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“Where are we going”? I asked Eze, it was 9:15pm and we were headed towards Ibadan “you’ll see” he replied smiling, “Hey Eze I don’t understand this your smiles oh”, he laughed this time and said “James you’re funny…..that’s why I like you, anyways you said you wanna be like me, well  I’ll tell you when we get to our destination.
     Thirty mins later I said “are we there yet” he smiled again i smiled too, “I never really liked that film, although Ice-cube did a good job in it” said Eze, i nodded in approval “Ice-cube does great movies, have you seen XXX part two” I asked him “yea I have, but Vin diesel killed it in part one, I still believe he should have done the sequel instead of Ice-cube”. We chatted like this for a while, passing time as we rode towards Ibadan. The high point of our talk was when he mentioned my ex he did the sextape with, I waved it aside telling him it was all good, no biggy. “Well anyways I apologise if you have any beef, the sextape wasn’t my idea though, it was Fred baba’s idea, he wanted to teach her a lesson so we hid a camera in my room , “although the part about her acting like a dog was all my idea”, he laughed as he said this, I joined him in the laugh, I laughed not just because I was in his car and he was about to do me a favour, I laughed cos thinking about it now it really didn’t matter, my Ex was gone for good, her chapter was closed. I was also impressed with him apologising, he showed true maturity, other guys wouldn’t have even raised the issue.
      It was some mins past ten when we got to a junction some miles from Ibadan, he took a left, went straight down then took another left that lead us to a road that seemed to come out of nowhere. It was constructed in a way that anyone going towards Ibadan wouldn’t have even seen it. It was a one-lane road, I noticed it was smooth and didn’t have no pot-holes. It even had streetlights. I was amazed because here was a road that was next to the Lagos-Ibadan road that beat it in all comparison. Some minutes down the road we saw a convoy headed towards us. Getting close I could see it was an official convoy with all the cars having federal govt plate numbers. I could see some SUVs’, some Peugeot too. They had police and military personnel escorting them. I looked at Eze seeking explanation, he looked back and said “Probably a minister, senator or someone more powerful” i was still looking as the cars passed us; I didn’t even notice we had arrived at our destination. I was surprised at first because the strange road we had entered lead to only one place, a Magnificent building that seemed like it had been built with billions. It was part glass and part stone. I could immediately feel its splendour, the gate itself was massive with electric wires going around its twelve-foot fence. Armed guards stood at watch, each of them carrying a walkie talkie and Ak-47’s.
    It was then Eze spoke, “well my friend we have arrived, I’ll wait in the car, just go towards the gate and say you want to see Guru Raghav Singh” “huh” I said with a puzzle on my face, “just say I want to see the Guru” Eze replied, “okay” I replied. So I walked towards the gate with the big house, thoughts going through my head like who was in the convoy that passed us? , Why was there only one road that leads to this building? Who even owned this building? Must be someone important I concluded.
    When I got to the gate the guards numbering six circled me “Yes, you are?” one of them asked me, “I’m here t-o-to to see the-the- Guru” I stammered out, I was expecting them to ask my reason but they let me through without further questions.
  Inside the compound was lovelier, i could see a pool at one end, a little garden at another, one path lead to a large door. Everywhere was filled with lights, the whole compound shone bright. Before I could knock, a maid dressed in a smart outfit opened she lead me inside and left me at one hallway, “the Guru would be with you shortly she said”, with that she turned and left.
    Looking around I could see leather chairs, with what looked like gold armrests, most of the other furniture looked archaic and expensive. But what really caught my attention were the pictures on the walls. There were pictures of Celebs, Icons, Politicians, some foreign others local. My jaw dropped when I saw one picture in particular. It was the picture of my favourite pop singer, standing next to him was a short fat man with funny beards and a turban. He was Indian, i guessed this was the Guru. Looking close at him he had this jolly face. I instantly liked him. I could tell the picture was old cause my pop singer was still black, and his nose still looked normal.
      “Yea I like that one in particular” a voice said from behind, looking back i what I saw brought smiles to my face. Here in front of me looked like a replica of one of the characters from Aladdin. He had a flowing gown tucked in trousers that were wide but slimed down at the legs. His shoes nearly made me laugh, they were those pointed shoes that curved upward. He looked like genie in Aladdin. “You like my shoes” the guru said in a baby voice with a strong Indian accent, I couldn’t hold it again, I burst out laughing cause his “like” sounded like “Rike”. “Oh you think I’m funny” the guru said again this time his voice sounded hilarious. I had to cover my mouth to stifle my laughs. Then I remembered why I was here and I didn’t want to seem rude, “I’m Sorry for laughing sir” I said. “Don’t worry don’t worry, come with me come with me” he said. As I walked behind him I grinned wide.
  He lead me to another room this one filled with more expensive furniture, the stools were all made of gold, and the desk in the room looked made of expensive wood. The chair behind the desk looked like a throne chair, it was made of part gold and silver with precious stones studded in it. “That was the Chair Louis XIV sat in during his coronation” all I could say was “wow”. “Yes I like it very much, it cost plenty plenty dollars, I had to kill its previous owner to get it” at this I turned and looked at him puzzled, “don’t worry me joking” he said with a laugh, I was relieved.
