The Reunion

Hi guys sorry it’s been sooooo long i’m dropping another story, been busy. Anyways i won’t be continuing “KILL THE PRESIDENT”, decided to turn it into a full length novel. Today I’ve got something else. You know how they say behind every great writer there’s a woman urging him to write? Well i’m dedicating it to her (hmmm don’t even know your name) well she coerced me into writing this, if you enjoy it, thanks to her. Adios peeps, see you at the end. 

         THE REUNION
“Chop chop” went her blade as it sliced through the little tubers of carrots. When she was done a long neat row of sliced carrots lay on the chopping board. Next up she made a little dash to the homemark pot filled with steaming rice, opening it, the aroma that met her nose was satisfactory, she had always been a good cook. She then went to get the veggies she had placed in the fridge, then starting picking the cans of green peas and corn she had in her cupboard, she made a mental note to refill the next time she was at the market. Glancing at her watch, her time was fifteen minutes past seven, in another thirty minutes her husband would be home….her husband, her thoughts slightly wavered as her mind mentioned his name. She didn’t dread his coming home; she didn’t look forward to it either. Christabel was slightly perplexed at this last thought, which married woman didn’t look forward to her husband coming home after being absent all day, which married woman didn’t expect him to come right in, swoop her in his arms and tell her about his day, which married woman didn’t love her husband?  Christabel shuddered at this last thought, Pastor Sam had warned her about it, true she didn’t feel attracted to her husband, but as a good Christian wife leaving him on this reason alone was not expected of her. She sighed then continued on with her cooking, her only consolation was that this weekend she was going to her high school reunion, it’s been ten years too long and she wanted to see what the old gang was up to.
      Driving up into his Garage Shawn Williams was met by his pet dog Smokey, . Wagging his tail with his tongue outside Smokey barked with delight at his master’s return. His delight was actually in the goodies he had been expecting all day. “Down boy” “down” Shawn yelled gently as Smokey tried snatching the bag of prawns from him, “okay okay, i’m gonna give you some” Shawn smiled as he walked over to his dog’s food plate then poured some in it, hurriedly Smokey dived into, gobbled some, paused, looked up at Shawn then barked a bark of appreciation, Shawn smiled took the rest of his files from the car then walked into his house. He was tired but the night was still young, he was gonna go over his lecture books, being a law lecturer was hard but he loved it. He just loved seeing those young university faces as they soaked each of his words as if he was preacher, although some of them slept in his class but his jokes always brought the class back to life.
     It must have been 2:00am when he woke up, rubbing his eyes, he found the T.V on with Oprah interviewing Chris Bee on his Marriage to Frank Oceans, just when Chris bee was about professing his love for Frank, shawn put off the T.V, he walked over to his fridge pulled out a bottle of milk, removed the cap then poured it in his mouth. He sighed then closed his eyes, he had been dreaming, still the same dream, still the same face, its been ten years s but her face still looked the same. Closing the fridge, he saw the Reunion invitation on the fridge door, he thought about it for a minute, he’d missed the last nine reunions, but maybe he’d attend this one, just maybe.
Driving all the way to Port Harcourt for the reunion was out of the question, shawn decide to use a flight, just as he was about leaving home, Smokey started whining, he was not used to being left alone for more than a day, Shawn pitied the dog. Walking him over to his elderly neighbours The Bankoles  Smokey’s whining increased, now Shawn was getting irritated, for a dog his size, Smokey was acting like a puppy. He was met at the door by Grace his neighbours wife, “good morning ma” said shawn, “Oh good morning shawn” the older woman replied with a genuine smile on her face, “my husband told me about keeping smokey with us for the weekend, don’t worry he’ll be alright” “Thanks i appreciate your help,i  just have to be in Port Harcourt for the weekend, will be back first thing Monday” said shawn, “okay that’s good, work”? Asked grace, “no not really” replied Shawn. “You do know you can make all this easier if you had a wife, no need to bring your pet over to a neighbour’s house, i mean you’re old enough, find a pretty girl and settle down” shawn smiled at this “Don’t worry ma, i’ll take your advice into consideration” he said “that’s what you always say, anyways i’ve said my own oh. Come along smokey, i’ve got some prawn crackers in the fridge. Hearing this smokey stopped whining then dashed into the home of the Bankoles. The elderly woman shook her head, smiled then waved goodbye to Shawn.
          It was some minutes past twelve when Shawn got into a cab headed towards The Presidential hotel, the venue for the 2012 Atlantis High School Reunion. Walking through the hotel lobby he was met by Malcolm & Ray,  “double trouble” as they were called back then. Only this time they were both in suits and had their wives by their sides, ray’s wife was pregnant. The two men were overjoyed to meet Shawn, being the organizers of the reunion they were happy he could come after missing out on the last nine.
          In his room walking up to his window, Shawn hoped she would be here, although he didn’t put much faith in this hope, last time he heard about Christabel she was a million miles away in New Jersey, U S A, she was married, probably with kids, but still he hoped.
   Walking through the hotel lobby Christabel walked up to the receptionist then registered herself, she looked around hoping to see any familiar face but they all looked strange to her. She got her room number walked to the elevator, got in, then hit the up button. While in the elevator her mind was flooded with different thoughts, here she was at her high school reunion, alone since her husband couldn’t make it along with her, he had to work or something, he said. “Maybe he’s cheating on me?” Christabel thought, but she shrugged it off, he never had lipsticks or feminine perfume on his clothes and his stories always checked out, but then she smelled something fishy, he was a little bit relieved she was going away for the weekend, she wondered what he would be doing in her absence, maybe have some friends come over to watch a soccer game she thought, then another thought came to mind, thought of shawn, she quickly hushed the thought up. The elevator opened and she was met with two women who were talking, immediately they paused then screamed at her OMG!!!! Christabel its you!! They both said at once, Christabel could only smile “hi guys” she replied, Nena and Ada were the two class gossips, they seemed to know everything about everyone. They rushed then hugged her tightly; they pulled her into the hallway then led her to nena’s room. “oya gist us, where have you been, what have you been up to”? “well i’ve been good, still the same old me” replied christabel “Aww, when did you return to Naija, we assumed you’ve been away all this while that’s why you never attended previous reunions” asked Ada “well that’s true, got back home two years back “Are you married”? Asked Ada “Any kids”? Nena added Christabel smiled and said “Make una no kill me with questions oh, i still have Jet-lag, let me rest, we can gist later” “Awwww talk na” the two women with her asked with puppy eyes “okay i’m married but i have no kids” with that she took her bags then walked down to her own room, they were about following her but she waved them away telling them she was tired. Just as Christabel was entering the room Ada quipped to her friend “Guess what, Shawn too is also around, Raymond told me he met him at the lobby” “issalie” retorted Nena, “Its true na, hmm this one they both decided to come to the reunion exactly ten years later, for the first time, something is up”  she giggled “Werey something is always up with you, that’s why you have three kids and you’re only twenty-six”  replied Nena “huh” ?? Ada was puzzled, then it hit her “You dey mad” she said laughing “At least my husband’s own is always up, unlike some Chief we know who needs to take some pills before his own gets half-up” “Shurrup there, i will have you know Chief obafemi George needs no help and he is always more than half-up if you must know” Nena said with a frown on her face, “i hear” Ada said laughing.
       Lying in his bed Shawn thought about all what Mrs. Grace had said earlier, he was twenty-eight, had a good job, was healthy, but still he was a bachelor, his only companion was smokey, he smiled at the thought, the poor dog was probably missing him. Maybe Mrs Grace was right, maybe he did need to settle down, but with who remains the question. The one name that would have instantly been the answer was married and a million miles away.
      Christabel got into the shower, then her thoughts raced back to one she had been trying to bury since she got the reunion invitation letter , “oh my God i hope shawn didn’t come to this thing, dear God help me to not do anything stupid this weekend” she said to herself as she turned the shower on.
   Unknown to them, only a wall separated their rooms………………………to be continued

