GLITTER pt 2 –

Slowly i opened my eyes but they hurt at first cause it seemed like I had just stepped out from a dark room and was looking at the sun for the first time. After rubbing them for a few minutes I could see properly, but I was confused at what I saw. There in my hotel room was Fred, Eze, Ralph and teddy, they all formed a circle around something, the girls where behind them, Cynthia was crying, she had nothing but a towel on. I noticed something different about myself, it seemed as if I was hovering over the ground like a balloon, my feet were several feet above ground. I was scared at first but my fear was replaced with something more terrible. As I floated over to them, I instinctively looked over to see what they were looking at. What I saw brought terror to my face cause there lying on the bed was my body. I was speechless; looking at my body from outside it brought an eerie feeling to me. “He’s  still alive I can hear his heartbeat, it’s a bit faint though” said Fred as he raised his head from my chest, “of course he is” said Cynthia with tears in her eyes, I didn’t do anything to him”, “then why is he in this state,? And what’s up with all this blood?” said Eze with concern in his voice “he vomited the blood after I kissed him, or is anything wrong with my breath”? Cynthia said as she broke down in more tears. “This is so gonna ruin my B-day” Shontelle said not hiding the irritation in her voice, Fred shot her a dreadful look “sorry” she said then folded her arms and started sulking.
   It was then it hit me, I was experiencing an O.B.E; an out of Body Experience. I had heard about it before and had read about it on the net. I heard it only happened to those people who were about to die, their bodies would be in sort of a comatose state while their spirits lingered close by hoping they get called back into their bodies. A disturbing thought was that of everything I knew about O.B.E nothing said of how one could voluntarily get back into one’s body. O.B.E was sort of like a T-junction, one path leading to the “light” the opposite one leading to waking up. How to find this path or get into my body was my problem. So there i was hoping and praying i woke up and this nightmare would be forgotten.
    All this while my friends were busy calling my name trying to get me to wake up, everyone offering suggestions, Cynthia was not herself, she kept crying lamenting that it was all her fault. Her friends tried consoling her. “James, James   they called my name repeatedly” but as they were calling my name I heard something strange, it sounded like the hooves of horses and something on wheels, sounded like a carriage. I looked around to see where the sounds were coming from but I could find none. I floated over to my room window and looked outside; I was shocked at what I saw. Coming towards my window was indeed a horse it was pulling something that looked like a chariot. The horse and chariot were both black, there was also a black hooded rider in the chariot, he seemed to be leaning on some sort of stick. As they got closer I could see the stick had a curved black blade, and the figure holding it raised his head, looked at me and pointed what looked like a skeleton hand at me. Fear gripped me, I looked down and sideways, no one but me seemed to see the horse-pulled chariot heading towards my room which was on the tenth floor of the hotel.
      Some meters away the chariot stopped in mid-air and the strange hooded figure floated out of his chariot and came straight to the window, I immediately started floating backwards but the figure moved with lightening speed and just as he was about to grab me, I felt a hand yank me from behind, and I was immediately in a familiar room. When I turned around I saw a friendly face, but he wasn’t smiling rather he was in anger, it was Guru Raghav Singh.
         I sighed and said “Guru thank you” but he cut me short “keep your thank you to yourself, why didn’t you follow just one simple rule, don’t eat sugar for a whole day every thirty days, is that so hard?” he yelled  “i-i-i  I’m sorry guru” I stammered. Truly I had broken the rule, the last time I abstained from sugar was 29 days ago, but I had been involved with so much partying I lost track and failed to meet up with the rule. I was supposed to abstain from sugar today, but tasting the candy in Cynthia’s mouth made sure I failed that simple task. “Guru who was the figure on the chariot”? I asked “oh you know who he is” he replied. True I knew who it was but I thought it was only myth. The figure in a black hood, carrying a stick with a sickle on top could be none other than the grim reaper. Fear coursed through my veins at this realisation. “And he wants to take you to the other side” the guru continued “and by other side I mean you’re gonna die” he said with seriousness in his voice.
