It was one of those gloomy tuesday evenings, i was in the sitting room trying to prepare for a test i had the next day. Two minutes into reading i got bored, switched on the T.V and jersey shore was on, got bored again flipped channels saw two brothers fighting over a girl on Jerry Springer,i lingered for a while, apparently the girl turned out to be guy who had undergone a sex-change. Got hit by boredom again and I continued changing channels. I went on like this for thirty- mins. After i had exhausted my interest in watching TV I went back to reading my books. The Anatomy test tomorrow was gonna be one tough ride, couldn’t afford another carry-over. Life as a medical student was a pain in the Arse. Ten mins later i heard a soft bang on the door, pulled myself up and went to open it, thinking it was probably my flatmate, what i saw was two of the most massively looking boobs i had seen since I entered Uni  two yrs ago. My eyes stayed glued on them till a voice said “pls I need to pee”. Looking up I was a bit disappointed, face didn’t meet up with my expectation, and she was wearing sunglasses, I laughed a little and said “it’s ten pm, why would you want to be wearing shades by now”? “Well cos I got swag” she said as she walked through the door staggering from left to right. As she walked past me she stank of Alomo and reefer. Before i could ask who she was my flatmate entered. He too was putting on shades. He had a joint on his lips. “O boy Wussup naa” he said to me, his breath smelled worse. “You missed a hell of a party everyone was asking about you “i didn’t even answer him all I said was “who’s the chic” before he could answer she came out of the bathroom and said “My name is mercy, and you are” ? “Getting bored” I answered her bluntly. She rolled her eyes and gave me the “go ef urself” look. She jumped on my flatmate and started kissing him. I acted not concerned and went back to pretending to read my book. From the corner of my eyes i could see them kissing on the couch opposite me. Then she put his hand on one of her huge mounds. They were doing all sorts with her putting in the most effort i noticed. After a while she slapped my friend, I immediately put down my book puzzled. It seemed my flatmate had slept off while she was still kissing him. She got up with a frown and said “Are all the guys in this house lame”? Then she turned to me saying “At least you’re not gay” she gestured to my pants. When i looked down I had this huge boner, i hurriedly tried to cover it with a book. She sighed and said “where am I crashing? ” the next room” i replied. She stomped off in the direction of the kitchen, “it’s on your right” I called after her. She stopped halfway and rolled her eyes at me again and went into the room. My flatmate followed her later.
   Some mins past twelve I had not stopped thinking of mercy, those boobs of hers came popping up anytime I tried reading. Diagrams of the male and female anatomy I was studying for the test weren’t helping matters.  I had already removed my jean trousers to give me some air down there. When I couldn’t bear it any longer I prayed a little prayer asking God to take my mind of her. When I opened my eyes it seemed as if I was released from her hold, I sighed thinking my battle was over.
   Twelve thirty I went to my room to get a textbook, passing by my roomie’s room I saw my flatmate lying on the rug with his two legs on his bed, the fool sure did have some weird way of sleeping, close to his legs lay mercy, she had taken off her top, her bra included, only her short skirt was on, but she was lying face down so I couldn’t see her boobs of wonder.
  My first thought was to move on, another thought begged me to go closer to the bed, so I did what any sane man would do, I entered the room (looking back at that night I believe that wasn’t sane tho)
   So here I was standing over mercy contemplating on “to do or not to do”. My heart started beatings fast cos I knew I was definitely gonna “do”. I kicked my flatmate in the ribs, but he didn’t move I wasn’t surprised cos I knew in his state he was a goner. There was no way he would move or flinch till the next morning; I was cool with that except the snoring part, it sounded like a bad tiger generator. Anyways I ignored him, went over to mercy and tapped her back. She didn’t respond, well seemed like it was my lucky night, she was also high as hell. I started rubbing her shoulder slowly going down to her boob area, she still didn’t make any sign of movement, I became embolden and grabbed the side of her left boob then touched her nipple, she still didn’t move i then grabbed her whole left boob, but it was too big for one hand, I was about using two hands when she coughed in her sleep, immediately three thoughts raced through my mind, one, she would wake up obviously pissed and slap me hard; two, she’ll smile and pull me to bed (I had read in one medical journal that women became more horny after smoking weed), three she would wake up, pull me to bed and give me the beating of my life, I desperately prayed for the second thought. As luck will have it she didn’t wake. I gently removed my hand, sighed and was about tip-toeing out of the room when I heard her say “come back here, you forgot the right breast” I froze like someone who just got struck by lightning, I turned and was like “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to err…..err…..” She just looked at me, yawned a little, and said “switch the lights out, and come back here”. I thought it was all a dream but, like flash I quickly put off the lights and raced to join her in bed. 
   She was moaning and I was sweating and my flatmate was snoring, the room looked like a scene from a bad movie. She was still lying face down when I came in her (apparently the thought of grabbing a condom to have sex with a girl I had just met didn’t manifest in my horny brain). So I lay on her back a bit tired after expelling those (probably bad) kids from my balls. Then the unimaginable happened, my flatmate pulled himself up from the rug, got into bed. I heaved a sigh of relief, she didn’t say anything, was about standing up when my flatmate rolled over and placed his leg on me, precisely my butt cheeks, then she started trying not to laugh, I  just lay there with my boxers down my legs, my “willy” in between my flatmate’s girl and his leg was on my arse. Truly we looked like the outcome of a bad joke.
     I summoned up courage and left the room, I could hear mercy laughing after I had left. I went back to try reading my books but obviously that was impossible. I noted that night as an adventure and smiled whenever i remembered it. It was all fun till two weeks later I got a call from her, she was like “ so after sleeping with me you couldn’t even give me a call” I asked her who gave her my number , she said my flatmate did. I told her what happened between us was a one night stand, that was all it was. She replied “Well whether it’s one night or one day stand, I’m sha pregnant for you”  o_o
…… be continued

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7 Responses to Mercy

  1. Achi_va says:

    Lmao, even after getting pregnant, the girl still sounded casual.

  2. Michael Corleone says:

    Nice story….funny too. Will also like to read what happened next…

  3. Tsokan says:

    Dafuq lol. Really want to see the continuation of this story.

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