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Kill The President

“In the world we live in, Evil thrives when good people prefer to stay silent”

1st Oct 2016

Walking up the staircase leading up to the podium, Yvonne took each step with a troubled mind. Troubled about what she was about to do, and the consequences her action would bring. She was troubled but not scared. In her present situation there was no room for fear, her only problem now was the doubt encasing the four corners of her mind.
    Standing on the podium about to address the crowd of pressmen and civilians, she looked at them then smiled her usual warm smile, the crowd burst out in cheers; they were used to that smile, so genuine & filled with kindness. Yvonne wondered if people would still cheer her smile if she wasn’t president. Her thoughts converged on the word “president” she never thought she would ever be one, but then again the whole country never thought they would have a female president. Her memory darted back to ten years ago, that fateful day when she had decided to take a stand against the evils plaguing the Nigerian society. Now she wondered if she made the right choice because the very reason why she had made that decision was somewhere, in harm’s hold. She was about to lose the very thing she held dear on earth all because she decided to take a stand.
“Madam President it’s time” a voice whispered to her, Yvonne came back from her train of thoughts and focused her mind on the task at hand. “Thank you Edna” she said to her aide. She placed her portfolio holding several sheets of paper on the podium, took the microphone in her right hand then spoke “My fellow citizens of this great nation we are once again here to celebrate our independence, its been six months since i became president, six turbulent months if i might add, there have been several attacks placed at me and my family, both physical and emotional, but through it all i have stood my ground” at this the crowd then burst into another cheer and applause, Yvonne smiled then waved them to quieten down. “These attacks have been placed on me because i have been at the forefront of the battle against corruption in this great country of ours, it has been a bloody war with me sustaining a lot of casualties but still i stand my ground” the crowd once again went into another round of applause and cheers, Yvonne quietened them again and went on with her speech. “Even though the battle has been tedious i am happy to tell you we have finally made a breakthrough as i have right here in my hands a file containing, with enough proof and evidence to convict the members of the so-called cabal, the consortium as they like to call themselves, i am pleased to inform you i have here the names of those members of this consortium of evil headed by” before she could continue a gunshot was heard and then Yvonne slumped to the floor unconscious. “The president has been Shot, i repeat the president has been Shot”!! Yelled her head of Security Musa, immediately the whole crowd went in uproar as everyone was thrown in shock each person filled with pain, anguish, despair and sorrow. Some women burst out in tears while old men shook their heads in sadness. The youths where the most volatile as they all were suddenly restless, Musa was worried because he knew a riot was about to unfold, the barrier made of mobile policemen wouldn’t hold them for long. “Quick” he said to the rest of his secret service team “carry her to the convoy; let’s take her to the nearest hospital, make sure the Vice-president is secure also” “Yessir” came the replies from all ten of them. Using drapes decorating the podium, they made a make-shift stretcher and carried her out. Just then someone yelled “There’s someone running on the top stairs with a black bag” hearing this Musa unfolded his revolver, told three of his men to follow him, while he urged the rest to take madam president to the hospital.
    Walking up the staircase of the La rue building, he was cautious, years of being a bodyguard thought him Assassins were sneaky as well as deadly, any wrong move or lack of judgement could lead to you being shot by an unknown shooter. This thought made him worried, he then radioed in for more men in case there was more than one shooter. He was on the steps leading upwards for three minutes when two-dozen of military soldiers handpicked by him came to meet him. “Sergeant Luke, reporting Sir” a gruffly looking soldier armed with guns and grenades spoke sharply to him. “Nice, I’m pleased you’re here. I believe the shooter is trapped in this building because i personally ran a check and there are few places to hide. The la rue was built as a museum, although it’s empty so most of the floors are just wide spaces. There are three floors upward from the one we’re in, whoever our shooter is; he won’t escape” said musa. “Okay sir, so how do you want it? You want me and my men to go first and clear the whole floors while you and yours trail behind?” Said Luke, “No way” said Musa, I’m the commanding officer here and I’m head of the Secret Service, the President is my responsibility, whoever shot her is going to pay once i get him. You and your men trail after me and mine instead” with that he motioned to his three men while Luke and his men followed closely behind.
  “We’ve gone through all the floors and we’ve seen no one, sir are you sure the shooter ran upstairs”? Luke asked, musa just ignored him while he made for the door leading to the roof of the La Rue his only thoughts was that Luke was right, they’ve searched all three floors and still no sign of anyone, he wondered if he was chasing a ghost. What was more annoying was that all this was happening when he was in office as head of the Secret Service. A president being assassinated on your watch can be a serious career-ender. If he didn’t get the shooter he would have to face committees and committees all stating his inability to function as head. He couldn’t allow this to happen. At the top step leading to the roof, he gently pushed the door open then walked on the roof of the La Rue his eyes peeled waiting for any sign of movement. He looked left and right, and then his eye caught sight of a figure standing on the edge, with a black bag slumped on his shoulder.
    “Drop the bag on the ground, put your hands on the back of your head, turn around and go on your knees” Musa yelled while the rest of his team went towards him with their guns levelled towards the man’s head. The figure dropped his bag, and did as commanded. When musa got close he saw the man smiling, he was tall, a bit dark, but looked like every other normal Nigerian. “Oops! you caught me” the figure spoke “Although i must say I’m a bit disappointed, i have been waiting here for ten minutes, i was even considering going over the ledge” he said grinning. Checking his bag Luke saw a rifle, he felt it and saw it was still warm. Looking over at Musa he said “I think we’ve got our shooter” Musa turned away and looked at the figure “Who are you”? he asked the figure grinned again and said “The Name’s Shaka, Monsieur Shaka” he said in a faint French accent.  Hearing this Luke brought a black bag and put it over his head.
    Driving home in her company car, her mind was going over the events that occurred earlier in her boss office, she quit because the only way she was going to get promoted was if she slept with him. Yvonne started to have doubts; maybe she did the wrong thing, maybe she should have just slept with chief and gotten the promotion, just maybe. But then again she always saw herself as someone who didn’t believe in shortcuts but now life just dealt her a terrible blow. Getting to a police checkpoint some miles from her house she was stopped and asked to park, she did so in annoyance. Then the police started with the usuals like where’s your driver license? Your vehicle particulars? Yvonne gave them all albeit absent-mindedly, when the officer saw she was at no fault he started racking his brains looking for an offence to tag her with. He decided to come up with something flimsy “Madam where’s your bill of lading? Your car has no bill of lading” Yvonne was in no mood to argue all she could say was “Sir this is a company car, everything that has to do with its purchase, the company should be referred to” The police officer was dumbfounded by this reply. Seeing he was beaten he said “Madam all that one na story, roger me something” Yvonne just kept mute “I say make u see me joor” the policeman went on. Yvonne just got down from her car, took out her box containing some things from the office, her bag then looked at the officer and said “today has been a very bad day for me, i just lost my job after ten years, i’ll be dammed if i allow you add to my stress levels” with that she handed the car keys to the police man “do what you want with the car, i’m done with it, i’m pretty sure the company will come get their property” she walked off to the nearest bustop as soon as she said those words, the police officer whose mouth was wide open all these while just kept on staring, he had never been so washed down by anyone in his life before. When he regained from his shock he started calling after her to come take her car keys, he reasoned the stress of driving the car to the station and having to explain the whole situation to his C.O wasn’t worth it. How he wished he hadn’t stopped her car, his peers just kept on laughing at him.
     Yvonne was in a bus heading home when she began crying, the injustice in the country was overwhelming, first her job, now harassment at the hand of a dumb police man, she just couldn’t take it anymore. “Why u dey cry” a voice seated beside her said, then in a sad voice Yvonne narrated how her day had been like, when she was done the person seated next to her just burst out in a laugh she was shocked at the response she got, she didn’t even bother lifting up her bowed head as she continued crying. “See you, cry cry like pikin, life never finish abeg, ok you no get work, you no get motor, na why you come dey cry? What of me wey be Ashawo, i no get house talk of family, i come get HIV join”. Hearing this Yvonne lifted her head sharply and stopped crying, she took a look at the person speaking and was shocked at what she saw, the girl couldn’t have been more than eighteen. She was baffled to say the least “Abeg no look me that way, no be so i plan my life” the girl continued, she then narrated her own sorry, when she was done Yvonne’s story seemed like a fairy tale compared to hers.
  Alighting from the bus Yvonne’s mind kept going over and over the girl’s story; she didn’t even get her name. True she was eighteen, and also a sex-worker, and also an Hiv carrier. But for someone that young and have such terrible history and still have a bright outlook in life gave her a new perspective on things.
When she got home she met her husband Derek, he was an associate professor at a university at Abuja. He had sympathy for his wife’s story, but even more for the mysterious girl she met on the bus. That night while seated at her son’s bedside overlooking him as he slept, she shook her head in pity because this was the world her eight year old son was coming to face, she just couldn’t bear to have him face it, a mother’s love no doubt. But then again her husband had asked her what could be done, the society ills spread across to every part of the country, who was willing to stand against it? She had kept quiet at this question, but now looking at her son, she decided she would be that person who would hold the torch in the dark, who would stand her ground, who would fight against corruption, injustice and the other worms eating at her country. She would do this for her son, people who were oppressed and most especially for herself………………………… be continued.

