Hi wussup, show of hands if you’ve watched Twilight Zone?……..hmmm i see 1 hand, 2…3…..….only 3? Okay okay what of Tales by Moonlight? ….wow all of you have seen that. Ok so I was seating at home bored, going over some of the stories I’ve come across in life, some good, some bad, some utterly bizarre. Stories that are similar to what you’ve come across i.e. gists, popular myths, Urban legends, ghost stories, dirty secrets e.t.c  and I’m like, it’s selfish of me to have all these stories and I can’t share, so I decided to come up with a little mini-series I would like to call TALES OF THE BIZZARE. It’s a compilation of………Emmm let the stories describe abeg. By the way about the name I tried BIZZARE TALES, tried FREAKY TALES, WEIRD TALES, SCARY TALES, of all the titles some sounded cheesy, others Cliché , none had that dramatic effect like TALES OF THE BIZZARE.       –O.D.M
    “So what’s it gonna be James, are you going to deal or not?” said the voice seated in the shadows, cigar end still burning hot, i could see the red light moving in the dark corner of the room as he raised his finger to his mouth and drew another from his cigar before releasing his puff of smoke that formed little rings in the air.. “answer me James we don’t have all night” the voice bellowed again, at this my mind travelled back to the past as I remembered how I got to this point in my life. How it is I ended up tied to a chair, about to make a deal with the devil’s merchant…..a deal for my soul.
  It all started way back in college, it was the year 2008, I was a 200L student of Architecture at a private uni. It all started with a thing most students are familiar with, it all started with oppression. Yes oppression, I don’t mean the American enslavement of blacks centuries ago or what the Egyptians did to Israelites, I mean something much worse. I mean seeing your chic telling you she’s so sick she can’t see you, but then you see her at the back of a convertible, her hands in the air “screaming life is good” while another guy is kissing her and she “over” willingly returns the favour, or the usual Chics that tell you they want no B.F cos they want to be dedicated to their studies but later you see her at the school Cafeteria fighting with two other girls over one dude that’s at the corner just laughing while your “dream girl” act all ratchet and shii, bringing out the hood rat in her. I mean that oppression when you get bounced at private parties cos you’re not on the list, and then you start trying to explain that the celebrant is your Course mate. Life is hard.
   Anyways due to some circumstances beyond my control I eventually became a victim of oppression. I wasn’t broke or anything, my parents tried their best and everything, but seriously in a school where your Class is filled with Minister’s kids, C.E.O’s kids, Drug Baron’s kids etc, whereas your dad is a bank manager and mum a nurse ,?……well you will never really be on par financially with the other kids. In this situation the smart ones will ignore the oppression, study hard, get good grades, slamming G.P………. but silently be hating. The rich Kids will definitely also have “Ok” grades either they work or pay for it.
   I was part of the smart ones for the most of my first year, but towards the end of the second semester my girlfriend at the time broke up with me, her reason…..”I want to Know God More, and I think you’re a distraction” I wasn’t really surprised when she said this, in fact I sort of expected it, she’d been acting weird these past few weeks, ignoring my calls, not calling back, always having holes in her stories. Well I didn’t get mad when she dumped me, what made me mad happened two weeks later when a friend showed me a sex-tape going round school, it was on his phone. Usually I would have ignored it but the way he said it I took a peek and what I saw gave me nightmares during the hols, low and behold my ex-G.f that was supposed to be knowing God was busy “Knowing” another guy’s D*ck, when I saw it I swallowed hard, eased the knot on my tie a little cos I couldn’t breathe. I could see her sucking and licking like she was handling a lollipop. As if it wasn’t enough when she was done the dude asked her to bark like a Dog, stupid girl did oh, next he told her to roll over, she did too, then he brought out a bundle of notes from his bedside held it up and told her to try and catch it with her mouth like a dog, and Presto!! Like magic she jumped oh, every time the guy would move it so she couldn’t get to it, the sight was appalling. Each time he would say “common get it bitch” she would smile and jump again. I was demoralised, I loved this girl, respected her, but here was another dude doing…..*SMH*