     I started shaking, “I’m gonna die because i didn’t follow some stupid rule”? I asked, “no you’re gonna die because you didn’t follow one simple rule, you think your new found wealth is normal”? the guru asked, I was about to speak when he continued, “you scam someone over and over again each time the person falls, you think that is normal”? he laughed “listen kid the prayer I prayed for you when you came for my help last year was actually a spell, a spell to give you favour from underground. I was startled when I heard this, “by underground you mean the occult”? I asked, “Occult, witchcraft, dark arts, magic or juju, it’s all the same. When I made that spell for you, a condition I was given by “the powers that be” is that you don’t break this simple rule”. “now that you have I’m sorry you have to pay the price” “Guru please I’m begging you, I’ll do anything I don’t want to die now, I’m too young to die” i pleaded. The guru paused looked at me deeply “you’ll do anything” he said, “yes anything” I replied with tears in my eyes. “Okay come see me in your body as soon as possible” said the guru, immediate he snapped his fingers and I awoke in my body. I opened my eyes, sat on my bed and started panting. Cynthia was the first person to see me, immediately she jumped on me and hugged me at the same time saying she was sorry. Everyone else came close to me with inquires on their faces “oh boy wetin happen na”? Fred asked “you scared the bejesus outta us men” Ralph added. All I could say was “water, please gimme water”. Eze stood at a corner staring at me, his face was calm. “Give him space let him breathe na” he said.
     After I had drank some water I looked outside, it was still day. I jumped out of bed grabbed my clothes and dashed out of my hotel room, dressing in the hallway as I left. The others followed suit. “James where are you going to”? Fred asked “I’m going to Naija mehn” I replied without looking back.” But dude let’s check you into a hospital, you vomited a lot of blood” he said, “don’t worry about me I’m fine” I replied as I tried to put on my footwear. I was about getting into the elevator when Fred pulled me back “guy ok I agree you’re okay but what about the party, we’re headed to Dubai next na”? Shontelle who had be following us along with Cynthia stopped and screamed “Dubai?, you mean I’m supposed to have my party in Dubai? Oh puhlease we went to Dubai for my last birthday, you want to take me there again”?……… Fred turned around and said “look if I slap you ehn?” Shontelle opened her mouth in shock and said “Fred now I know  you don’t love me” then she started crying and ran back to Fred’s room, Cynthia mouthed the words “I’m sorry” to me again and went after her friend.
       In the Elevator, Fred kept inquiring to know why I was leaving all of a sudden, I just kept mute. When we got to the ground floor, I asked him to call the pilot in charge of the jet to tell him to prep it because I was taking the jet back to Nigeria.” Don’t worry I’ll do that but guy what’s going on naa”? he asked again. Outside I walked over to a parked cab and told him to take me to Heathrow.
      Fred still had a look of worry on his face when I left, I saw him reach for his phone and make a call, i waved at him and turned as the cabbie took me towards Heathrow.
       Landing in Nigeria I dashed to where my car was parked, took it out and sped all the way to Ibadan. On the way I kept spitting out blood, my nose started to bleed as well. Driving through the road that led to guru’s house, I saw another convoy of government cars passing by me, I didn’t bother to even look. When I got to the house at the end of the road the guards let me through without stopping me, I guess the guru told them he was expecting me.
   I was pacing up and down in the same room my spirit had just left when the guru came inside, “kneel down we don’t have much time” he said. As I knelt he placed his hand on my head once again and started chanting some words different from the ones he said last time, I recognised some Latin and some other word that sounded ancient.