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PiNK DUST pt 4

I don’t know if it was the jerk of the car as it entered a pothole or the horn from a passing truck that woke me up, either ways i was awake. I immediately became aware of my surroundings; it was dark, pitch dark to be precise. I was in a moving vehicle so i deduced i must be in the trunk of a car, but then there was another disturbing realisation, i was tied up. This brought terror to my mind because it’s one thing to be in the trunk of a car and another to be tied up. At least if i wasn’t tied up i could easily escape once the trunk was opened.
        The car went on for a while before it took a turn and parked by a roadside, immediately fear gripped me, because it seemed that this was where my captors would be letting me off, presumably dead. I tried screaming but my mouth was well secured with duct tape, all that came out from my mouth was muffled sounds, i was helpless. Just then i heard a “sloppy” sound, like the one made when a soft surface came in contact with water, but then again i heard moans, silent at first but then it grew louder, just then it hit me, it seemed someone was having sex, or was i wrong? “That’s it big boy, how do you like the way my mouth makes you feel”? hearing this words and the sound of the voice my eyes opened in shock, it was skinny, the gay guy, he was…….. oh my God, the thought brought instant nausea, he was giving another guy head in the car, and big boy? Oh no!!  the big guy was gay too? “Yea big boy i like it when you’re hard like, that” he spoke again and this time the “sloppy” sound became louder, the big guy increased his moans and grunts, this was all too much for me to bear. Tied up in the booth of a car with duct tape over my mouth while my ears and rest of my senses where abused and assaulted by the sounds and thoughts of two guys performing g oral sex on themselves, the imagery was disturbing. I tried making my mind drift somewhere else but the sounds of saliva over……..ewww, just thinking about it turned my stomach over. Just then my memories were flooded with gay pictures i had seen online. One very disturbing one was when i saw two gays performing a “69” i nearly puked but the tape over my mouth prevented me. I couldn’t take this; i started screaming, this time making as much noise as i could, at the same time moving about furiously trying to make sure i distracted the two men in the front seats. At first they didn’t hear but after a while i heard them pause then skinny spoke up “hey you there, quit with that, big boy over here doesn’t like it when someone disturbs his happy time” i ignored him and intensified my efforts, he seemed to sigh, then i heard the driver’s door open and in a few seconds the trunk of the car was opened, the light blinded at first but then the Big guy came into view, he had a deep growl on his face, i returned his stare with a look of disgust on my face, his frown deepened then with one hand he lifted me by my shirt and punched me straight in the face, i became dizzy at first then tried looking at him again, he was surprised, he thought he could knock me out with one punch like before. This time he took balance, tightened his knuckles and gave me one on my forehead, i immediately became unconscious.
    It must have been an hour when the car parked, as it did i regained consciousness, i was immediately reminded of where i was. The trunk of the car was opened, it was early evening, and then the big guy placed one hand on me and dragged me out, i landed on a cold tar floor. On the ground looking around i seemed to be in a wide compound with tarred road. Raising me to my feet i was led towards a brown building, i could see a gate at one end and trees at another. There were some cars parked at a side, i could spot a hummer and two McLaren ,one red the other white, whoever lived here must be wealthy, the cars were parked some meters away facing the door to the building, but the building itself looked modest; i just wondered what awaited me inside.
   When we got in i was led into a wide hall with no furniture except an out-of-use fireplace on one side and a large wooden mahogany desk at the end of the hall. In the middle of the room was two chains that hung from the roof, they dropped all the way to the ground, i could spot two rusty hand cuffs attached to them. Seated at a desk was a white man with grey hair and grey moustache, he seemed to ignore our presence, he was deeply engrossed in reading a newspaper, standing beside him fidgeting was another man who looked so frail and fragile, he seemed of middle-eastern descent and had on glasses that looked like something from a museum, he was wearing a green suit with purple shoes, but what was more disturbing was the fact that he smelled his hands every five mins.
    I was led to the middle of the room and had both wrists cuffed by the handcuffs on the chains, i just hung there like Jesus on the cross. When they were done skinny and the big guy with punches that hurt like hell went and stood by the door. It was some minutes later when the man stood up, he was dressed in all white and carried a white walking stick with a silver horse as its handle. The man had a sense of dignity about him; he walked with the air of royalty and had this disdainful scowl on his face. Coming close i realise he must have been good looking when younger, and i could still see he had a well-trimmed body probably remnants of what was once a muscular frame.  Standing in front of me he looked at the black eye on my left eye and signs of blood around the duct tape over my mouth, “Oh my God, what savagery, what manner of vile action is this? I requested him be brought to me not beaten to a pulp, who is responsible for this?” he said looking to where skinny and his companion were standing. I could see the look of fear on both faces, as he was talking my mind drifted to what he was talking about, he was right actually, i was indeed beaten up, i could feel a throbbing headache and a sharp pain on my left eye, i could hardly see in it maybe because it seemed to have swollen. “Anyways it’s of no consequence” he said turning towards me “by now you will have guessed my name’s “Edward Albus Black, but you can call me Edward or just plain old eddy” he spoke with a British accent, “I’m a business man and it has come to my knowledge you have some information pertaining to my business, if you help me out i swear on my mother’s grave i’ll let you go on about your business unharmed” his smile seemed fake, i knew for a fact that i wasn’t coming out of this building alive the moment i entered it. It had been a troubling thought for some minutes now. Imagine dying in a place far away from home, killed, maybe my remaining kidney taken by this group of organ thieves. They’d probably dump my body somewhere. I had thoughts of Miss jones, the neighbourhood cock that woke me up hours before i wanted to, my neighbour’s son, little john that i sometimes helped out with maths, my ex, Karen, my friend  tony, even my mechanic Pa Saliu, i wonder if they’ll all miss me when i was gone. Funny thing about life was that it all seemed very precious at the very end, but then again i was still young, i was in my late twenties, i still had more years on my meter, and now i would die in this place surrounded by enemies and dumped in an un-marked grave, what a pity. Maybe i could have avoided all this if i had forgotten Miss Brown eyes, or not have offered her that lift in the first place; maybe i shouldn’t have come seek revenge, just maybe. Where was she by the way? The skinny guy called her Temah, was that her name? i guess i’ll never find out, she played a fast one on me again, and all because of some pretty eyes, they didn’t look so pretty now.
