met hers, i opened the side of my door and pulled her inside.
………… be continued.

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19 Responses to ALEX

  1. cino says:

    LoooooooooooL… Waiting 🙂

  2. Lanre says:

    Are you Bruna Boy?

  3. yungbuzz says:

    This is meant to be a true life story na??? Too much fantasies, I mean c’mon dude…. Some things said were also not necessary eg “imported condoms” It sounded like if he failed to send them, you won’t fuck.. Anyway Let’s see where you heading…….

  4. wendie says:

    Unless this is a true life story based on Trey Songs, this whole thing is made up 😐 I mean c’mon?! Make models stare? Make women leave/cheat on their husbands? Its just not very believable to me. To say you exaggerated a bit would be an understatement. No one, no matter how fine, has that sorta influence (inless they’re super rich then its different case all together) Whoever the character Alex is based on must be one conceited dude. Well a bit of fiction makes for a good read too. Spices things up a little.

  5. Tari says:

    I’m hooked. Waiting

  6. hahaha… That one sef dey… Cant wait to read how much of a fuck up of his life this one is gonna make

  7. linda bee says:

    Omg! Haha…I can’t even begin to guess the rest of the story…but its obvious he’s gon meet his waterloo real soon!

  8. Richard says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm…… Can’t Wait To See The Part 2. Cray Stuff!

  9. pearl says:

    Interesting,, can’t wait for †♓ε̲ rest part of †♓ε̲ write up

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