     “Back to business, I know why you’re here, I know what it is you want, and I will give it to you” my face lit up with a smile I went down on my knees and said “thank you Guru” he held his hands up and said “oh no, me just helping,  please get up”. I got up and was feeling kinda happy. He clapped his hand twice and in came the maid that opened the door for me, she was carrying a black box, she set it on the desk and left. “Before I start are you sure this is what you want” the guru asked “yes oh” I said with smiles. He opened the box took out three small black pots, set it on one of the golden stools. “in this three pots each contain salt, pepper and sugar, you are to pick your favourite” I picked sugar, then he gave me the pot containing sugar, I held it in my hands. He returned the other pots to his box. Then he turned around and said “taste it” I opened the pot took a pinch of sugar and put it in my mouth, the sugar tasted good, I took another pinch. He smiled and told me to kneel down. As I knelt down he said some words in Indian, nothing sounded familiar, he spoke for maybe five minutes after which he told me to get up. When I did he looked me straight in the eye and said “For your life to be sweet, you’ll have to do without sugar, for a whole day, once a month” he continued “what I mean is you can’t eat anything that has sugar in it or is made from sugar” after hearing this my mouth opened “sir what sort of arrangement is that?” I asked “well I just prayed for you, and my prayers won’t work unless you do as commanded” I paused then spoke “what happens if I couldn’t meet up with your command” I asked, the Guru frowned “you will have yourself to blame if you do” he said. Now I was regretting why I hadn’t picked salt or even pepper. Not eating sugar was impossible, almost every food contained some amount of sugar, only way forward was to starve myself once a month.
       I left the guru’s house surprised he didn’t even ask for anything in return. On my  way back with Eze the next morning after passing the night in his car, I tried telling him what the guru said but he cut me short saying  whatever business I had with the Guru had to remain my secret, he sure wasn’t gonna tell me his arrangement with the guru.
     I later found out from Eze that in other for whatever favour the Guru did for me to work, I had to also do some work of my own. Needless to say I joined Eze as a YY boy, my first week was hmmmm………words can’t describe. Let me just say that in a month I had two cars one armada limited edition and a brand new murano Suv, bought a plot of land at Ikoyi, my name spread like wild fire around Lagos. In just one month I had accomplished this and more, moved out of the hostel into an apartment close to school, this new apartment turned out to be sort of a girl hostel, they came in two’s and sometimes in groups, every weekend was a party weekend. There was more than enough money to spend, fellas I used to look up to where now desperately Famzing me. Life was good, Infact I must say 2008 was the best year of my life.
     Everything went smoothly as long as I didn’t eat sugar as Guru commanded, I tried sending him gifts of cars but he refused saying I should enjoy my money myself. But deep down I always had this feeling that everythig was too good to be true, I felt like something bad was about to happen soon, I wasn’t wrong.
   My fall started on Feb. 14 2009, I remember it like it was yesterday, that day Fred invited the crew to come to his girlfriend’s bash happening in Lagos, she was a lag student.  Five of us teddy, Ralph, Eze and I decided to storm Unilag in a convoy of our latest collections. Eze had just acquired a Porsche cayenne, I was riding in a 2009 range rover sport, the rest of the crew decided to roll out in hum Vees, teddy’s was red, Ralph black, and Fred was in a Camouflage  cream coloured beauty. He had it shipped from Canada, I thought of getting one too when I came back. Fred led the way since he was the one inviting, when we got to Akoka all eyes were fixed on us cos the sight was one of the rarest. Imagine five of the most expensive cars that year in a convoy entering the school gates one after the other, even the security thought it was dignitaries coming through, all of them where busy throwing salutes and “hailings”, we just drove past them got to moremi hall, outside waiting were about five of the finest chics unilag had to offer. Fred’s babe was in the middle pouting her lips, this was the first time we were meeting her and I must say we were impressed. Apparently she was angry we were late. If only she knew what that bastard Fred had in store for her she might have met him with a big smile.
    After all the hello’s and hi’s we set out. Fred and his babe in his ride, while the rest of the guys got the remaining four girls. I got Cynthia, she was half-caste, pretty and well endowed, she was also my Delilah. If I had known she would be the cause of my woes I would have kicked her out there and then, but her beauty and hips clogged my brains.
      The original plan was to take the girls to Elegushi, but we took a different route, when Cynthia was complaining we took a wrong route I told her to chill. Anyways the road we took, led us to Murtala international, when Cynthia saw the welcome sign she was like “Em …..Em what’s going on?, this is not Elegushi na”? I smiled told her to get down as we joined the rest of the group. All the girls had puzzles on their faces, we the guys just grinned evil smiles.
    We took them to a private hangar in it was a private jet. Fred had it rented out for a week In we all got in, our first stop was the uk, all the girls were asleep when we landed, when they awoke all the girls but Fred’s babe Shontelle screamed and yelled in excitement. “Not U.k again, I thought we came here last month she told Fred,” relax babe this is just a stop-over, all her friends who had never stepped foot outside Nigeria were fazed by her reaction. To them this was the best day of their lives, hearing that U.K was just a stop-over made one of them faint. The joy was overwhelming.
   The girls didn’t pack any clothes but beachwear so we gave each of them 5k pounds to go shopping while we waited in our hotel rooms.
       I was sleeping when Cynthia came back, she was loaded with clothes, shoes and bags. She couldn’t mask the joy on her face, she woke me up and thanked me for giving her the 5k, I told not to worry our destination was going to be fantasy. Then she smiled sexily at me and asked me if I wanted to see what she got, I nodded in approval. Right there in front of me she undressed down to her panties, going through different tops and skirts. Each time I anticipated when next she would undress so I could get a glimpse of those lovely hips and curves.
     As if she was reading my mind she said “now I’m gonna try out the panties I got, close your eyes” I smiled an did, by now my hormones were raging, I couldn’t think of anything else but pulling her to bed and fucking her all day. “Open your eyes” she said, I opened them and was greeted with a sight that made dreams look like boring imaginations. She was pretty no doubt, but naked in front of me made her look like a goddess. She smiled and said “you like”? I replied “me likey” slowly she walked up to me pushed me on the bed, climbed on top of me and kissed me, her breath smelled lovely, but instantly all alarms in my body went off, could swear I tasted candy, I thought I was wrong until she belched while she was kissing me again and I could feel little substances in my mouth. I pushed her off, and spat on the bed, I could see little pink substances mixed with my spit. I yelled” what did you eat when you went out” “oh nothing much, I just had ice-cream and candy” just as she finished saying those words I vomited blood, once, twice the third time she started screaming. I had stained the white sheets on the bed, I took one look at her and slumped into unconsciousness.
     ……….to be continued