   “So my dear friend i want to ask you a question, please be so kind as to answer” said Mr Black. “Where’s Temah”? “i don’t know i answered with a defeated voice” Mr black sighed and then motioned towards the fragile looking man that was standing beside him, “meet my dear friend Luis Ali” he’s quite skilled with the blade, maybe when he’s through with you, you’ll reconsider”. Hearing this name my face was lit with a frown, here was the man that cut me open and removed my kidney, God knows what he was going to do this time. Luis walked up to me; i could see grey hairs on his already receding hairline, signs of baldness. When he got to me he peered into my eyes and exclaimed in surprise “I know you, i’ve met you before, heck i’ve even worked on you, i never forget a face” he said at the same time lifting up my shirt, when he saw the scar where the stitches were “Aha!!” he screamed with excitement, i’ve indeed worked on you” he said with smiles, when he saw the frown on my face he stepped back in fear “But-but how come you’re alive, no one i took kidneys from ever survived it, i made sure of it, unless-unless- you’re” “He must be the one we let live at Lagos, the one Temah asked to let live” skinny helped him finish his sentence. Hearing all this Mr Black smiled while Luis went to a corner and bowed his head in deep thought “it all makes sense now” Mr Black began, “it’s pretty obvious you’re in league with Temah, there’s no way you don’t know where she is, Luis come over here and do what you do best” he said laughingly, “but mind the blood, let him have enough to tell us what we need. Luis walked over to me this time with a frown on his face. As he was about to make a cut with his scalpel on my abdomen, i heard the sound of a car horn from behind,  the door where skinny and the big guy were standing by suddenly collapsed, and then a car came through, it looked like a scene from an action film. The big guy and skinny where immediately crushed by the moving vehicle, they were dead when they hit the floor, i couldn’t see who was driving because i was facing forward. The car came to rest some meters from my back, i could see pieces of block slide past me, i could also feel the heat emanating from the car’s engine.
    Luis dropped his blade and went to stand beside Mr Black, he seemed in fear. Mr Black on the contrary had his hands in his pockets, he was unmoved. But i saw his jaws drop when the driver of the car came down. Wearing a black stiletto, in a white jean trousers and a white armless blouse, the driver passed me i saw it was Temah, she looked at me and smiled that smile of hers and muttered a “hi” as she passed, she was holding my revolver in her hands and had it pointed at Mr Black and Luis. “How dare you!!” Mr back yelled in fury, “How dare you?” he yelled again, Temah just smiled and said “how does it feel to be helpless, how does it feel to have nowhere to run to?” Mr Black just frowned and muttered some obscenities. Ignoring him Temah still pointing the gun at him went over to the fireplace, shifted some bricks and brought out a suitcase, “What!!, you mean it was here the whole time”? by now Mr Black was furious, “So you see i wasn’t lying when i said it wasn’t with me” She returned to his front and pointed the gun at him, then she turned back and said to me “are you ok” i tried to smile, but i was met with pains when i did, she smiled back too, just as she was turning to face Mr Black, in lightning speed Mr Black drew out a concealed sword from his stick, he landed the sword on her abdomen, she dropped my gun, turned to me and went down to her knees before collapsing. She was still alive because i could still see her crawling towards me. Mr Black was having an evil grin now “i always knew having a hidden blade in my walking stick would one day come in handy” he said laughing. “Well i must say you played a smart one by leaving the briefcase here, i guess i wouldn’t find it no matter how much i searched, oh well thanks for returning it, it was my retirement you know, imagine my fear when you stole it from my desk, you have no idea what i have passed through. Opening the suitcase he took out something shiny, held it to up and closed an eye while looking with his opened eye, placed it back and took out another, and another, then he dipped his hand inside and brought out a handful. “well it seems to be all here” he said with smiles, “All sixty diamond stones, the fruit of forty-five years of labour, both legal and illegal he said with a smile, this way even if i get caught the law wouldn’t  get anything cos i invested all my money in this stones.” I was somewhat shocked at the turn-out of things, why didn’t temah just take the case and run-off, why hide it here? Then it hit me, she obviously didn’t want to stand the risk of getting caught with it, so maybe she would come while this house was empty and steal it when the others were searching for it in other places, smart girl. “Well it’s been fun while it lasted but you got to die now” said Mr Black while standing over Temah, he raised his sword and was about driving it in her back when i heard the sound of a gunshot, Mr Black froze then turned and faced Luis, i could see the patch of blood on his white suit as he turned, with a rage of anger he rushed towards Luis with his sword, Luis was scared to pull the trigger again and Mr black ran his sword through him, turning he staggered towards his suitcase before collapsing. Hearing him hit the floor Temah woke up, as she stood i could see a little blood on her blouse where the sword had cut through, apparently, the sword didn’t cut her deeply. Rushing towards Luis, she knelt beside him,  i could hear Luis mutter “i did it because i loved you-because- i-i- loved you-because-……….” He stammered before dying. Temah just muttered a brief prayer for him then went over to the desk, opening a drawer she brought out some keys, walking to me she released me from my handcuffs, she smiled and said “you look like hell, look at your eye all swollen” i was about replying but the duct tape was over my mouth, “oh, so sorry, i should get that off” she said, when she did i said thank you, she smiled “so i guess now i’m free, thank God they’re all dead so no one would be coming after me, i need to get you to the hospital to get you eye looked at, it looks…….” Before she could continue talking, i took her in my arms and shut her up with a deep kiss, she was about resisting but she eased up and wrapped her arms over my head, when we broke apart she said “did anyone ever tell you, you were a bad kisser”? i smiled and said “really?” “Yea”, she answered, “you need a few lessons” she said “well i don’t mind as long as it’s from you” i replied teasingly, she smiled again and reached and kissed me this time.
    Walking towards the gate being supported by her cause i was slightly disoriented “Now what next”? She said “i guess we’ll see,” i replied “we’ll see”. We were past the gate when we remembered the suitcase of diamonds, she walked back to get it, she took more minutes than we took to walk over to the gate,  i was beginning to fear maybe she had run off with it. But just then she came walking towards me carrying the suitcase and walking in that seductive way she did when she offered me the drink the first time, i knew in an instant i had fallen for her, “so is your name actually Temah,”? “No it isn’t” she replied “it’s actually Wendy”…. “hmmm Wendy, nice name, so you got any more of that pink dust”? she replied with a smile
       ……………………..the end