    Thirty mins later he told me to get up. He removed a ring from the black box he took the pots from earlier and gave it to me. “wear that” he said, I did immediately “what does it do” I asked, “well one; it will restore your health, and two; hide you from the reaper” I sighed and thank him “don’t thank me yet” he went on “you have to feed it seven virgins each year unless it will turn against you” Hearing this I opened my mouth wide “guru what does that mean” I said in with alarm in my voice “you heard me right, seven virgins each year” he replied  “guru I can’t kill seven women na, and how can I feed a person to a ring”? the guru sighed “you don’t have to kill anyone, just take your hand with the ring on it and rub it in between the legs of any female virgin, easy as that, the ring will do its job “hearing this i opened my eyes and mouth dumbfounded, “and how you get the virgins is of your own concern” the guru said, and with that he left the room.
       It was late October, I had just finished sleeping with my fifth virgin, as i sat on the edge of my bed I held my head with both hands and started to cry. I cried like a little boy who had just lost something. Here I was sleeping with young girls, an instrument of evil on my one of my fingers, something I used to cause havoc in the lives of the women I slept with.
        It was after my second virgin I knew what exactly the ring did to the women. I never bothered to ask the effect it would have on them from the Guru. The ring did hide me from the Grim reaper and restored my health, but on the other hand it made every woman I used the ring on to go insane after two weeks. I felt like a monster, I was ruining their lives but I continued living well. The only good thing the ring came with was that I no longer had to abstain from sugar, and my wealth increased exponentially. I guess when you go deeper in evil, the fringe benefits increased, but at what cost? Last week I nearly ran over one of my victims, her name was Sharon. We met at the “fresher’s” party after matriculation two months ago. Back then she had so much life, was fun, was pretty, had so much excitement about finally getting admission into school. And I was the guy that ended her dreams. As she crossed my car pushing a trolley filled with junk and garbage, she looked at me but didn’t recognise me. She was wearing rags over rags, her hair half eaten by lice, she was a sorry sight. I just dropped my head low and moved on.
       Now here lay my fifth victim, sleeping, oblivious of her fate. You might wonder how it is I spot virgins since we lived in a world where the one’s that “form” virgin are not really virgins while the real ones are ashamed of it. Well, two weeks of failing to get a single virgin, I went back to Guru Raghav, after many pleas, cries and begging, he finally made some modifications to the ring. The ring glowed red when a virgin was near.
    After crying I went into the shower, it was there I had sort of an epiphany afterall it is said the best Ideas are formed in the shower. Without wasting time I jumped out, hurriedly wore my clothes, took one final look at the sleeping girl, sighed and walked out the door.
    Driving towards badagry I placed a call to one of my friends. He was a D.P.O who sold guns to anybody as long as you had the money. I met him last year when I, Eze, Fred and Teddy went to bail out ralph who had knocked down someone. He was drunk and would have been charged with drunk-driving if we had not sorted the D.P.O seven hundred thousand and gave an extra three hundred to his boys. Thank God for the Nigerian police force.
      Got to his house, we met talked and agreed on a price for a small revolver. He gave me extra bullets as a sign of good faith. Good faith indeed, he knew many of his customers bought his guns for nefarious deeds, but he really didn’t care. As long as you paid enough money, the use of his guns were your business.
   So once again I found myself on my way to Ibadan with one thought on my mind, to seek redemption. The only way was to end the source, the only way was to kill Guru Raghav.
      I came up with the idea while in the shower, if I could kill him, then maybe, just maybe the spell over me would be broken and perhaps the spell over the women that were insane will be broken too. It was a long shot but I was tired of living this way, feeling like a monster ruining people’s lives just so I could go on living. The guilt was killing me inside.
     Some meters from the gate to guru Raghav’s house I was met with a sad realisation, if I did succeed in killing the Guru there was no way his guards were letting me go alive. I waved that idea aside, being dead was better than being an instrument of evil; I was going to end it all today.
    I passed through the guards quickly, none of them stopped me, they would have if only they knew what I was up to. Inside the house as I was waiting for the guru I decided I wasn’t going to allow him to talk. If I did he might sweet talk me into making another deal, I would shoot him before he could speak, then it will be all over.