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16 Responses to GLITTER pt 2

  1. Achi_va says:

    Nice story, but i found some parts sorta vagur.

  2. holarm says:

    Pathetic, cnt wait 4 d concluding part

  3. mykali says:

    The Root….and harbinger of all evil. I like your story.

  4. yung buzz says:

    You made an error in this part of the passage *“Yea I like that one in particular” a voice said from behind, looking back *i* what I saw brought * Also, the genie in aladdin did not look anything like the guru you described, it’s aladdin himself that looks so. Finally you are always straight to the point (you don’t like emphasizing on main facts) more like you want to quickly get done with the story ie you’ll rather summarize scenes instead of narrating every part, movement and reactions bit by bit. It’s all good. Cool story.

    • onedeepmind says:

      Wow thanks ur comment is on point, by the way there are different versions of Aladdin, maybe you’ve not seen mine. As for all the “summary” i’m sorry but it’s a short story not a novel. As for the typos, i’ll try not to make any in subsequent posts. Once again thanks for reading & your comment. It made sense.

  5. Itswendie says:

    Aw why did you have to end on a cliffhanger? Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. This is good stuff, riveting. You really have a knack for writing. My only criticism would be that its a little predictable like a nollywood movie nevertheless I’m going to be on the watch out for part 3

  6. MasterVee says:

    Awesome! Though You’ve got to work on the terms you use for description. Waiting on for the next part.

  7. pearl says:

    Cool story,

  8. lirufreak says:

    Wow!!!! This is soooooo dope*whew* can’t wait 4 d concluding part tho*whoop whoop* good one sire keep it up

  9. vampyswaqs says:


    But try n make it more suspense filled
    But overall I enjoyed it

    Thumbs up brov

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