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Hey watch where you’re going man!!” turning to my right i waved my hand to the driver of a red benz in the form of an apology, he just frowned, honked and went his way. As i made my way to the steps of the Merridean my heart started beating again, this was the third time this week i had resolved to go kill Miss Brown eyes, but each time just i was about to pull the glass door leading to the entrance i would suddenly freeze. Apparently the thought of killing someone sounded way better than actually doing it. As my hand rested on the steel handle about to pull the glass door thoughts started racing through my head. The first one condemned what i was about to do saying i wasn’t a killer while the other taunted me saying i didn’t have the balls to pull this off, i would let some girl steal my kidney and i was too big of a chicken to do anything about it ,a total wuss. Hearing this last thought i frowned deeply, pulled the door and went in.
      The receptionist didn’t see me come in, he was busy counting some money, cedis actually. He was doing it with all seriousness as if his life depended on it. He was so engrossed in this that he was oblivious of the fact that i had been standing in his front for two minutes. He finished counting and was about recounting again when i grunted in irritation. He paused, sighed and was about rolling his eyes when he recognised my face. “Charlie, long time no see” he said with that his usual sheepish grin, i just nodded back. “She in”? i asked “no charlie, she went out, she said she’ll be back soon” he replied,  “oh okay, I’ll just seat here and wait for her” i said with a gesture towards a settee opposite him” he nodded absentmindedly and continued with his money-counting.
   Seated, i took out the dark shades i had from the side of my long-coat and put it on, took out the bowler hat i had in a nylon bag and put that on also, couldn’t risk her recognising me when she came in. Folded my arms and went over my plans. When she came in i would wait a few secs then follow her to her room, getting there i would ask her to open when she’s already inside, i’ll probably act as room service to get her to open. Once inside i would reveal myself to her and threaten her with the gun for my kidneys, and if she refused i would shoot her blank, i gulped at this part and placed my hand on where i hid the revolver to draw strength from there. So far the plan seemed fool-proof, i just hoped nothing went wrong. Thought about praying to God for success but on a further thought the idea of God listening let alone answering such prayers seemed ridiculous. I took a mag from a side stool and tried to keep myself busy, couldn’t afford to get bored and sleep off right now, today was Thursday and it was probably my last chance at getting her. I would have made my move since but fear was a lingering factor.
     Two hours later at exactly 3.00pm a brown cab pulled in front of the hotel, out she came looking more elegant than ever, she had her hair braided in a single pony tail that dropped all the way to her waist. She was wearing a green top on dark blue jeans, ears studded with green pear earrings and then her eyes, those beautiful brown eyes, seeing them made everything else she was wearing seemed plain, but something was off. As she walked all the way to the hotel her eyes kept darting back as if she sensed someone was following her, when she got to the glass door she paused then took one final look before entering inside. Smelling of Chanel as she passed by me and the receptionist she didn’t even stop to look at either of us, i was relieved she didn’t even stop to ask the receptionist any questions, the fool would have no doubt pointed at me and that would have seriously mess up my plans.
    As she climbed the flight of stairs to her room the glass door opened, in came two weird looking men. The first one in was bald, quite tall, presumably 6ft 5,was bulky with muscles and walked with the gait of a boxer. He was putting on a black t-shirt that looked too small for his huge frame over brown baggy shorts and black boots. Turning to me, i could see a scar across his face, he didn’t look hideous but the scar gave him a menacing look, he looked at me with a look that said he recognised me but after some secs he waved it away and continued on his way. The second man looked much younger, maybe in his late teens, was quite skinny, maybe a little too skinny, he looked skinnier in the skinny jeans he was wearing, they looked somewhat feminine by the way. He was wearing a pink shirt that read “Twink” in bold silver letters, twink? Isn’t that a gay word? i thought, but my doubts where put off when on closer inspection i realised he had lip-gloss on. Then he smiled and brought out a switchblade. As he flipped the blade in and out i caught a glimpse of it, it was made of shiny steel and it looked sharp. He flipped it with such dexterity i wonder what a guy his age found interesting in carrying a blade about. He still maintained his smile while looking about taking in his surroundings he looked at me and looked away, then walked up to meet his companion.
    When they were on their way up the flight of stairs i got up from my seat and followed suit, the receptionist was busy counting his money all this while, i bet he had no idea of the two men that just entered. I followed the men at a safe distance, something about them just made me wary, luckily for me they never looked. They kept moving in the direction of Miss Brown eyes.
   When they got to the third floor they waited, i was still behind them, i excused myself walked past them till i could see Miss Brown eyes in sight, she was walking hurriedly. When she looked back she saw me but she didn’t keep her eyes on me rather her eyes was set on the two men who were behind me by a few meters. Seeing them she dashed to her door and quickly opened it. The two men seeing this gave chase, they both pushed me aside as they were passing till they got to the door. The skinny one was the first there, he shoved the door but he couldn’t get it open “dammn the bitch locked me out” he screamed in a shrill voice. When his partner got there he gestured for him to move aside, then he raised his right leg and in one kick the door flew open, the skinny one was beside himself with smiles, his companion just frowned and went in. I was confused at this drama that unfolded in a matter of seconds. Who were these dudes? And why did they want her? Then again she had that look like she recognised them, but the look was mixed with fear.  I could hear a muffled scream when i got to the door, i paused for a while to hear what was going in. My first impulse was to go in and try and stop them, i also wanted Miss Brown Eyes too, i couldn’t let them touch her till i got what i came for, if she didn’t have it then i guess i’ll leave her at the mercy of these men. At least if they killed her they would have taken her blood from my hands.
    “Where is it ?” i could hear the skinny one speak “I don’t have it” she replied with tears in her eyes “You lie bitch, we know you took it, where is it”? he said, this time caressing her face “Don’t touch me with your filthy hands, God knows which guy’s balls you’ve been fondling all day” hearing this the skinny laughed out. Then i heard her cry out, without thinking i kicked through the door and was met with a sight i wasn’t expecting. Seated in a chair with her arms tied to the arm-rest was Miss Brown eyes, she had blood drip from the side of her mouth, her face was stained with tears, standing in front of her was the big guy with his right hand raised up and clenched in a fist, he stopped halfway when he saw me burst in, the skinny one was shocked, i could tell from the look in his eyes. I immediately brought out the gun and pointed it at the big guy first then at the skinny guy. “Let her go” i yelled   “listen mister this is nonya bizness, just go on your way” said the skinny guy. “i said release her” i bellowed this time” the skinny guy was about talking when i pointed the gun at him, he paused, smiled then walked over to where she was an slit her bounds, immediately free she ran out of her chair and to my side “thank you sir” she said with tears in her eyes “don’t thank me yet” i replied. “Now big guy take the ropes and bind your friend’s hands behind his back” he looked at me then went red with anger, “Do you think i’m joking” i screamed. Without saying a word he took the ropes and started binding his partner who was all the while smiling. When his partner was bound, i told Miss Brown eyes to go tie the big guy up too, she was scared at first, but when i pointed the gun at her she hurriedly went and did as told, the big guy only got angrier. When both of them were tied i took the skinny guy’s knife and dashed out the door with Miss Brown eyes behind me and her purse in her hand. Getting to the receptionist we slowed down as we passed by him, he looked up this time and smiled. As we were about crossing the road the benz guy who nearly ran me over earlier braked again, this time a few inches from us. He came down and started yelling some Ghanaian obscenities at me, when i raised my gun then placed it on his forehead  he halted immediately and started smiling “charlie you na my friend na, don’t worry cross de road” “ lie down” i yelled  “yes charlie” he replied shaking. Lying down me and Miss Brown eyes got into his car and drove off.