     The sextape made the guy in it more popular than before, his name was” Otunba EZ money”…..funny name considering the dude was igbo. Apparently “EZ” stood for Eze, the otunba he added later. He was called money cos he had loads of it, was the first dude to launch a 2008 Honda in school On Jan 3rd  2008, no one had beat that record yet of having a car three days after it was released in school. He was at first called “easy money” cos he spent it so much he made the rich kids look poor, curiously he wasn’t from a rich home, if you asked him how he came about his wealth he would say “Na God oh” rumour had it he was a YY boy, but dammn whatever maga he was hitting must be dumb as a rock, even after the whole global economic Crisis dude was still hitting, other YY boys dried up like dead leaves.
  During hols I decided to come back to school with one mindset, Join the Crowd, this oppression was affecting my health, physically and mentally.
    On the first day of resumption i was going outside my hostel when a black Jaguar passed by me, all tinted up, looking like something from a music video. Stood awhile and wished wishes, looking as the car came to a stop outside my hostel, out came EZE looking fresh….., as in “I’ve Never worked a day in my life” fresh. Envy started washing over me. He looked towards me and said “wussup bruv”?  “Boss I’m good” I replied  “please you know rick in room 305”? he asked. “.yea I know him, he hasn’t resumed” I replied “okay please when he does tell him otunba EZ money checked on him” I nodded in approval. He got into his car and drove off. To cut the story short over the following weeks me and EZ became friends…… after my overwhelming Famzing of course. I was later introduced to other members of his click. There was teddy, Ralph and Fred baba, together they formed the M.O.B crew, when asked what it meant they’ll be like they’re trying to have their own Nigerian Mob as in Russian mob, Italian Mob, but close friends knew M.O.B stood for “Money Over Bitch*s”…… but that didn’t stop chics who knew what it meant from hanging around like little ants over sugar. They were the movers and shakers in school; no party was complete without them.
  I was by this time a regular in the crew, my grades suffered and I was constantly broke from spending my pocket money on clothes and stuff. But i didn’t care, finally i didn’t get bounced from parties, people i didn’t know knew my name, but still it wasn’t enough cos I was still “Car-less”.
   My parents weren’t forthcoming with a car so I decided to test my friendship with eze. I met him one Saturday morning at his apartment, which was also the most expensive building to live in at school; everyone knew it as White House. Living there you should be able to pay at least 150k a month on house rent, Eze had it paid for 3yrs.
So we met, he was just waking up from sleep, coming out of his room I could see inside about two or three chics…..all half-dressed, each of them looking like pages from a beauty mag.
  I thought to myself, if” ménage a trois” meant threesome, what do you now call foursome in french? Anyways I shelved that thought cos I came for more serious issues.
   So I started by telling him how much I respected him, how I appreciated him including me in his click etc, he smiled and asked me what I really wanted. I told him I wanted to be as rich as he was, I wanted to buy new cars, not have to depend on him or any of the guys giving me a ride anytime we went out. He smiled again and asked if I was prepared to do anything, I replied an enthusiastic yes to him. He smiled once again and said “Many men have met their Ends while Trying to make ends meet” I was puzzled by this, I asked him what he meant “Come by later tonight, and you’ll know” he replied. With that he rose up from his seat took a couple of bottles of Nouvo from his bar and went into his room. From outside I could hear the girls in the room laughing and calling Eze in Sexy voices, I picked myself up and went back to my hostel determined to be in his shoes as soon as possible.
…………to be continued

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4 Responses to Glitter

  1. mykali says:

    Aah….the Root

  2. vampyswaqs says:

    This is intruiging:::::::::::::::::::::::::i love every bit n line of this story

    this is dope

    thumbs up bro!

  3. MasterVee says:

    Very captivating. I’m waiting on for the next chapter. Keep writing you’re good at it.

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