      Walking towards me in his usual jolly self he said “hello James what can I do for…..” before he finished speaking I brought out the gun and fired a shot. It hit him in the stomach, but I noticed something was wrong, he wasn’t bleeding, I was, and the pain was more than I could bear, I fell into unconsciousness again.
     Waking up I found myself back in the room I started my story from, tied to a chair while a voice from the darkness was speaking. The voice was familiar, it was the Guru’s. “So you think you can kill me?” he said laughing “listen boy stronger men have tried but they all failed” “you deserve to die” I shouted, but the effort put in more pain because I was still bleeding from my stomach. “Well that’s your opinion, I was only helping out” he said again “you turned me into a monster, you and your ring brought insanity to all those women” I said in a half yell, he laughed again  “on the contrary my dear fried it was you who did all that, it was you who wanted to be as rich as Eze, it was you who couldn’t follow one simple rule, it was you who said you’d do anything” he said, “and now you’re bleeding to death, any minute now the reaper will reap you” he chuckled.
      I swallowed hard at this thought, true I had lost a lot of blood and I was feeling a bit drowsy. “But as always I have a way to help out, I would heal you, your friends and make everything alright, for a little price this time” said Guru Raghav. “And your price is” I said feebly, “oh nothing much just your soul” I gasped at his demand, “my soul, what do you want with that” I said with fear in my voice “nothing of importance really, just for safe-keeping” the guru replied. So there I sat thinking “we don’t have all night James, you could die anytime from now, you’ll be doing yourself a favour if you took this deal, you’d be helping yourself and the women you put in trouble.” My heart sank when I heard this, he was right I did make those women go mad, and the last one was probably in the hotel room wondering where I had gone to.
  After much thought I agreed to trade my soul not just to save my life but to save the women I had put in insanity. “I agree” I said in a whisper “You’ve made a good choice James” Guru Raghav said not hiding the joy in his voice. “What do I have to do” I asked “nothing much, just stay where you are and repeat after me.
     “I, James Bolade do swear allegiance to the prince of darkness and I hereby transfer all rights over my soul to him” Just as I finished saying those words the floor lit up in the shape of a pentagram, with my chair in the middle. I felt warm all of a sudden, and warmer and warmer till I screamed out in pain. As I opened my mouth a white smoke with the shape of my face came out. The smoke gave me a look of sadness and floated over to the waiting hands of the guru. He shrieked with a demonic laughter when he caught it, then the smoke disappeared.
    Instantly the pain in my stomach left and the bleeding stopped, looking down I could see I was healed, but I felt something worse, I felt empty and filled with a deep void.
  Anyways that’s how I lost my soul to the devil, the only good thing is that the girls returned to normal, but I lost all my wealth. Eze and the other guys deserted me. So there I was destined to walk the streets of Lagos, cold hungry but worse of all Soulless, as I await death to finally catch up with me.

…………….The End.
While this is a work of part fiction, I want you all to know that shit does happen, just because you don’t believe in the devil doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe in you.
Thanks for reading, comments and RT God bless  

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12 Responses to GLITTER PT 3

  1. MasterVee says:

    Gr8 story!

  2. lirufreak says:

    This is teaching lotta peeps out dere stuffs dey shud know thanks sire

  3. IzThurNo1elze says:

    This guy nice one i have something for u though!

  4. mykali says:

    Great story really…but that grim reaper part tho. Made me laugh

  5. nihin says:

    Mehn, i read this like it was a true life story. A lot of peeps riding in big fanciful cars, living large, rolling with the who-in-who in the society are involved in things like this. This actually cld be someone’s life story.

  6. MrsHoneypot says:

    Nice story but you should have just said your last prayers instead of selling your soul and probably would have made heaven (˘̯˘ )

  7. vampyswaqs says:

    Nice story

    It makes sense

  8. dele says:

    Good story, actually happening out there… wise in ur decision

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