     “Where is it”? i began with my hands on the steering wheel “Where’s what?, i told them i didn’t have it” she replied, i slammed my fist on the dashboard “i ain’t talking about what you have with those men, where’s my kidney !!” i yelled. With that she was stunned then started muttering i-i-i- don’t know you sir” “well you’ll know me now” i said at the same time removing my hat and glasses “you recognise me now” i yelled, “Yes” she replied with shock on her face “What are you doing here” she quipped, “i’m here to get what’s mine, where’s my kidney” i asked again this time i brought out the revolver and pointed it at her. “Your kidney’s gone, sorry i mean sold, it should be continents away by now” she said. Hearing this i was angry but not surprised. I had thought about what became of my kidney and something at the bottom of my heart told me it was long gone. Finally hearing her say it was continents away brought a painful realisation that i wasn’t ever going to get it, i sighed a deep sigh. “But you have to understand” she said with fear in her voice “it wasn’t my intention to steal your kidney, heck i wasn’t even the one that cut you up”  “who did?”  i asked  “his name is Luis Ali, he’s a Lebanese doctor who works with those thugs that came to attack me, they all work for someone known as  Edward black.” I looked away from driving when i heard this “Edward who?” i quipped “his name is Edward black, he specialise in the procurement and sale of organs on the black market.” She then went on to tell me how she ran away from home while she was a teenager in PH, she unfortunately met Mr Black at a club, he then introduced her into this business of luring men to secluded places and stealing their organs. Her job was to act as bait, she would pick out a guy from a crowd, with her eyes seduce him till she got his attention. She would then find a means to get him to her place, while skinny, the big guy and the doctor would follow her behind in an SUV. Hearing this my mind raced back to 6months earlier, i remembered being followed by an SUV while driving but my mind was just too engrossed in lusting over her when she was in my car that i failed to take notice. “Okay what of Pink dust? How does it play?” i asked without taking my eyes off the road. “Well the Pink Dust Cigar is laced with hydrochlorothiazide” she replied, i looked at her puzzled, she continued “hydrochlorothiazide is used when performing kidney surgeries, it puts the kidney in optimal position and decreases high blood pressure” i still looked at her puzzled “in simple English it preps your kidney before it is taken out, besides its what that gives it that chocolate flavour, as for its other effects the Pink Dust contains some Spanish fly and some other herbs, i drugged your drink so you were knocked unconscious some minutes into kissing me”. Hearing this i was furious, i immediately swerved from the road and parked at the roadside. Then i placed my hands on her neck chocking her, “why me, why did you pick me”? i yelled “we only pick healthy looking men, besides it’s not my fault, its either me or you. I’ve tried running away but they always find me, today’s an example. I never wanted this life but you’ve got to understand that Mr Black is a powerful and dangerous man, he has friends in the police and immigration across the West African countries, running away from him is futile.” When she finished speaking i eased my hand from her neck and sat back in the driver seat. “I’m sorry” she blurted out in more tears “he has threatened to kill me countless times,” she said amidst more tears, “I was the one who insisted they took you to a hospital, cos i didn’t want any one dying” she continued moaning. I sighed then brought her close and consoled her. I got the car back on the road, “so now what?” I asked “Well if we can get something to use against Mr Black then we might make it out of this alive “We?” i asked “There’s no we here, i only traced you to come get my kidney, but from the situation of things that’s not possible” i said. “Well you’ve got to help me i can’t bring down Mr. Black on my own, i need help” She cried out. “Sorry lady that’s not my problem” i looked on “don’t you want to stop all those deaths,? do you want another guy to end up like you? If i ended up dead they’ll get another girl who would carry on where i left off”. Hearing this, my conscience was pricked, looking at her pretty brown eyes with tears in them weakened my resolve. “Okay i’ll help, what do we do”? She smiled then wiped away her tears and said “first we find somewhere to lay low, by now Mr Black and his spies will be looking for us”.
     It was 6.00pm when we got to a hotel on the outskirts of Accra, we checked in as a couple to avoid questions and suspicions. When in our room as she was taking a shower i surveyed the hotel halls looking for quick exits, i was going to be prepared for whatever. Sitting down on the bed my thoughts raced back and forth, thinking about how i got here and what i was getting myself into. Her story seemed genuine, and she showed true fear when talking about MR Edward Black. I wonder how evil he must be, well i’ll find out soon enough.
    She came outside in a towel, she smelt of a rose scented soap. I was immediately reminded of what i felt when i first saw her come through the glass doors of the Merridean,i was still attracted to her. But i had to keep my head clear if i was going to come out of this alive. Then she sat beside me, placed her head on my shoulder and told her to tell her everything would be alright, “everything will be alright” i said. She placed her hand in mine and said “thank you”. We just sat like that for a few minutes with tension building between us. I didn’t know if to make the first move or not. As if she knew what i was thinking she removed her head from my shoulder and lay on the bed, dragging me along till my head was rested on her breasts. I raised my head up, looked at her and gave her a hungry kiss, she responded with equal hunger and like that my clothes instantly melted off my body as if it was made of air. When we were both naked, i knelt on the bed admiring her body, i don’t know which was finer her face or her voluptuous body with firm breast and spotless caramel skin, she pulled me back and kissed me some more, the night was epic.
         The next morning i was awoken by my phone alarm, checking it, i put it on snooze. It was 6.00am,and it was a bit dark outside i looked around, she wasn’t in bed, i called out to her but all i could hear was someone in the bathroom because the bathroom light was the only thing on, the rest of the room was semi dark. I smiled and said “Hey honey, how was your night” the response i got chilled me to the bones cause out of the bathroom came Skinny, he was flicking a new switch blade with that same weird smile on his face “it was fine dear” he said in a menacing laugh instinctively i reached for my gun by the bed side i left it the night before but my hand was held by a much stronger hand, i winced in pain. Skinny switched on the room light and i could see the big guy was the one holding me, he didn’t look pleased. “Where’s Temah?” the skinny guy asked “i-i- don’t know” i replied, the skinny guy smiled and said in a British accent “wrong answer” !, and with that the big guy landed a heavy punch on my face, i was out-cold instantly.
      …………………………to be continued

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PiNK DUST pt 2

“I love you too” hearing this words her gorgeous brown eyes lit up, then she smiled a little, reached across the Cafe table and placed her hands in mine, all of a sudden the scenery changed to that of a garden. We were opposite each other with a picnic laid between us. I could see the dim light of the sun sparkle in her eyes but still feel the cool breeze of the evening. Looking away from her i could see the sunset across the horizon. I took a bottle of the red wine before us, opened it with that “pop” sound, she clapped her hands in excitement when she saw this and took a glass cup anxiously waiting to get her fill of wine. Poured her a little, she smiled when she took her first sip. “I love your smile” i said, she giggled when she heard this. As she leaned over to kiss me i could hear strange voices, male in particular “don’t wake him officer, he needs his rest”… “wait did you hear that”? i said to her “hear what”? She asked as she came closer to my lips, i shrugged off the voices i heard then smiled and closed my eyes in anticipation of the kiss. Openings my eyes the next moment i was met with stares from a man in white coat and a bald scruffy looking man with thick “ojukwu-lookalike” beards. Then the all too familiar unpleasant hospital smell filled my nose. Rising up a bit i could feel a slight pain in my abdomen. Sitting up, looking around, my first words where “Why am I in a hospital”?. “Welcome back Mr Jones, i can see you’re looking hale and hearty, i must have you know that your vitals are stable and you seem to be on your way to a fast recovery” he Said all this while using his pen-torch to check the dilation of my pupils in both eyes. “Doctor you’ve not answered my question”? I quipped, ignoring me he turned to a nurse beside him “Jane decrease his dosage by half” “yes doctor” she replied… “doctor will you answer me” i said in a half-yell “well that’s not important” said the man with the ojukwu looking beards, “what’s important is that you come down to the station and put down your statement” I looked at him puzzled “statement”? “yes, your statement is required” he replied, “wait wait a moment officer” the doctor began, “he’s in no condition to start walking yet, I prescribe he stays at the hospital for two weeks more before he should be released” “sorry doctor I can’t wait two weeks, all I want is for him to come down to the station to write his statement and answer some questions” replied the officer “I know I know you want to do your job but he is in no condition to do what you want, my principle concerning such cases is that the patient is a hundred percent before being discharged” said the doctor “listen to me!!” yelled the officer, he’s in the middle of an ongoing investigation, we have to get the facts while the case is still fresh, moreover we’ve lost two weeks already, I can’t afford to lose two more” “you still don’t understand officer i…….” as he was about to continue I cut the doctor off “can someone please tell me why the hell I’m in a hospital !!!” I said in a soft yell with a frown on my face, the doctor was the first to speak “well Mr. Freddie Jones there’s no way to tell you this, and I know it may come as a shock to you but errm…..errrm,” the officer with impatience on his face blurted out “young man one of your kidneys has been stolen!”. When I heard him I started laughing, my laugh got louder when I saw the puzzled look on their faces “I thought I heard you say my kidney has been stolen” I said laughingly”  “err..Err..” the doctor began, “and you’ve been in a coma for two weeks” said the doctor,  the officer on the other hand had a stern look on his face, my laughed immediately ceased as I felt the air tense up with a feeling at the pit of my gut that maybe this men were serious, “but I feel good, only slightly disoriented with just a tiny pain on my abdomen” i said rubbing my tummy.”Well you would, the i.v drip you’re receiving contains amounts morphine, it helps with the pain” said the doctor. Instinctively I pulled up my patient-wear all the way to my abdomen, i couldn’t recognise it because it was slightly discoloured on one side and a bandage over the other. With my heart beating i could make out a red line in the bandage, touching it I could feel threads sewn into my skin. All of a sudden it dawned on me that truly my kidney had just be stolen, my hand still on my abdomen i let out a scream before passing out.
        It was past midnight later that day when i woke up, with thoughts and tears i tried to recollect how I got here, how did i lose my kidney? Who would have stolen it? Why would it have been stolen? The last thing i remember was kissing Miss Brown Eyes….Oh my God, where is she by the way? is she alright? i hope she is…….then it hit me Miss Brown Eyes wasn’t here, and she was the last person i was with and ……and…..and GOD!!! She Stole My Kidney!. This realisation made me start to choke. Calming down, why would she want my kidneys? I thought she liked me….Oh God I don form mugu!! Ah my Kidney!! If I catch her ehn!! I will… I will kill or force her to give me back my kidney. Then I started crying, I didn’t even get to “do”…..ha! girls are wicked ehn. Sighing I cried myself to sleep.
      The next morning just as I woke up the officer from yesterday came in, “good morning mister Jones, hope your night was good?” he said “how will my night be good when my kidney was stolen, how?” I replied in anger….”well sorry young man but in life shit happens, I’m sorry for your loss”. I got out of bed, still feeling the pain in my abdomen and walked over to the window and bowed my head and started crying again “those eyes, those pretty brown eyes is what made me lose my kidney” I said between tears, walking over to me he patted my shoulder “take heart man you can still live comfortably on one kidney” he said “that’s not the issue” I retorted, “I feel incomplete, I have to get my kidney back!!” I yelled….”well that’s the spirit” the officer said, “now take a seat and tell me what you can remember”. “Well I remember going to church, meeting my landlady Ms Cole”……he cut me short “ah yes…… Ms Cole, she was here when you were still in coma, I should inform her you’re awake” I nodded in approval…. “by the way how do you know my name or about Ms Cole?” I asked “well you had your contact details on your identity card when we went through your wallet, imagine her shock when we told her you were in a coma, she was worried. She even offered to bring you meals when you woke”  “Well that’s Ms Cole for you always trying to “mother-me up” I said with a shallow grin. “Okay back to your story, tell me more” said the officer “After meeting Ms Cole I met up with this Girl after church, gave her a lift to her house, entered her house and was about to….to..” I paused for a while “you were about to what”? the officer quipped “i was about to sleep with her, that’s all I remember”, “And her name is”? the officer asked “Ehn ehnm ehnm” was all I could say, then I closed my eyes and sighed “I didn’t get her name officer”, the officer couldn’t hide the surprise on his face “you didn’t get her name?, and you willingly went to her house to sleep with her? Ah!” “Sir i can’t explain, maybe she used voodoo on me” the officer just shook his head “I can never understand young people of this generation, anyways since that’s all you remember let me work with that” he got up and made for the door, “by the way you were dropped at the gate of the hospital unconscious and bleeding, you were patched up a bit, but your shirt is bloody, it will be used as evidence, also can you remember her address?” “Of course yes i can” i replied “Okay we’re going there tomorrow, f*ck what the doctor said you’ve rested enough” he said  “you dammn right I’ve rested enough, i’m not staying in this hospital another day, i want my kidney back ASAP” the officer smiled and said “I like your spirit” “officer please what could she want with my kidney?”  i asked, “Its Akpan, Inspector Akpan and I think there’s a lot you could do with a kidney, but my best bet would be she probably sold it, kidneys are quite valuable on the black market for organs” he replied.
  It’s been six months since i left the hospital, the address i took inspector Akpan and his boys to was a bust, the whole apartment had been stripped clean, it was empty. Enquires with the landlord was that the young unidentified girl that stole my kidney rented the apartment for a year, but she only stayed there for three months, the landlord was ecstatic she didn’t even ask for a refund, he was letting the place out as soon as possible. Three Sundays after checking out my church there still was no sign of her, she seemed to have vanished forever. It seems.
   Everyone advised me to move on and forget the whole incident, i told them i had but deep down i dedicated a part of my heart and all weekends to tracking her down. Inspector Akpan gave up on the case four months later, he did with sorry and disappointment in his eyes, i couldn’t blame him, he tried his best, so now it’s all up to me to get back what belongs to me.
       I dunno if its luck or fate but one Saturday after Inspector Akpan gave up, i joined one internet forum of men who had similar experiences; apparently i wasn’t the only one who had his kidney stolen. It turns out that kidney sale was actually quite lucrative. Sales on the black market ranged from Thirty thousand dollars to forty thousand dollars, hearts even went for more. Most third world countries served as hunting ground for organ harvesters, reason; poor people see selling of the kidney as an easy way to raise money, also security agents couldn’t stop those who stole organs mainly because they were inefficient or busy collecting bribes. The victim of those that had their organ stolen usually ended up dead, i was lucky to be alive.
    So that day going through stories of guys and ladies who had experienced what i had, one stuck out, the person who posted his comment narrated the story of how his brother died in his arms after having his kidney harvested. His brother kept mentioning the girl with lovely brown eyes, how she picked him in a bar and took him to a hotel room, he woke up four hours later with bloody stitches, and he knew instantly something had been done to him. Going to the hospital the doctors couldn’t operate because he kept bleeding profusely, he seemed to be haemorrhaging from inside, he was about to give up the ghost when he whispered to his brother the words Pink Dust.
     Seeing this my heart started racing, it had to be her, the brown eyes and the word pink dust seemed to be more than coincidence. Contacting the owner of the post i told him my story, he shared my suspicions as well, but only problem was he and his brother lived in Accra, Ghana, so it would seem little Miss Brown Eyes operated internationally. We exchanged emails and i told him i was coming there to track her down. Luckily for me the incident with his brother happened only two days earlier, so chances are that she was still in Accra.
    I managed to get a revolver from a buddy of mine who was sympathetic to my story, i didn’t even care how he got the gun even though his father was the pastor of my church. His only wish was that i returned safe.
   Early the next day i boarded a bus to Accra, in about twelve hour’s time i was successfully in Accra, it was about six in the evening when i alighted. Stretching my body feeling fatigued, i caught a glimpse of a familiar face across the road from where i was, good gracious it was Miss Brown eyes. She flagged a taxi and she went off, with superman speed i crossed the road and boarded my own taxi and shouted “follow that cab” the cab driver looked at me and said “Charly you get cedis”? i frowned my face and yelled “will you move!!” he was shocked, immediately he started the car and was trailing her cab. One hour later we arrived at the Merridean hotel she got off paid her cab and went inside. When i was sure she was out of sight i alighted and went after her. Stopped at the receptionist, a skinny looking dude with smiles i asked him who she was while claiming to be attracted to her  and wanted to know if it was possible he gave me her schedule, all i got was “sir we don’t divulge information of our customers” i looked at him and i knew his price i removed my Cartier wristwatch and said “my man this watch costs two hundred dollars, now will you answer me” looking at the wristwatch with eyes wide opened he smiled and pocketed the watch “charly she na Nigerian babe, she don book till Friday next week, she no dey with man so e go easy get her” he replied with a sheepish grin. I smiled and said to myself, “yes I’m sure gonna get her” i thanked him and took my leave. Told my cab driver to take me to the nearest hotel, he looked at me puzzled “but charly here is hotel na” i smiled and said i know, take me somewhere else, he shrugged and drove off. Lying on my bed in my room a nearby hotel, i laughed at how my luck had changed. I removed the revolver from where i hid it in my bag, cleaned it, then laid it under my pillow. “Till friday next week? Hmmm that’s plenty of time………..plenty of time to kill little Miss Brown Eyes.
                            …………………to be continued

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As I walked past several aisles, guided by a church usher standing some meters in front of me i could feel eyes watching me. I was quite late, late enough to hear the pastor rounding up his Sunday sermon. I took a back sit allocated by the usher, then a gentle firm hand tugged on my left arm, irritated i turned and looked but my frown transformed into a half-smile because it was my overtly religious landlady who pulled my arm. “Good morning Ms Cole” I said in a cool tone, “oh keep your Good mornings to yourself mister, why did you come this late, and why is your breath smelling of alcohol, and who wears a rumpled jacket with that hideous T-shirt to church? ,is this your Sunday best ?..before i could answer one of her multitude of questions she started again “oh I see, you went clubbing last night, and I’m guessing you’re wearing your club clothes, for Christ sakes who wears Club clothes to church? this is a house of God not some den of sinners” she said in a half-yell, at this Some people in front of us turned around, but Ms Cole shot them the “what’s your business look”..Some turned back but a pair of innocent looking brown eyes remained. It was then i saw her, she had a young face with delicate features. She was pretty, maybe too pretty because my attention shifted from my “landlady from hell” to her. Then she smiled at me, her smile was more innocent, I grinned back, but was snapped back to reality by a couple of fingers snapping in my face. “Are you even listening to me or you’re lusting after that innocent-looking girl” said Ms Cole, before she could continue, a voice came through the speakers asking for Deaconess Miss Cole to come say the announcements. She frowned then said “bookmark this spot Freddie, we’ll definitely continue this when we get home, count on that”…with that she took her petite looking 5ft 5 frame towards the front of the church, smiling at church members as she walked. I sighed then looked up and muttered a quiet “thank you” to some imaginary being in the sky. As i brought my face down i saw those brown eyes still staring at me, she smiled and looked away when my eyes met hers. On a different day, i would have taken this as a cue; probably try and meet up with her after church, but today was not that day. Today i was still had hung-over from the “dump-drinking” i did last night, today i was still bruising from getting dumped by my girlfriend since high School,  today i didn’t care about any woman, even one so fine as she. So the next time she turned back i gave her a look of indifference, she was puzzled at first and kept staring, I thought she would frown and turn away but dammn, all she did was smile that innocent smile of hers. I was a bit confused, i just kept wondering what her deal was.
               After the Church Service I avoided her, and stealthy got into my car, put the keys in the ignition and was about starting the car when I heard a soft tap on the driver’s window, there she was again, Miss brown eyes, looking more attractive up close. My first thought was to act all tough, just wave and drive off, but when she smiled that smile of hers, i felt weak. She then signalled for me to bring the window down. When i did i tried my most sexy voice and said “hello miss, how can I help you” She giggled a bit and said “oh please quit that, i just need a ride, are you gonna pass through ikeja? ” “errm….. yes of course”i replied lying, i actually lived in the next street from church, i was coming from the club when i decided to try and catch the Sunday service, i hadn’t even yet taken a bath. Some minutes later we were driving through an avenue heading towards ikeja. I was a bit distracted, cos her seated close i was able to fully analyse what she looked like. She was so so pretty, i have seen fine in my life but Wow!!  She brought a whole new meaning to the word. I was finding it hard to stay indifferent to her cos I was supposed to be going through a heartbreak, but I found myself stealing glances, and laughing at her every joke, plus I was getting horny. She wasn’t seductively dressed but I could sense some sort of sexual vibe emanating from her. I took a look at her thighs, and started having thoughts, all of them impure. I thought about making a move but i was once again reminded that i had to stay off women for my hearts sake, besides she was just coming from church so i assumed my thoughts and hers would be alien to each other. It was obvious she liked me, but I doubted if it went further than that. I kept driving, discovering that i was beginning to detest reaching her destination anytime soon. I wanted this ride to last longer.
             Forty minutes and two unused erections later, i slowly pulled through the streets of ikeja, she was about thanking me telling me to drop her off at a nearby junction, but i cut her short asking her to allow me be her Chauffeur all the way to her house. I wasn’t being a good Samaritan, it’s just that i wanted to have more time to lust over her. She smiled and said “Okay Captain let me pilot you to my house”. We got to her house ten minutes later. I parked outside her house. “Wow your house looks nice ” I said..”Oh thanks” she replied, i started racking my brain thinking of how i could make her stay a while longer. Thankfully she wasn’t too much in a rush to leave either. I started with the usual small talk like “I like your street, it looks nice” she nodded in agreement, “I like your gate it looks strong”…..she nodded again. I was about to say “I like the weather, when she stopped me halfway with a finger on my lips……. “do you want to come inside and f*ck ?” she said in a serious voice, I could swear I must have peed my pants, I immediately started to stammer, all I could say was “ em you y-y-ouu you w-w-want me to come and?”  she giggled then shook her head “just follow me she said” with that she left the car. When she was through her gate, I was still seated in the car thinking about what she had just said, my first thought was that this girl must be a witch or something cos how many normal pretty girls offered sex to complete strangers they met after church, and the way she said it? I was suspicious at first but when she came back five mins later dressed in a short skirt and really tight tee shirt I knew something was gonna go down today.
       She signalled for me to come in, I got out and walked towards the gate. When I got to where she was standing she pulled me close and planted a mind-blowing kiss on my lips. If I had any reservations about sleeping with this girl, this kiss surely killed it. 
           So she lead the way pulling my hand as I walked behind her, thinking about all what I was gonna do to her today, my “supposed” heartbreak was nowhere to be found, I was glad, I didn’t even miss it. When I entered I apartment I was impressed,it looked well furnished. I looked around to see signs of any guy but thankfully there was none, i felt relaxed knowing I wasn’t in another man’s territory. 
     She excused herself to go into another room while I slowly started undressing, at the same time reasurring myself that any other guy in my position will do what I was about to do. She came back, this time in transparent panties and bra, her hips swaying from side to side as she walked, she was smiling seductively at me. I could see she was carrying a glass cup in her left hand, a pink cigar on her lips. She took my right hand and placed the cup she was carrying in it and said “drink this” Without even looking at what it was i took a sip, i could recognise the familar taste of brandy, “now suck this” she said while placing the pink cigar on my lips. When i took my first draw i could feel nothing at first, but twenty seconds later I could feel something, it felt like euphoria, but this wasnt any type of euphoria I had felt before. i could feel my heart pump faster, my eyes became clearer, i could taste chocholate mixed with spices on the base of my tongue, the second draw sent waves rushing throw my mind, the third one set me over the edge and my libido increased by fifty. I paused, looked at the cigar, then asked her what this was, she replied  “pink dust my dear,… dust”. I smiled took another draw this time filling my throat, pulled her close, then released the smoke into her waiting lips. 
               …………to be continued

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When words play.

Tonight I share with you some of my heart’s
it swears it won’t be content,
till I make you completely mine
cos you’re more precious than a gold mine
I ask the lord to protect you when I say my grace
cos you’re the definition of beauty and grace
for you I will empty my accounts in the bank
and build you a golden pyramid palace by the
Nile’s bank
your wave of emotions have thrown me over the
even the company of my body & soul elects you as
Chairlady of the board.
I hope for the day our hearts beat as one and fall
in tune
while we spend all day listening to our favourite


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